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  1. Sounds intresting enough, I'll be looking out for this along with Jurassic World and Promethus 2
  2. I am but the only think thats intrested me in the last few chapters was Guy opening all his eight gates and fighting Madara otherwise its just "meh". Am I the only one who was happy with Obito being the main villian and being bondedd to the ten tails (I liked the idea that he was able join with it and one up Madara) rather then the out of left field BS Madara's been pulling, he's acting more and more like Bleach's Aizen. I also proffered Obito's Ten Tails Jinchūriki form it just looks so much better then Madara's. P.S. I don hate Madara, I just hate what he's turned into.
  3. Well the theory I had was that its linked to the new genetic information implanted during optimisation, part of the prossess is getting the the persons body to accept these the new addistions without causeing an immunologic reaction as with blood transfusions and organ replasment. The defernce here is that because the zoanoid is altered on genetic level if an immunologic reaction occers their whole body begins breaking down. This could be cause by the natural killer cells or NK cells, which rather then destroying forun cells attack compromised host cells such as tumor cells. The NK cells start attacking every cell in the zoanoids body because they dont recognise them possible because their MHC antigens (the thing that allows NK cell to recognise normal healthy cells) have been altered.
  4. From what I can tell the life span issue only relates to Enzyme I and III, in I's case it was because he like the Test Type at the started of the series it hadn't been full optimised and so only had one week to live. The III's on the other hand have much shorter life spanes because of their healing factor, their matabalisame has been sped up so much to achive this ability theirr bodys burn out a humans 67+ year life span in just 3. Its worse for a zoalord becuase their bodies have been so heavly modified that with out the energy of a zoa-crystal to meet their bodies gigantic energy consuption they can die in a matter of days or even hours without medical intervention. Only two Enzyme II's had short life spans and that was because their optimsations hadn't finished when Guyot pulled them out of the tank. As for running on impulse and instinct only the III's do this, Enzyme I was acting on pure rage but thats was because Genzo was so full of rage at what had happend to him he went berserk and he was able of thinking stratigicly as he was able to disable Sho's megasmasher at the start of the fight and in the manga and 2005 anime when Sho had healed and tryied to use it Enzyme stabbed him through the soft lense with his tail. While Sho's father acted very animalistic he was under Barcas's control and had no real combat expirence, all 5 of the other Enzyme II's showed to be very competente fighters and gave both Agito and Murakami a run for their money, heck the first three actulty beat Agito and would have killed him if not for everybodies favorite proto-zoalord. While it is true that Enzyme III run on pure instinct it has served them very well as they have almost beaten Guyver I, II-F, III and Aptom in combat.
  5. I think fan Enzyme II File explanes my opinion on what they are. best Code Name: Enzyme II Development Code: OGET 002 Serial Number: YZN 219-VS Height: 11’4 Weight: 686 lbs Zoanoid Classification: Test Type Hyper Zoanoid – Anti-Guyver Notes: After the destruction of the MAX pharmaceutical building in Tokyo, Richard Guyot transferred his operation to the Chrones base in Relic’s Point. While there Guyot decided that the Japanese branches scientists where unable to provide him with any new zoanoid types that would be affective against the guyver and reluctantly called for the aid of a fellow zoalord Dr. Hamilcar Barcas, Chronos greatest scientist. Upon arriving Barcas began looking over all of the Japanese branches zoanoid data and became very interested in the anti-guyver zoanoid Enzyme. His interest eventually evolved in the Enzyme II Project. Enzyme II’s design is very different from that of its predecessor, its body is notably larger and its strength is twice as great. Despite its large size Enzyme II actually weighs less than the original, this is because to counter its greater mass Barcas incorporated hollow bones it its design which when combined with is strong muscles allows this Enzyme to be as fast as a guyver. Enzyme II also boasts incredible reflexes which greatly increases its fighting ability. Its four compound eyes give Enzyme II an over 180 degree field of vision while is advanced antenna can pick up even the faintest smells which make it an incredible tracker. The addition of the insect like appendages on its back allow it to attack from more angles and catch its target of guard. The anti-guyver enzyme in its blood stream was also greatly improved upon by Barcas, this new enzyme doesn’t oxidize and doesn’t loose any of its potency which prevents the guyver from healing any of wounds allowing Enzyme II to inflict lasting damage. The enzyme can be spat out of its mouth with incredible force thanks to the glands and powerful muscles found in its neck. Enzyme II also has the same tenacity, high pain threshold and regenerative properties of the original. Only six Enzyme II’s where ever used in combat. The first was Sho Fukamachi father Fumio Fukamachi. Fumio was forced to fight his son after he was rescued from Relic’s Point, during the battle Fumio almost killed his son by when he destroyed half Sho’s brain. However the guyver entered a self defence mode and killed Fumio, the psychological effect of this event resulted in Sho being unable to activate the guyver for some time after. The next three were selected from Chronos’s most highly trained solders. These three almost killed Guyver III and pushed the proto-type zoalord Masaki Murakami to his limited before he eliminated the team. The last two accompanied Richard Guyot when he went to eliminate the guyvers but these two died shortly after entering combat because their they had been removed from their tanks before completion. The Enzyme II series was going to be upgraded to a mass production type but Relic’s Point was destroyed before this could be done and because it was believed that the guyvers had died at the hand of Chronos’s leader Archanfel, Dr. Barcas never attempted to revitalise the project. But when the guyvers and Aptom resurfaced Barcas instigated the Enzyme III project.
