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  1. Guyver: Age of Chronos The sun could be seen rising ever higher in the morning sky over the ominous pyramid fortress that was Chronos' Dead Sea Base, the Supreme Zoalords Hamilcar Barcus & Imakuram Mirabilis patiently awaiting the arrival of their fellow Council members while their various zoanoid minions patrolled the area by land, sea, and air, hard at work to guarantee their masters safety. To some they might have appeared like royalty dressed in their regal cloaks, to others, cold-blooded tyrants, and to be honest, either description would have suited them quite well as they gazed over the horizon, observing the growing number of Chronos luxury helicopters arriving in the distance, escorted by huge flocks of aerial type zoanoids. "Well, here they come" mused Commander Imakuram Mirabilis, second in command of Archanfel's Council of Twelve.and ruler of Japan. "Hhhmmm, indeed," replied Dr. Hamilcar Barcus, Archanfel's oldest vassal and chief scientist of Chronos "How long has it been since the last gathering?" "Five years, when young Morgan joined the council, since then we've all been too busy repairing the damage done to Chronos by our enemies & tending to our individual projects. Until now, Lord Archanfel has had you or me periodically check in on the others & report back while he focuses on recovering. Hard to believe its only been ten years since he eliminated the threat of the Guyver Exceed..." "Time flies when you're having fun" Imakuram said, allowing a cold grin to appear on his face, his feline like eyes concealed as always by his dark shades. One by one the transport helicopters landed, their mighty propeller blades kicking up fierce winds before powering down, the aerial zoanoids continuing to patrol the skies while the Dead Sea Base's security forces secured the perimeter around the transports, men and women dressed in Chronos soldier uniforms swarming everywhere like ants defending their colony. Though these zoanoids knew that even one Zoalord possessed far more power than any of them combined, they still took their duty seriously as their master's guardians, ever vigilant for any manner of threat that could emerge. The first of the helicopters to arrive opened and out sprang an escort of five grim and serious looking men dressed in the purple dress uniforms of the Hyper Zoanoids, Chronos' elite warriors. These Hyper Zoanoids were soon followed by an elven looking gentleman with a red gem in the center of his forehead, dressed in gold and black armor with a red cloak. "Sin Rubeo Amniculus, ruler of Australia, the last of the old guard is here right on time, no surprise there" Imakuram stated. "Yes, It does my old heart good to see Sin again, but it is still hard to accept that Tuatha is gone, that Sin and myself are all that remain of Lord Archanfel's original Council of Twelve..." "Enough doctor, we'll be discussing that matter at today's meeting, behind closed doors, not out in the open. Lord Archanfel expects us to instill order and maintain unity amongst his vassals while he rests, to prepare them for the day he shall personally lead us on the crusade against the Uranus. We least of all can afford to show weakness at a time like this, understood?" "Indeed, Commander," Barcus replied, gritting his teeth over being scolded like a child by the far younger Zoalord, even if he was Archanfel's regent. More Zoalords exited their transports, a diverse mix of men and women all dressed in their own style of cloak and armor, some modeled after the style of fallen Zoalords who's thrones they had inherited, with some personal touches here and there. "Ah yes, the new generation of Zoalords...Lynette Morgan of Europe, Ying Shen of China, Dumisa Nkosi of Africa, Jagjit Rai of India, and last but not least, Hannibal Barcus of North America...Or rather, his lost number secretary, Umbriel. "WHAT?! Damn it all, must that boy embarrass me at every meeting? What game is he playing at now?" "Rather harsh words considering he's your own son, doctor." "Clone to be precise, and I would have aged him a few more decades if I'd known bestowing my centuries of scientific knowledge upon the biological equivalent of an 18 year old would result in such a mischievous brat." "To be fair, chronologically speaking he's only ten, so I'd say that makes him rather mature for his age, and he's made good use of the knowledge you bestowed upon him, North America has surpassed all the other branches in zoanoid production & development under his management." "Hmph, there can be no denying the boy's talent, but he's still far too sure of himself, just as I was once. He needs more discipline, and self-control" Barcus grumbled, shaking his head in disapproval as a sheepish looking Umbriel followed behind the approaching Zoalords, wondering what on earth his son was up to this time. Meanwhile, the new arrivals conversed amongst themselves... "I'm telling you Lynette, you should have worn a half cloak to today's proceedings, its the in style right now, and whats the point of wearing a leotard at all if you're not going to show off a little?" argued a beautiful young woman with wavy, strawberry blond hair and dressed in elegant, bejeweled armor and a short cloak. "And I'm telling you Dorofei, I'm fine with what I'm wearing, I'm a Zoalord of Chronos, not a fashion model. I wish to appear authoritative, not alluring" replied her equally gorgeous companion, sporting long straight light blond hair and elven ears. "We're goddesses darling, we can be both! Ying? Back me up on this would you?" "Hhmm? Sorry ladies, I wasn't paying attention, I was distracted by Hannibal's absence. Seems he sent that pet Lost Number of his in his stead, Old Barcus won't like that at all, and Commander Miribilis will like it even less" replied a dark haired woman wielding a fan and dressed in a Chinese qipao dress. "Hmph, good riddance, that wicked little fiend is always up to some mischief, at times I honestly cannot believe he and Lord Barcus are related" scowled Lynette. "Really? I find him quite charming, you can always count on him to liven up what would normally be a dull occasion. Not to mention he's quite handsome." "Looks aren't everything Dorofei, especially when it comes to HIM. Now that I think of it, Hannibal's not the only council member missing today, where's Lord Galenos?" "Not a clue darling, never had a thing for men with "chiseled features" laughed the Zoalord of Russia, Ying and Lynette both rolling their eyes at their compatriot's joke. "I wouldn't worry if I were you Lady Morgan, Galenos and Hannibal probably decided to follow Lord Archanfel's example and take an extended holiday" interjected Jagjit as he joined the ladies conversation, smirking to himself in his Indian style robes and pagri. "Lord Archanfel's business is his own Jagjit, just worry about your own duties as his vassal and never forget to show our founder the proper respect he deserves, even when you think he's not within earshot" admonished Amniculus, exerting his authority as a Zoalord elder. "Yes, my apologies Lord Amniculus, I meant no disrespect" Jagjit quickly apologized, bowing his head. "Does something trouble you Lord Amniculus? You seem apprehensive this day" inquired Dumisa. "I am fine Dumisa, though I suspect today's meeting shall prove enlightening in more ways than one" Sin confessed, unable to shake the growing dread he felt in regards to the fate of his old comrade Tuatha de Galenos. The progression of Zoalords halted to greet Imakuram and Hamilcar, the two highest ranked Zoalords under Archanfel, the men bowing in respect while the women curtsied. outside story: So yeah, this is what I've got so far in my fledgling Guyver fanfic, I'd welcome any comments or critique from you all since I'm still developing this tale but want it to work out (its hard thinking up new faces for the council and who's in charge of what, etc lol).
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