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  1. well, this chapter guyver July sleeve to make a small recap, the zoalords, Luggnagg of Jabir ibn Hayyan krumeggnic and are attacked by the army of the guyver 3 (lightning of Zeus) good chapter begins this month as usual are just 10 pages, this just gives me a sense, the gigantic fights and liked to mangaka, ONLINE http://www.buenaisla.com/tema/manga-Manga-guyver-julio-2015-21146
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to know what was your first reaction when you saw Guyver for the first time. How old where you? was it a video or comic book did you first see about Guyver? How did you find out about Guyver, what made you love Guyver? etc. For me it was 18 years ago I was 9 years old. I went to this shopping market for the first time and I came across the video tapes section and there it was the OVA Guyver video tapes. I just saw the covers of the 12 episodes of OVA and I was speechless, freezed, blown away. I just saw the covers and I was like woooooooow this looks incredible I got to get them but, I could only buy 1 tape so, I had to choose and I got episode 3. I was so young and my English was not so good that I would understand the story of the Guyver. English is not my first language so at 9 I couldn't understand much. Every few month's I would go back and buy one episode, I only bought episode 10 and 12 the final episode before I found out that my cousin has all 12 episodes and I had to get them. I always thought that after the final episode it was the end for Guyver, I never knew about the Manga until maybe 10 years later which shocked me. I really wish they would bring the OVA UK version back and continue with it until where the story has reached today. The OVA is my fav for the Guyver because, it is way more violent than the 2005 Anime and it was more serious like more drama and scary and the soundtrack was just unbelievable. Anyway just wanted to share my story about how I found out about Guyver.
  3. Hello all! So I'm new here but it's awesome to see communities like this spring up around the Guyver, and everyone around here seems really great. Topic is real talk, I've got some moving coming up and losing space as well as needing to make some money, so I'm needing to sell my small collection of Max Factory BFC Guyver figures. The ones I've got are • Guyver I (Standard, not alternate head) • Guyver II • Guyver III (Black Blade variant) • Aptom IV (sad times) They're all complete, in excellent condition and the boxes are all intact, though Aptom's has some yellowing from being exposed to oxygen and old. Post here or send me a PM if you're interested!
  4. Say you activate a Guyver unit after finding it. Alternately, it could have been a family heirloom, gift from a friend who didn't know what it was, found in your attic, so on and so forth. Say you activate the unit and you become a guyver. So you don't understand whats going on. But as time passes, you learn to control you new gift that being the Guyver unit. So now, what would you do with your gift? Would you use it for self gain and for self benefit? or try to make a difference in the world? Me personally, I would use it for self gain. I find that we can't save everyone no matter how hard we try. So...I'd bust through a few banks and take as much money as I could, I'd do it every night until I was so rich that I could jump into a huge pile of cash. I'd use my mega smasher to make a path and use my high frequency blades to cut through vaults. No need to kill people, they can't hurt me while I'm transformed as a Guyver and taking their banks cash. My Guyver unit would be yellow, like my blonde hair. Like Guyver 2....and that my fellow members is that. I would use the unit to get loaded with wealth. If Cronos found out I was a Guyver, I'd have to fight my hardest to win or run far far away.Of course I'd have to use the bank money to buy fake papers, a few pass ports and what not to turn Cronos's stomach. But oh well. i'm not sure I'd be after to destroy Cronos. Who knows, I'd probably work for them to get a good pay check going. But I'd be pretty paranoid working under Richard Guyot and him having that nasty Guyver remover. So...not sure how that would work out. I would really live it up. I guess I'd be out for myself on a lot of things and protect the people I care about. But I'd really rip off every bank. Since being a guyver, they wouldn't know my identity and I could stay anonymous.
  5. Hello fellow Guyver fans! I know Chuang Yi has stopped printing manga for a while now, but does anyone know where I can buy the english Chuang Yi Guyver Volumes. I have the first two, I'm after the rest. The wiki on this site says there are 9 volumes, but I have read on other threads there is 10? Can someone confirm? I have e-mailed Comic D Legacy (I read on some threads they are a realible source) with no response as of yet. If anyone can give me any information on where I can buy them online, it will be greatly appreciated! Or if someone is willing to part with their collection, I'll be happy to give them a loving home! Thank you!
  6. Hello Fellow Guyver Fans, I have been lurking here on and off mostly from Google searches about Guyver and just wanted to mention Kinokuniya sells the latest volumes in store and the one I went to (42nd st NYC) said they would order any back issues from Japan without any extra fees but once the order is placed there are no refunds. If you have one near your area you should check em out, they have a bunch of other manga in Japanese and makes me really wish I could read kanji. Anyone else know any good Japanese bookstore chain or local import shop? (I am in NYC but don't mind travelling) Also Thanks for the scanlations!!! I would have never gotten this far into the story without them and I have to say it has gotten pretty interesting and kind of hard to wait for what's going to happen next.
