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  1. One problem with trying to cross Guyver and Marvel is one of universe rules/logic. Guyver while science fiction it's actually very grounded and realistic when compared to Marvel where just about anything is possable.
  2. While Anderson as the monster of god has powers that are similer to Alucards he's not quite he same. While he is able to use the thorns in a similer manner as Alucard's blood he dosent absorb the souls of others and use them as familiers, his thorns are are all him. Not sure, it depends on wether or not his minions are just puppets he creates himself or conscious entities. Both Alucard's Familiers and Waferdanos 's Villus subjecti are creatures in their own right as well as being part of their master/king.
  3. Well there was the recked one in Arizona so its likely there could be others laying around yet to be discovered. Possable in the depths of the mariana trench, under the ice in the acrtic circles or there could be some form of relic on the moon. Not just ships there could also be hidden places like the Silha and Waferdanos scatter around the globe just whating to be found.
  4. Dont worry about it if you hadn't gone of on one I wouldn't have heard this very intresting idea. I think Legion is more of a collective conciseness. Going by what Yuki suggested possibly yes. Two very good examples. What comic series was Master Pandemonium from by the way?
  5. I'll clarify, what I'm looking for individules who are a single entity but have a large number of other entities within themselfs from whom they draw power but can realese said entities on mass while stil maintaining control of them. Shang Tsung is a good example although he needs the Dragon Emperor Onaga's army to contol the souls within himself out side of his body.
  6. I was re-watching Helling Ultimate and I noticed the similarities between Alucard and Waferdanos. Alucard's body is filled with the souls of those he has killed and when he uses Control Art Restriction System Level Zero he unleashes them all instantly creating an army. Waferdanos is an entire sentient forest condenced into a human form with the help of a zoa-crystal. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other character that had similer powers to these two?
  7. While this isnt anything to do with the new movie I thought it would be intresting news. The upcomeing game Dragon Ball Xenoverse along with haveing an original story mode that appires to be enspired by Dragon Ball Online but will also feature a character creation based on DBO aswell. You will beable to choose between Male Human, Female Human, Majin Male (looks like Majin Buu), Majin Female (looks like Kid Buu) or Namekian (a hermaphrodite species) Humans in the game can go super saiyan (in the far future of DBO a lot of humans have saiyan genes) but it is yet to be seen if the Majins and Namekians will also have transformations, in DBO Majins could transformed into Kid Buu and Namekians transformed into Great Nameks (Giant Form). http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2014/08/13/dragon-ball-xenoverse-includes-character-creator/
  8. I personal liked BoG mainly because of Beerus and Whise, they really helped sell the movie form me. I also think I'm one of the few people who liked Super Saiyan God from the get go. On a side note I'll add any new updates for Movie 15 here for anyone who's intrested.
  9. Seems intersting, I think I will pick card.
  10. I'm sure he'll get his chance to shine again, hang in there Richard.
  11. That was an unexpected turn of events but really theres no way Richard is dead, the guys servived worse.
  12. A new Dragon Ball Z movie will hit Japanese theaters during golden week in 2015, while theres not much information yet it has been stated to be a direct sequle to Battle of Gods The events of the movie will revolve around "The worst wish in history, That is the beginning of despair". for more info visite http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2014/07/25/dragon-ball-z-2015-new-movie-facts/
  13. Looks intresting. But really old Vlad is not a nice guy as Salkafar points out, at best you could make him a simpathetic villian (Dracula 1992) or have him as an anti-hero trying to redeem himself but in life Dracula was one of the top 10 most evil human-beings in recorded history. We must be reaching the twilight of the "vampires are cool" era in pop-culter if their trying to make Vlad THE IMPALER look heroic.
  14. Aliens - Colonial Marines and Resident Evil 6 where both like kicks to the family jewels for me but Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City makes both of them look ok by comparison. It was my first big dispointment from the Resident Evil series (there where a lot of things I didnt like about RE 5 but it also had its great moments to). After playing RE:ORC I thought.....
