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Found 2 results

  1. Synopsis: ["Magical Girl" AU] Masato Akitsu was an average teenage boy until his encounter with a mysterious girl named Miku Himuro. His peaceful life then ended as Masato was thrown into a battle for the fate of the world against the nefarious Hau Dragon. His only defense - a pair of special bracelets that allow Masato to transform into the lovely warrior, Zeorymer of the Heavens! Standard Disclaimer: “Meiou Keikaku Zeorymer" (aka “Hades Project Zeorymer") is the creative property of Moriwo Chimi (aka Yoshiki Takaya), Lemon People/Monthly Comic Ryu, and AIC/Artmic. Any other references not otherwise specified (NOS) are the property of their respective creators, and not owned by me whatsoever. Original characters and situations though, are mine and mine alone. Other Standard Disclaimer: This fanfic is rated PG-13 (or T) for violence, swearing, adult situations, and mild sexual references.
  2. itself is that this is not a question of the guyver manga, even so since both sleeves have a slight relationship at least in its origin to be the same mangaka,But I think the current Zeorymer sleeve, san takaya is not, even so, I would like to know if anyone knows the name of this character, Meiou Keikaku manga Zeorymer Omega since according as I see it is very similar to alkanphel
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