  7. I wanted to make a poll, so we could vote who was our favorite character. I tried to put as many characters as I could that came to mind. I'm sorry if you have more than one character that you favor. But the poll only allows one vote per person. So enjoy and have fun.
  8. this is a question I've had for a very long time, how old is alkanphel? the question is that I do in this manga is awake prior to the start of the oldest human civilization, so you can have 30.000 years 300.000 years or 3 million years, so here I would like to know your opinion, for me I think it's been close to 300.000 years
  9. This is an idea I've had for a long time a little history of the island of Silha, beings that Avitan selebran a festival paying tribute with a song to alkanphel, something like one of the girls of the island, to sing and basically, this is a great song, just sustitullan word, Akhaten by the word Silha
  10. is that such things are not new, but still, I think taking in more depth zoalords, will be better for the manga, this is an idea that I stay in my years as a child, griselda garak with serious and serious yentsui enabram, tain, is that nothing in the history, but I love this part and hya if you could do something very good, although I think we all had a similar idea, and I even like the stuff, Jem'Hadar, like having your soldiers, addicted to a drug that only you can probeer, I would like to know what ideas you would have,
  11. It just occurred to me that I could've been seen as hijacking the 'What would you do with the Guyver' thread with this so I'll make a thread for it. I got a pair of artists known as JadenKaiba on deviantArt to make pieces for a hexafusion commission. This is Samus' Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and this is what you get when you merge it with Guyver 1. I'll post the whole Hexafusion meme when it's done.
  12. I want to start by saying this, this is just a theory, not esacto nor plausible in the real world, is based on observations of the guyver manga, but the information you may need provided by the manga midmo in data sheets, if you have a better theory to explain the strength of the Zoanoids ficicca, and, guyver, I'm havierto to suggestions, There is a theory that speaks of the muscle mass that we can use, illustration ficica a person with bad condition, only used 2% of your muscle mass, one average person uses, 4% one athletic person, use 6% an Olympic medalist and 8% esepcional people who are strong in mind, 10% This same theory continues, using 100% of muscle mass is not possible due to lack of folic acid , to use the full potential , would tear the muscles , veins explode , and the collapse ligamenteos and tendons , but this world is not real, so we can skip that part, depending on muscle mass in addition to the factor of bone strength , there is an estimate that can use 100% of muscle mass, a person would raise one equibalente the following, ficica bad condition , close to 700 kg . average, one ton , atletico , 1 ton , 800 kg , medalist , 2 tons , exepcional , 2 tons 300 kg this is a theory in the case impossible to use 100% of muscle mass, truthful information , if we consider this result gives us an incredible knowing , jente testimonials that could use a 50 % in extreme cases , people who have raised more than 1 ton, the , release of , Endorphina and adrenaline, count when we talk about the Zoanoids and Guyvers , we do not refer to the strength of a person , but a person who has been usr prosesada to 100% of your body without collateral damage , if we take this as a basis, we can say the following, gregole has the strength of 15 human, if we refer to the strength of the human that is prosesado as gregole only increased by 15, exeplo soldier (x) Maximum load 120 kg. multiplied by 15, = 1.800 kg not even lebantar aserca to a tank, or a truck, but using the same basis as prosesado, being an athletic person, theory dictates 1 800 kg. multiplied by 15 = 27,000 the same can be applied to all other Zoanoids, have even the Guyvers, sho being an average human would be multiplied by 100 to 100 tonnes, quisas a little more, but hey I hope you interest this theory I know I could have made ​​a mistake, because of a bad translation, if that is the case please notify me,
  13. Guest

    guyver movie has to be remade

    so starting this topic out who would be the best to direct this. ... Christopher Nolan. if he could remake batman and do it that badass i am sure he could do it with the guyver. it would also spark more people's interest that he was directing.
  14. Which chapter is it where Sho Fukamachi and Mizuki consummate their relationship?
  15. Gotta wonder why we never saw Guyver mini figures like the Ultimate Muscle line. It would've been awesome. Some enthusiasts for toys hancraft delicate detailed works and simply blow them up in war reenactments. It would be cool to see a sort of mass produced set of rubber guyvers in similar settings. Such as the two below, they either came in fleshy pink, or came in colored. Used to see these sold everywhere as a kid, no I almost never see them in stores anymore or even in quarter toy dispensers. We could finally mass produce an Chronos Army en mass for X-Day! XD
  16. I couldn't find my previous topic, so if someone (aka a moderator can) please feel free to merge the threads. I looked, I really really did. Anyway, another chapter, though it's a bit of a mixed bag trying to catch up on everything so I can write the last bits... yep... nearly there but don't hold your breath! FFN - Chapter 37 Regicide FFN - Chapter 38 Hostility FFN Chapter 39 Duplicity FFN Chapter 40 Betrayal FFN Chapter 41 Remorse FFN Chapter 42 Liberty FFN Chapter 43 Treason FFN Chapter 44 Aftermath FFN Chapter 45 Future New (The End) For those who prefer AO3 AO3 - Chapter 37 Regicide AO3 - Chapter 38 Hostility AO3 Chapter 39 Duplicity AO3 Chapter 40 Betrayal AO3 Chapter 41 Remorse AO3 Chapter 42 Liberty AO3 Chapter 43 Treason AO3 Chapter 44 Aftermath AO3 Chapter 45 Future New (The End) It's FINISHED! guyver_36.pdf
  17. itself is that this is not a question of the guyver manga, even so since both sleeves have a slight relationship at least in its origin to be the same mangaka,But I think the current Zeorymer sleeve, san takaya is not, even so, I would like to know if anyone knows the name of this character, Meiou Keikaku manga Zeorymer Omega since according as I see it is very similar to alkanphel
  18. I've long wondered about guyver 2f, and I remembered the doctor's assistant aparese boats in Volume 3, Guyver, Do not know if they are the same woman but after all pole where memories never mention the name of this girl well you are saying?
