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  1. Well there is some intresting stuff here but just because there's cool looking stuff in the movie doent mean its gonna be good. Unlike Jurassic World I have rather mixed feelings about this film.
  2. Although few and far betwen I do love it when we get to see Sho use his powers to save civilian lives Also its nice to see more of what Gigantic Exceed can do.
  3. I'm romany gypsy, a race thats suffered a lot of racism and injustice, we even have are own n word "pikey". Inspite of that I have never felt any kind of hatred towards other ethnic groups, I personly havent suffered much racism and when I have Its the individual's attitude I have a problem with, not their skin color or religion (unless their religious beliefs are encourageing racism). I have met people who use the term pikey and I have explained that its a very offencive word but I dont make a big deal about it because as long as its not used with any malice then its just that, a word. You cannot beat bigotry by becomeing a bigot yourself, all that will do is breed more hatred and ignorance on both sides. I personly only have a problem with someone if they have a problem with me first or if I fell they are not a nice person but even then I am open minded enough to admite that I can and have miss-judged someone.
  4. Thanks MegaMcTaco and Mirabilis it looks AWSOME! I hope they make a game based on this film at some point, I really want to hunt this . . . . . . Diabolus Rex.
  5. For those who dont know next year the fourth movie in the Jurassic Parck franchise, Jurassic World will be realised into theaters. This is the teaser trailer realised last weekend. The main tailer is being realised this Thursday (my birthday yay) The basice plot for the move is, twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. This new park is owned by the Masrani Corporation. Owen (Chris Pratt), a member of Jurassic World's on-site staff, conducts behavioral research on the Velociraptors, but things go awry when the research team accidentally unleashes a genetically modified dinosaur into the park. There is an in-universe (made up) website for the Masrani Corporation http://www.masraniglobal.com/ As a fan who has been lucky enough to watch all the Jurassic Park movies in the cinemare (the first JP was the first movie-going experience) I must say I am really looking faward to this move.
  6. Your best bet is ether ebay (some of the comics can be dirt) or go for the Omnibuses Dark Horse did a few years back. Though I should point out that they dont have every story, there missing the odd one like Newt's Tale and Alien 3. The problem with the super hero cross-overs is that unless its heros like Batman or Judge Dredd theres no reason that the Aliens or Predators shouldn't be giving the heros trouble plus some are just awful (JLA vs Predator). The best are the the first batman vs aliens comic (the second is ok but it gets very weird, almost silly), all the batman vs predator comics, both judge dredd vs comics are good, while the plot of superman vs aliens is a bite contrived its a good read (the second series is just wasted potentiel. The strangest one is Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter, it good but Magnus is a hero very few people know. He's originally from Gold Key Comics (who also created Turok and Dr Solar) but his rights where owend by Valiant comics when this was printed and he's now property of Dark Horse. The strangest Predator cross over was when dark horse did an event called Predator: Hunting the Heros which had a predator just show up at random in 4 of their ongoing comics for one issue. In Motorhead #1 a predator is the first thing the title character fights, and its a bloody good fight. Ghost #5 is the worst, the predator dosent show up untill the last two pages, like a dumbass tries to stab the hero whos well, a ghost and then gets its brains blown out when she phases a gun through his helmet. I have yet to find an issue of X #18. Agents of Law #6 is the best although the artwork is not great (its rather 90s), after an awsome fight that starts from page one and involves fighting from the top floor of a tower block to the gound floor it ends with the Predator actually beating and beheading the main character! As for the novels, I have a similer problem (I'm dyslexic) so if there not for you thats fine but they are worth it.
  7. The longest ones are colonial marines and deadliest of the species but both aren't very good. The first AVP, AVP: War and AVP: Three World War all star the character Machiko Noguchi and could be considered a trilogy. Predator: Concrete Jungle, Cold War and Dark River are about Detective Schaefer, brother of Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from the first Predator movie. The first three aliens story lines Earth Hive (originally called Outbreak), Nightmare Asylum and Female War all tie into each other although I recomend the novels over the comics as their better written. The problem is that most of Aliens/Predator comics you find today were part of an ongoing Aliens and Predator comic series dark horse was doing in the 90s. Unlike other comic titles they didn't have a continuous on going story but series of short oneshot stories that lasted at most 4 issues and many of these would have different writters.
