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  1. Mecha

    Mecha's Blog

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been around these parts. Quite a few of you will know me as the ever-mental Dr. Mecha from the GuyverBoard. I used to be an Administrator over there with Ryuki and the others and I mainly performed maintenance on the site (along with various bits of interesting moderation). An unknown secret from the GuyverBoard days was that myself and Ryuki were working on a similar system this site has right now. It wasn't a wiki, but it would have been a way for users to contribute Guyver information to the masses. It's funny to think that through the Guyver, I had found some of the best people on earth. The people I met through the GuyverBoard and indeed this site truly have my respect for the amount of love and time they put into their chosen subjects, be it Guyver,Tokusatsu or otherwise. These days, I don't do much forum stuff. When the GuyverBoard folded and became the stuff of forum legend, I decided to start up a gaming website. That site didn't quite go the way I had invisioned so it was closed quite early on. From there, I drifted a little until I decided to give it all another go. I now run ConsoleCore, a hybrid video game journalism / blog site which lets me leak all the industry information I've got access to out onto the interwebs. Through it, I talk about recent news, write editorials and post up reviews. Every so often I drift back here to 'annoy' those I know. Ryuki's never managed to get rid of me (well... not yet anyway!) so I guess I'll continue to be the site nomad. If you have gaming questions... hit me with them. I like the challenge of finding the answer's that people want to know (especially when I have to look at my e-mail list of PR reps). Until next time friends, stay tuned to this channel.
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