  15. Sorry for my late replay Yes I've listed abilities from all the sources that tie-into the original Devilman manga especially Amon the Dark Side of Devilman because It gave the character a massive ovehaul. Well an unactivated guyver units CM was damaged after a grenade explosion sent if flying into a rock, however theres no data on how an activated unit will react to that kind of trauma but a direct hit from one of Elegan's tentacles was enough to deactivate the armour. Also we don't know how much tougher a Gigantics CM is. I do think that in a fight Sho would need to use Guyver Gigantic, normal guyvers can only lift roughly 5 tones so he'd be a a savire strength disadvantage and while the guyvers weapons are more the capable of hurting Devilman he's capable of countering them, even the mega-smasher. Guyver Gigantic would definitely have the edge in raw power thanks to its pressure cannon and giga-smasher but Devilman has a much wider range of abilities to call apon which should even the playing field. Aptom is very similer to the demons from Devilman, a humanoid creature that can fuse with others to gain new powers and abilites (although demons can fuse with anything), I think Devilman would find him a worthy opponent to go up against.
  16. Two of the crowned kings of ultra violence go head to head, who will win? So while I'm sure there are people who know who Devilman is but I give a brief overview of his back story and an outline of his powers, so here we go. Akira Fudo was a normal high school student (if some what timid and preferred reading to sports) untill his best friend Ryo Asuka appiers out of the blue and asks for his help. Ryo takes Akira to his home and explanse that while exploring ruins in Peru his father stumbled down a deep unseen hole where he discovered the "Demon Mask". This mask when placed over a persons head showed them images from the pre-historic passed when demons ruled the earth. Investigating his discovery further Ryo's father was possesed by a demon and was forced to kill himself, fearing he would kill his son. However before dying he left behind a message that warned that the demons would return to take back the earth for themselves. Ryo believes that mankind dosent have a chance against the demons but thinks there is a way humans can fight back and he wants Akira's help. Akira is understandable unnerved by all this but agrees to help however their conversation is cut short when Ryo's home is attacked by demons. The pair flee to a secret passageway in the basement, safe but trapped Ryo revealse that the only way to fight the demons is to become a "Devilman". Ryo learned from his fathers notes that demons have the power to fuse with objects, animels and even each other which allows them to grow stronger and gain new abilities. However demons cant just fuse with humans because our reasoning ability and will power prevents them from takeing us over, however when a human looses their sense of reason a demon can bond with one. Ryo believes that if a human has a strong enough will they can usurp the demons power and become a devilman, a being with the body and powers of a demon but the mind and heart of a human. Ryo warns that should they fail they could end up dead or worse but despite this Akira bravely agree to help his friend. At the end of the passageway Akira is shocked to find a room full of people partying, Ryo states the best way to loose their reason and attract demons is to re-enact a black sabbath and that he got this group of bikers together because their the kind of people to whom looseing reason comes naturally. The to join the party, drink and danceing when suddenly Ryo starts attacking people with a broken bottle saying the need blood to attact demon. This earns both Akira and Ryo a beating from the bikers during which some members of the gang turn into demons however neither Akira or Ryo transform. Trapped and with nowhere to go th pair are attacked however Akira becomes so afraid that he looses his reason. Akira is then possesed by none otheir than Amon, a great hero amongst the demons but Akira's will proves to be stronger then Amon's and he transforms into Devilman. note - The powers and abilities I showing here a from the original Devilman manga and those that tie into it, I wont be including stuff from the 70s tv series or Devilman Grimoire because the Devilman in those seires are different incarnation of the character. Powers: After fuseing with Amon Akira is no longer timid and shy, he becomes very aggressive and loves fighting thougth he is still good person at heart. He also gains all of Amon's knowledge and experience. Strength - while shown takeing down large numbers of demon single handed and fighting evenly with powerful foes like Demon Lord Zennon we never really get to see just how strong his punchs are, the best I feat I can find is from Devilman vs Getter Robo where one of Devilman's kicks was strong enough to effect Getter which stands 38 meters tall and weighs 220 tons. Speed and Reflexes - once again nothing concrete he can accelerate his movements to superhuman velocities but its never out right stated how fast he is. The best feat I can find is him punching and kicking 19 holes in a demons body Kenshiro style. Durability - This too is a bit tricky and is made harder by the fact he can regenrate, his skins has been cut by demons who are weaker then he is but has only