  6. If I had the guyver I would go out and travel the world, If I want food I could just take it or hunt wild game and with the guyver theres nowhere I can't go to. Across the world people would tell strange stories of an alien creature that they had seen, in one story it saved a woman from a mugger while in another a man saw it killed a polar bear with its bare hand. There would also be reports of strange footprints, of of deep cut marks in concrete walls made by an unknown type of blade and strange pillers of light in the sky. I would be the wandering guyver who comes and goes with the wind. Cronos can hunt me if it likes but the worlds a big place and I know how to hide.....and fight. My guyver would probable look like guyver 0.
  7. Well it goes without saying really dosent it, Waferdanos. Why do I like him, in a story filled with intresting characters they dont get more intresting then the guy whos actualy a whole sentient forest compress into a human form, he's loyal, has cool powers, hes one of 5 or 6 characters to get any back story, is willing to put his life on the line for what importent to him, and he gets a small but nice character arc thrown in to. What more could I want?
  8. Na I think that deep down Zxtole really loved him...in an "I'll stab you through the chest" kind of way.
  9. Well while I place my money on the advent soldier/spy but with all three are possible Murikami(Miribillis) - Theres a good chance that it could be him, he could have been given new powers by Alkenfel however that dosent explain his armour advent soldier/spy - The most likely and what he has stated he is (although he could be lieing) Alkenfel - The only way this could be him is if A) Alkenfel can create copies of himself (still dosent explain his armour) or B) Alkenfel's pulling a Futur Trunks and come back through time (as a Guyver Zoalord) There is also the possibility that he is infact Murikami or another zoalord (pulling a Futur Trunks) or maybe he's from another party all together. However this has to be the most out there idea I could think of, Apollon is ether Sho or Agito from some point in the future trying to change the past.
  10. Or maybe it is the Creators who are comeing back because thier so despreate that they need us dispite how dangerous we are. They've got no other option but to let the nukes fly so to speak.Maybe Apollon is here to access earth and get it ready for when they arrive. Of cause they wouldn't think to ask us how we feel about the whole thing, as you said in their eyes we're just guns so why should we have an opinion. Heck we may not get a choice if they can still control us like they used to. However this plays out its going to be very intresting.
  11. Its a good movie but I didnt get it because I it wasent a strickly animal horror movie and I didnt think there where that my movies about killer cats (which I have descovered I was very wrong about) Also when I started my collection I was going for movies that you woundnt think of or dont see often f, I was so sick of shark, croc and snake movies I just wanted somthing different, which is why I started with primates. Out side of Sasquatch there arent that many and most of them I'd recomend but the funny thing is that only one of them is about chimps and even then they play second fiddil to a orangutan. No but I'll have to look it up now, it sound like its 7 kinds of grade A crap.
  12. 1 - you can try but none would notice notice 2 - assassination is described as when someone is killed for payment or political reasons so anyone can be assassinated if moneys involved 3 - Its just a saying dont read to much into it, 4 - I'll tell you when I die 5 - Because its ironice 6 - Trichina and salmonella 7 - Beacuse humans are very cleaver and yet very stupid 8 - see 3 9 - Yes because the word has a double meaning although it is ironic when you think about it 10 - Pass, that is weaird though 11 - see 7 12 - I think its just common courtesy, none likes strangers looking at the naked unnessaseraly 13 - no idea 14 - see 7 15 - see 7 16 - no dead bodies dont count as an occupants 17 - see 7 or a very stupid plote device 18 - One is a anthropomorphic dog the other is just a dog 19 - I think ACME give him the stuff for free and use him as a crash dummy for their products (Animal Testing) 20 - BABIES HAHA! or maybe Mineral Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Acetate, Fragrance but that would be boring 21 - Yes for some people 22 - Not quite 23 - Because someone asked me question 22, I'm not ashamed 24 - Hemisphere in astrolagiy means either half of the celestial sphere as divided by the ecliptic, the celestial equator, or the horizon while in anatomy it relates to the lateral halves of the cerebrum; a cerebral hemisphere. Hemorroids are named after the bleeding they cause, hemo meaning blood. The word asteroid is poorly defined but at best means small solar system body, asteroid comes from the greek word astro which means star 25 - hmmmm never blown in a dogs face so no I never noticed 26 - I prefer the term "struggle snuggle" myself
  13. Well it looks like the Guyver/Aptom court Apollion's attenstion at last, he has really gone out of his way to ignore the guyvers up till now although it obviesly not that big a thing to him since he's more then happy to go back to chaseing Guyot. It would also seem that this town is about to suffer a series of major gas explosions and terrorist bombings.
