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  1. It's too bad we can't just ask Takaya how he intended the series to end. Even if it's not illustrated I'd still like to know what he had planned.
  2. Miura passing was a real gut punch to me. "He died doing what he wanted no matter what right? I bet he was happy." Rest In Peace.
  3. ...I sometimes wish Guyver wasn't my first anime.
  4. I'm curious? Has there been a hiatus this long in the past? Or is this the longest one to date?
  5. Lol I just noticed but are her mega smasher laser emitters larger than Sho's and Agito's? XD and in response for the guy saying we never get any phycological or physiological stuff only monster battles, I don't think thats really fair. I mean there is some really good character development in this series, Aptom is the perfect example. There have been clashes of philosophies and ideologies as shown with Guyver 1 vs Guyver 3. The themes of a post Chronos world domination about how humans are adaptable and compliant to change and authority as long as it brings stability. There is plenty of depth to the story outside "generic battle shonen".
  6. Still here bro. I have to say, those of us that are left really are hardcore fans. Anyone feel like sharing how they got into Guyver to the point that led them to this forum? For me I was 5 years old and my landlady's son was watching it on the TV. It was the Enzyme fight from the old OVA anime. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. After that it left my mind for a few years until I was like 13 or something and was looking at the new anime section at my local Blockbuster. Then I came across some Guyver VHS's. I immediately got my grandma to rent them and watched tapes out of order(you had to take what you could get back then they didn't have all the episodes) and most of the time one or two were rented out. At that point I had been watching stuff like Pokemon and Sailor Moon early in the morning already but I really do credit Guyver with getting me into anime proper. Been a fan ever since.
  7. Well at least Miura is getting his crap together. One miracle at a time I guess.
  8. horsemen you already know the answer.
  9. I don't think he'd just leave it unfinished. This is more or less his life's work. He might rush to the ending but we'll see the end eventually.
  10. If only there were big boobed cat zoinoids in Guyver right?
  11. A second season would be so epic i'd forgive the entire thing. Seeing a Guyver Gigantic Exceed animated would make me fanboy out. In the event that isn't the case is it possible that he might be working ahead privately? Like he has 5 chapters or so drawn out he just needs to publish them? Do Mangaka ever do that?
  12. I never considered Imakurum could be Apollyon. It would make sense since characters with hidden identities usually aren't introduced unless we know who they are prior to putting on a mask. It adds more impact when the mask comes off otherwise its just a dude in a mask. Although part of me really wants Apollyon to be a creator. I want to see what their race is like and understand their thought process for what they did on earth.
  13. Just curious but what ever happened to the Guyver 0 unit. You know the one that they gave to a cave man then proceeded to crap themselves and remove it with the remover. Its still on earth right?
  14. eh, as a fan of Berserk I'm getting use to series which go on hiatus for a long time. I'll probably still be waiting for both series to finish a decade from now when I'm in my 30's.
  15. I expect he's just taking a long break before he decides to just finish the series. We don't have too much left to go through at this point. I just really want to know who Apollon is personally then I'll be happy.
  16. I can't imagine there is much of the series left. We're chewing through Zoalords pretty fast. Only 3 remain now, along with Guyot, Archanfel, Guyver 2F, and our mystery villain/anti hero Apollon thats all of the antagonists that remain.
  17. I just want to find out who or what Apollon is at this point.
  18. Not sure if I have to mark spoilers or not, better to be safe. Anyway yeah it seems like the author is trying to speed things up taking out two zoalords in one fight. Just curious if there is any indication when the next volume will be released or is the series on hiatus at the moment?
  19. Thank you for explaining. Yeah I'm all for helping the author of the series and the group who translates them out. Guyver was the first animation I ever watched. I still remember being in my land ladies house when I was 4 and watching the first OAV Enzyme vs Guyver fight as her son was playing it in the living room. I became hooked on it and anime/manga ever since. I think this is a hugely underrated series.
  20. Long time fan of the series and I was just wondering if I pre-order the volumes will I get a physical copy? I'm assuming it'll be in Japanese if so. Or would I just get access to translated scans here? Or both? Sorry if this question was answered in one of the pinned topics.
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