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Found 1 result

  1. I have had this question for a very long time ever since Yuki mentioned that the series was getting to a finishing point. I don't know if Yuki knows or if any of the staff or the GA (Guyver Advocacy) members know. But I have become very curious. Perhaps the members and staff,Have already discussed the future issue. What happens when the final issues of Guyver is released and Yoskiki is finished with his life's work? What happens to Guyver Advocacy when they have finished translating it and there isn't going to be that 'Next chapter' or that 'Next issue." What happens than? Will there be less people on the Guyverboard after the manga is complete? Will Guyver Advocacy find another Japanese based no English based Manga to translate or move onto new projects? Has the "What If" been explored or the a future plan been put in place. I'm just wondering what effects this will have on the forum once its completed. I think maybe things will stay the same, or there will be a decrease in members. I was told by someone, another member... on here that some forums and movies go dry after they've been completed or reached their finish line. Will we see a complete Guyver anime with mulitiple seasons after the manga has reached its long awaited finish line? So I'm just wondering if something like this would apply to Guyver fans on the net. Would we see a reduce of activity in all forums based on Guyver? Sometimes I know that people don't talk about what they already know about. So there's that among fans. Thus...What Happens Than?
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