  14. I know the last good SGI croc I saw as in Rouge, it looked really good unlike the CGI cut outs in Lake Placid 2 - 4. I find it rather shocking when I watch Jurassic Park and see how good the CGI dinos looked in that film, its been 21 years since then yet most movies now days use CGI as a way to cut corners rather then to enhance the movie. Good CGI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rhxY6N5EMw Bad CGI Then Now I'll take this animatronic raptor ..... Over these CGI ones any day of the week
  15. The worst movie I've seen is House of the Dead I fast forwarded throught he whole movie just looking for one, JUST ONE good thing, thank god I only rented it. I took it back the same day! Then again there have been movies that have suprised me, I saw Bait at the theater and during the first few minutes up till the title sequence I honestly thought I had wasted my money. The CGI was awful and the acting felt wooden I thought that I had payed to watch something like Sharknado at a theater. But once the movie started proper I really enjoyed it, about as good as Jaws 2 and a hell of a lot better then most shark movies these days.
  16. Its my own fault really, I try not to be so sceptical because every now and then one of these movies is somewhat intresting but most of the time I end up with total crap like Posedon Rex. However while I hate them they act as a warning, DO NOT PAY FOR CRAP.
  17. While I've liked a wide range of horror movies animal horror is my personal favorite, like all horror it has its a mixed bag good, average, bad and total crap but it seems now days that most of these movies fall into the 4th catagory. The utter crap thats being shipped out year after year is shocking and for some reason it all gets a pass because they were made to be so bad it good. I know I maybe coming of as a dick here but movies like Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and the literal legion of films like it just piss me off. Now yes these types of movies have always been around and have been bad but now days their so cheap and effertless that I just hate them. So bad its good only works as far as I'm concered if they tried and failed or if it was in the hands of one of the few people that could acctualy pull it off. Not only that but just how its always zombies and vampires why is it always sharks, crocs and snakes? Befor CGI became so cheap animal horror even when bad was better because some effert had to go in to making it work. For example I would rather watch Alligator II The Mutation, Bats or King Cobra (movies I hold in rather low reguard) then the likes of Sharktopus (which sounds like an alternet title to another crap movie Teeth), Dinoshark (dino in latin means terrable so Sharksaurus would have been a beter fit), Crocosaurus (once again latin saurus = lizard, croclizard just sounds silly dosent it), Sharknado (piss of and watch Tokyo Fish Attack or better yet read its manga Gyo) or Ghost Shark (has the bare really sunk that low). Heres my Animal Horror collection with my personal rateing Good - I liked all of it, Average - I liked some of it, Bad - Disliked most of it but was intresting in places, Total Crap - The only reason its not in the f**king bin is because I payed for dame thing. Primates - also includes homanid and fictional species Monkey Shines - Good In the Shadow of Kilmanjaro - Good Shakma - Good Sands of the Kalahari - Good Primal Force - Average Link - Average Phantom of the Rue Morgue - Average Blood Monkey - Bad Congo - Average The Descent - Good The Descent Part 2 - Average The Lost Tribe - Bad Humains - Average Bigfoot Terror Collection - Bad Sasquatch Horror Collection - Bad The Legend of Boggy Creek - Average Boggy Creek 2 - Total Crap Boggy Creek Remake - Total Crap Creature from Black Lake - Bad Clawed - Average Night of the Demon - Bad Primal - Bad Savage - Average Assault of the Sasquatch - Average Bigfoot - Bad The Bigfoot Tapes - Total Crap The Lost Coast Tapes - Bad Sasquatch - Good Sasquatch Hunters - Bad Sasquatch Mountain - Bad Legend of the Sandsquatch - Bad Yeti - Bad Snow Beast Remake - Total Crap Abominable - Average The Abominable Snowman - Good Pigs Prey 2010 - Good Pig Hunt - Bad Razorback - Good Chaw - Good Bears Bear - Bad Grizzly Rage - Average Grizzly Park - Average Grizzly - Good Prophecy - Average Big Cats Night Creature - Bad Prey 2007 - Average The Ghost and The Darkness - Good Kaal - Bad Maneater - Good Burning Bright - Good Attack of the Sabertooth - Bad Sabertooth - Good Reptiles Komodo - Average Alligator - Good Alligator 2: The Mutation - Bad Crocodile (Japan) - Bad Rogue - Good Black Water - Good