  8. I just found out Dark Horse has been doing an interconnected event story called Fire and Stone. Aliens: Fire and Stone Predator: Fire and Stone AVP: Fire and Stone Prometheus: Fire and Stone
  9. Personally I liked Alien 3 and Prometheus although I wont deny they have flaws (Prometheus especially). Th AVP movies are just crap, like Mirabilis the predqueen really, REALLY pissed me off. The do have some good ideas here and there but there just wasted. The comics have there ups and downs but thats really depends on whos doing the stories but I agree some of them are terrable. The AVP Deadliest of the Species comic is without a doubt the biggest pile of garbage I've ever had the missfortune of reading. A TV show would be intresting but it would be to easy to screw up, plus if it was good FOX would just cancel it after two seasons. I've also heard that there maybe Resident Evil TV show in the works (another franchise I like that's been hammered into the ground by stupid ideas lately.)
  10. Didn't see this comeing. While its not very good I've always had a soft spot for this movie.
  11. Thanks so much for posting this. So the Galactic Tyrant is back, this will be intresting. I wonder if they where hinting at this in Battle of Gods? How he's going to be a threat is anybodies guess. One of his new minions looks like a scientist maybe he has come up with a way to increase his power, maybe it has somthing to do with Beerus or maybe he grew stronger in hell somehow. Well on behalf of all Frieza fans I would just like to say . . . . . . . LONG LIVE LORD FRIEZA!
  12. I got into the series quite late (at the start of shippuden) thanks to is fanbase putting me off. I've followed it but I've never liked as much as my big three DBZ, Toriko and One Piece. Its had its good, its bad and its down right stupid but on the whole it been a fun read.
  13. Is it me or dose Guyot have a habit of utterly recking the place when ever he's trying to make his escape?
  14. I like the idea of Ultron being a dark parody of Pinocchio
  15. With the exception of OVA 6 guyvers in SF mode haven't attack unless provoked, this is what made me question the defense mode theory. While it more the likly that in SD mode he would have attacked the T.rex and Zoanoids but their was no reason that the unit would have perceived the creators as a threat. My theory is this. In the guyververse we know humans where created as the base for the creators bio-weapons as a result we have a strong inclination towards violence and conflict embedded in our subconscious. Its likly that these inclinations where much stronger in primitive humans then modern ones, who while still war-like have overtime become very different to what we originally where. They also had a very different mentality to us, for while intelligent their world was one ruled by the laws of nature and servival of the fittest (although "civilised" humans parody this in our concrete jungles). Now the guyver is not so disimiler to a primitive human, it has strong servival instincts and is more then ready to use lethal force on a perceived threat. When the two combined it created a weapon of pure instinct and violence with power beyond its understanding. It cannot breed and ist dosent need food so the only thing left is its inbuilt need for battle. But the voices that once directed its actions have gone so it must rely on its instincts which drives it to attack indiscriminately. When the two ar parted the human is left confused and bewildered as his mind cannot comprehend what has happend.
  16. While I was rereading book 15 the question just poped into my head. Did he consciously choose to attack or did he simply lash out on instinct. Was he a primitive human going on a rampage beause he was given power beyond his understanding, a guyver in self-defence mode, a slave freed from his shackles or a child demanding attenchan and respect from an indifferent parent? What do you think?
  17. I its isent it, its a japan anime that based in western culture and art style, a reverse Avatar - The Last Airbender if you will.
  18. Started watching an anime thats outside my normal spectrum of taste, Hajime no Ippo a boxing anime. I've watched/read fighting anime/manga before Grappler Baki being my favorite but this is the first straight sports anime I've ever watched. So far I'm very impressed. It's a wonderful underdog story with very likeable characters and good action.
  19. Nether Loki and Apocalypse are very trust worthy, Loki always has his own agenda and Apocalypse is so arrogent that if anyone stronger then him appires he would try to destroy them rather then side with them as he did with Onslaught. The most likly candidates for sideing with Cronos would be business minded villians like The Kingpin and Hood as well as villians who are willing to work for money. "Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into hell" - David Xanatos
  20. Basically half of marvels main heros and villians are powerful enough to wipe the floor with a zoanoid army by themselfs let alone as a group. More then 20 of them could match a zoalord and at least 5 have a fighting chance against Archanfel 1 on 1. A team made up of Thor, Hulk, She-Hulk, Thing, Hercules, Storm, Professor Xavier, Phoenix, Human Torch, Sentry, Ironman, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Black Bolt, Namor, Dr Strange, Ms Marvel and Mr Fantastic would have a ferly good chance of stopping x-day.
  21. One problem with trying to cross Guyver and Marvel is one of universe rules/logic. Guyver while science fiction it's actually very grounded and realistic when compared to Marvel where just about anything is possable.
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