ever taken series damage from demons who are on an equal footing to himself. He's had is flesh burned by the demon turtle Jinmen yet later in the story shruggs of multiple flame throwers and has even survived orbital reentry without a scratch. The only explination I can think of is that his body adapts after each battle growing stronger and more resistant, another factor may be that early on in the story Akira didn't seem to be full awaire of his bodies abilites as he's and Amon's minds had not yet fully merged. Stamina - He's been show to fight for long periods without showing any sign of fatigue and nore dose he slow down after having an arm ripped off and getting a deep slash wound to is abdomen. He dose have limits, if he looses to much blood or takes to much damage he can loose contusiones or die however as I've stated above he dose seem to get stronger and more resilient as the story progresses. Senses - All Devilman senses are at superhuman levels. Regenration - He can heal minor or moderat wounds and regrow his wings very quickly and can reattach limbs with no lost of function. However regrowing an arm can take much longer. His regenration dose drain his stamina and massive truma (being cut in half) can be fatal if he's in a weakend state. Flight - he has large powerful wings that let him fly at great speed but he's grounded if there damaged. Body Manipulation - he mainly uses this to stretch his horns/antena to attack enemies at range but can manipulate his entire body. Teleportation - can teleport instantaneously, range unknown. Thermal Manipulation - can fire intence blaste of heat from his hands. Flame Breath Energy Manipulation - Can fire beams of energy from horns/antena, mouth or hands. The horns/antena beam normaly acts as a thin cutting beam but can be used like the others. He can also create barriers strong enough to stop bullets, lasers and a full scale nuclear strike with multiple nukes. Electricity Manipulation - can discharge powerful bursts of electricirity around himself or focus it into long range attacks. Telekinesis - he's can catch bullets in mid-air but mainly uses it to make enemies explode so we dont know how much he can lift with it. Time / Space Manipulation - In the pre-histroric age Amon warped space/time during a moment of extreme stress, its never been done since.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v39e5uQsby0
  18. Another creature I've always liked is Sasquatch and his many counterparts
  19. Baby from Dragon Ball GT Baby is the last serviving member of the Tuffle race who once shared their home planet with the Saiyans (the race that the main character of the Dragon Ball series belongs to). The tuffles where wiped out by the saiyans many years ago when under the light of the full moon the saiyans transformed into their monstrus Oozaru forms, ending the stalemate of the war between the to races. However befor the war reached it climax the tuffle murged the DNA of their king with a prasitic organism and shot it into space. Many years later while hunting for the Black Star Dragon Balls Goku, his grandaughter Pan and Trunks came into conflict with the Machine Mutant Empire led by Dr. Myuu. After fighting thier way through Dr Myuu's minions the heros found Myuu's ultimate creation the life form he called Baby. At first Baby seemed to be an even match for the trio but afte a brief struck they destroid him...or so they thought. A peice of Baby had latched onto the escaping Myuu and infected his body. Once Myuu was safe Baby burst out of his body, afterwards revealing that he had created Dr Myuu to help in with rebirth. For a time Baby stalked Goku and company but eventually made his way to earth. Here he hunted down all of the serviving saiyans and half-saiyans finally settaling Vegeta's body makeing him his permanent host. After this Baby began infecting the entire human race, turning them into his fanatically loyal slaves. When Goku and company returend home after their search was completed they here ambushed by their own families. Trunks who had previously been infected by Baby fell under the villians influance and Goku appired to have been killed by Baby. Pan was able to escape and went into hiding with her other grandfather Mr Satan and Majin Buu. During this time Vegeta's body slowely began to change to resemable Baby's true form. Victories Baby's next step was to use the Black Star Dragon Balls to recreate his home planet near earth. Baby then began to selecting humans to travel to the Tuffle planet, at this time Pan and others snuck onboard one of the diparting ships, After traveling to the Tuffle planet Pan tried to break Baby's influance over her perant but was nearly stangled to death by her own father Gohan (Goku's son) but was saved by Goku's student Uub who had managed to avoid being infected. While Baby battled Uub Gohan, his younger brother Goten and Trunks jumped to Baby's defence only to be blasted by him for getting in the way and being of no more use to him now he had become so powerful. Despite his best efferts Uub was defeated by Baby, all hope seemed lost untill Goku returend haveing been saved at the last second by the Supreme Kai. After training with the Kai's and with a little help from earth acting as a full moon Goku was able to tranform into a Super Saiyan 4 and quickly gaind the upper hand on Baby. However Bulma (a long time friend of Goku's and Vegeta's