Primeval - Average Eaten Alive - Average Dinocroc - Bad Dinocroc vs Supergator - Total Crap Python - Bad Boa vs Python - Bad Dinosaurs Carnosaur - Average Carnosaur 2 - Average Carnosaur 3 - Average Raptor - Total Crap Raptor Island - Bad 100 Million BC - Total Crap Eden Formula - Bad Jurassic Attack - Total Crap Dinosaur Project - Bad Age of Diosaurs - Bad Raptor Ranch - Bad Tape 407 - Bad Posedon Rex - Total Crap Cephalopods The Beast - Good Deadly Water - Average Eye of the Beast - Average Octopus - Bad Octopus 2 - Total Crap Tentacles - Bad Sharks Jaws - Good Jaws 2 - Average Jaws 3 - Total Crap Jaws 4 - Total Crap The Last Jaws - Total Crap Creature - Good Deep Blue Sea - Average Shark Night - Bad Bait - Average Other Piranha 1978 - Good Barracuda - Average Orca: The Killer Whale - Good The White Buffalo - Good Minotaure - Average Mammoth - Average Tremours - Good Tremours 2 - Good Tremours 3 - Good Tremours 4 - Good Mongollan Death Worm - Total Crap They Nest - Average Bug - Average Phase IV - Good Ticks - Bad Loch Ness Horror - Bad The Evil Beneath Loch Ness - Bad Loch Ness Terror - Average The Crater Lake Monster - Average Pterodactyl - Bad Q - The Winged Serpent - Average Reign of Fire - Good
  18. Masaki Murakami - being the first zoalord creature we see it seems that to a degree all the other zoalords designs where based off of him. Richard Guyot / Imakarum Mirabilis - both are upgrades on Murakami design and abilities but boast gravity control attacks enspired by the guyvers pressure cannon. Friedrich von Purgstall - Elegen Li Yentsui - Thancrus Cabraal Khan - Aptom Waferdanos - Dyme Sin Rubeo Amniculus - Archanfel (both have mainly used barriers so far) I like that I'm not the only one who thinks Gelenos wasent human befor becoming a zoalord like Waferdanos, as for how they all teleported there I always thought it was Li using his portals although it is possable that one of the others has the power to teleport much like Archanfel.
  19. As an idea to just throw out there of whats coming our way. At the momment we have no idea why the creators are comming back to earth (If thats whats happening) but what if Apollion isnt here to weaken earths force but to deastroy the weak links in th chain. If the creators wanted to to destroy their failed exeperament the first think Apollion would have done was target the guyvers, they are far more powerful then they where befor and if someone like Alkanphel had the power of Gigantic Exeed he would be unstoppable to stop so they would have been the first on the hit list. What is the creators war was still going on all this time and what if their on the verge of looseing? Are they coming back because they are now so desperate that they would turn to the failed weapons they abandoned so long ago? Maybe Apollion is hunting the zoalords and their crystals because they are to weak for the fight thats ahead and they need make zoalords as they were ment to be. He could be helping Alkanphel because he needs to servive long enough for the creators to arrive and heal the damage they did to him. And hes leaving the guyvers alone because even their out of control power is desperately needed to fight the dark force that is hunting our creators. It would be the most ironic thing ever if Sho and Agito became the very thing they feared and fourt so hard to prevent from being born........a Guyver Zoalord.
  20. I wouldn't be so sure about that for the reasons I stated above ... who wants to see a second season after 9 years? people like us!!!!!!!!!!!! its never too late!... all I would say to another season 1 is no thanks. if they were to do anything it may be OVA's that way they don't have to start a fresh to get a new audience and can continue the story, and then im sure Takaya would be on board to supervise. So kind of like Hellsing Ultimate only much longer.
  21. 1 - To find love, it doent have to be perfect and it dosen't need to last forever but just to meet someone who will love me for who I am. 2 - To have an awsome library of all the movies, books, comics, manga and anime I like with full translations and adds new items when they come up - basicly a magic library. 3 - And heres my "while your at it why dont you ask for a pony wish" the powers of zoalord Waferdanos.
  22. Well the intresting think with Guyver is that it never stays the same. Guyver as it is now is so much bigger and expansive then the Guyver I new as a kid and it just keeps growing and changing. But ever since Apollion appried I constanly have this feeling that theres a big storm coming......and it heading streat for earth.
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