  19. 1) I was on a coffee high when I first started writing this on a friend's dare and 2) I didn't expect it to get so many views on fanfiction.net, let alone reviews. I'm actually scared to see what other Guyver fans might think of this; it almost seems blasphulmes to do this to Guyver. It's called Sailor Gaea. What's it about? You'll have to read and find out. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8488183/1/Sailor-Gaea
  20. the following are only theories about how the armor guyver obcervacion of herds in the manga comparing the functions of the armor guyver with other technology makers to appreciate that in the series, Nothing said here is a fact found only theories from me if you have any discrepancies or notice that there are errors in my deductions are free to correct, starting with the life support system I think been largely forgotten: the fact that the armor could be classified as a survival suit tnato for space and under water and that like relics ships within these produscan a liquid to flood the host body, filling the lungs stomach, and every part of the body, providing oxygen besides nutrients to the body, for indefinite periods of time, expulcion echo of the gas from air locks could be defined as a system of excretions, and a look metabolisado fluid within the body that is expelled from this as the steam the outer skin is not working as that of the relics it is more like a stiffer rmadura I inpermeable yeba so I think that is cimilar to the tentacles that are relics to aterrisar craft, Finally, the eyes of the Guyver has been seen on many occasions that closing the guyver helmet this little membbrana descends as a kind of liquid cellandose, which tells me that there is a viewer, which isolates the eyelids of the rest of the body, but these, sctuan in the same way that the screens relics within the vessels, which tells me that even the occupant has sawed his eyes, still see what happens because the helmet visors still sending the information directly to your visual polite Good as I said these are just my guesses about the operation of the Guyver suit
  21. alkanfel009

    alkan chibi

    These are some videos that I created from a drawing I found ong image is not mine only edit I put mucica yle di movement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu0zLrdfUwI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hMnpUgdmU deviantart http://alkan009.deviantart.com/art/mini-alkan-piano-de-lado-333039996?q=gallery%3Aalkan009%2F40118945&qo=0 http://alkan009.deviantart.com/art/balada-mini-alkan-320403725?q=gallery%3Aalkan009%2F40118945&qo=3
  22. Presents Guyver Out of Control Hi everyone, I'm Martin from Rogue Productions. A poster on our YouTube pointed me in the direction of this cool forum as you might be interested in our recently finished production. A few weeks ago we published Rogue Productions' Guyver Out of Control fan dub, after 8 months of none-stop work (and a few years of false starts). It's had a fairly warm reception so far, and a commenter said that you Guy(vers) at Anime Legends might like to take a look at it. Feedback is more than welcome and encouraged! I hope you enjoy, and please look forward to Rogue Productions' next project, Dragon's Century. http://youtu.be/nUzE_m05_o4 CAST (In order of Apearance) Driver [Jinjuuryuu] Malmot [Martin] Father [Martin] Sho [Martin] Mother [Veridia] Mizuki [CatSinger] Mono [Nick] Gregor [Jinjuuryuu] Chronos Trooper A [Dr Orochi] Makishima [Mugen26] Takaya [Cyrus] Scream Girl [Veridia] Valcuria [Veridia] Detective Akitsu Human [Dr Orochi] Detective Akitsu Zoanoid [Jinjuuryuu] Scientist [Martin] Doctor [CatSinger] Ishiwatori [Dr Orochi] Ship Yard Announcer [Dr Orochi] Guyver III [Dr Orochi] Epilogue [Nick] I would like to thanks all the cast that took part in this eight month long journey. Everyone really worked hard to bring this production to life, and I really appreciate everything they've done! Also if you have any suggestions of Anime you would like to see dubbed let me know. But only if it's at least 10 years old and never received an official English dub -_^.
  23. Good just got this volume hope you like this little heavy but excellent quality hope you like parte 1 tomo 28 parte 2 tomo 28
  24. I had a doubt because Takaya never a female is presented zoanoides we zoalords female and female Guyver verciones but we have to ramoit gregol or vamore
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