wife) developed a Blutz Wave amplifier (Blutz Waves are a type of energy created when a stars light is reflected off of a moon or planet at night, this energy is what causes saiyans become Oozaru) and used it on Baby. After transforming Baby seemingly lost control of himself and went on a rampage killing many of his followers however it turned out that he had simple being play-acting to catch Goku off guard. Now on a more even playing field Baby attacked Goku with reckless abandon, fireing attacks without any regard for his followers even going so far attack them on perpus just to anger Goku. He then fires an uncharged Super Galick Gun at the earth, killing even more of people then threaten to fire a fully charge one (which would destroy the planet) should Goku try to dodge. Taking the full brunt of the attack Goku is immobalised and Baby prepares to fire a fully charged attack at Goku, killing him and likely destroying the Tuffle planet at the same time. Fortunately a previes, seemingly ineffective attack made by Goku early kicks in stopping Baby from fireing his attack. After a lenghy battle Goku defeats Baby and forces him out of Vegeta's body. Baby then makes a desperate attempt to escape, abandoning his followers despite the fact they would fight to the death to protect him. Goku fire a Kamahamaha at Baby's ship pushing it into the sun, uterly destroying the villian. While the Dragon Ball series has its fare share of truly evil and sadistic villians Baby stand to me as being the worst of them even when compared to Frieza or King Piccolo. While other have a higher body count then him Baby willing slaughters hundreds if not thousands of his followers without a seconds though. The reason Baby infects people is to turn them into the new tuffle race, he honestly belives that he doing good by uniting everyone under one banner yet at the same time view them as expendable slaves. His followers worship him like a god (they are constanly cheering him on even after he's killed so many of them) and twists them into dark versions of them selfs. Under his influance a once loving father will strangle his own child to death without hestiation and Baby will just site back and watch rather then infecting the girl and letting her be with her family. This guy is a true basterd.
  20. I've always had a soft spot for briton's most malevolent water spirit the Kelpie - The Water Horse.
  21. If a Guyver boosts the host's power a hundredfold, in Sho's case he should be able to lift about 5 tons. Remember, Sho's a teenager and not a particularly big one. Tetsuro and Agito are both taller than he is. Even bio-boosted he's, what, 1.75 m tall? (checks) 1.74 m. Even if that's measured from the top of the helmet and not the horn, in human form Sho should be only about 1.65, tops. Reckon he could lift 50 kilos? Maybe. I've never seen him work out. The momentum generators in the Guyver's limbs increase punching impact tenfold, but that doesn't mean a punch's impact equals the amount of weight you can lift. Anyway, the Gigantic: if it boosts the Guyver's power twentyfold and Sho's bio-boosted strength enables him to deadlift five tons, in Gigantic mode he should be able to heft a hundred tons, putting him in the weight class of Marvel Comics' heavyweights. At the low end, mind. The Hulk, when at rest, can lift about 80 tons, but his power escalates when he gets angry. Iron Man is currently in Class 100 and Thor always was - he frequently fights the Hulk and can usually fight him to a standstill. The Abomination, one of the Hulk's oldest and deadliest foes, is far stronger than him, but his power does not increase. My point being: Thor is physically as strong as the Gigantic. I doubt he can survive a Gigasmasher blast, but then he probably wouldn't have to, since it takes time to charge and he is far more manouvreable than the Gigantic. He has more than a thousand years of combat experience, much of it from fighting huge monsters, often stronger than himself (ex. Jormungand, the Mangog, Surtur, the Celestials). All this, plus he wields Mjölnir, one of the most powerful weapons in existence. The Gigantic is the underdog in this fight. And that's against Thor as he normally is! He has surpassed this level in the past several times, by entering a state of warrior madness, by donning his belt of power which doubles his strength, by inheriting his father's cosmic power, or by learning the wisdom of the runs. well it seems my math was way off, proable because I was assuming (wrongly) that the guyver could lift 100X body weight. Ow well, I argee though Thor's manouvreable and combat experience coupled with his command of lighting (somthing the guyver is noticable vunerable to) really give him the edge. Plus Mjölnir can dent and crack adamantium.
  22. Well if Im not getting my facts wrong here, a guyver boosts its users strength 100 fold so in theory a guyver can lift 70 to 80 tones plus they have those gravity orgens in their arms and legs that boost their stricking force a ferther 10 fold so a guyver punchs with roughly 180 tones of force. In gigantic mode they get 20x boost to their strength so a gigantic can lift 1600 tones and punch with 3600 tones of force unless their arm and legs orgens where improved too which pushs a gigantic's punching strength to 320000 tones. That is if all my facts and maths are right of course.
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