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  1. Ok so the big Idea was to deliberately provoke someone for no reason. I wont bother asking why, all I'll say is really, really! Is their really a need to be a dick to people simply for you own amusement. People don't find this funny or entertaining, we think its childish, petty and stupid. The idea of a forum is that its a place people can come together to talk and share information about things they like, the last thing we want is someone abusing the site and its members for a cheap, pathetic thrill. So please act respectfully or go away.
  2. Link? Here http://readms.com/r/dragon_ball_z_rebirth_of_f/1/2705/1
  3. I remember, good times. While I would like her back its more then likely we'll get the Kai voice actor, who is very good but Linda's voice made Frieza seem creepier and more alien. The only down side was that back in the day the dialog wasen't as good, which makes it a big shame she didn't come back for Kai.
  4. I 99% agree with you that that his new form is just from his training. I was just posting a theory I had based on the comments made in the trailer. What I was thinking was this when Goku became a super saiyan god his body learned from the expirence and grew stronger, what if by lending Frieza his super saiyan power he changed something in Frieza, something that had lain dorment within him untill he started training. Another possible theory I had is that this Golden Form is gained by stealing Goku's power. Their have been a lot of nods to the tech of Frieza's forces improve dramatically during the time of his absence and at some point Frieza asks Goku why dosent he go super saiyan. Maybe While he was training he asked Sorbet to devolope a device that could do this. He has planed ahead enough to gather and train new group of elites (one of whom could take down piccolo by himself) so its possible, unlikly but possible. Also Frieza hasen't been training in hell, most of his days where spent like this OH THE HORROR!
  5. In the trailer Beerus said “This is something you invited by being soft.†Is it possible that Frieza's new form is somehow linked to Goku lending him his energy on namek?
  6. I think so to, its also rather ironic that he was beaten by a golden warrier, now he is one himself.
  7. WARNING OMEGA CLASS SPOILER! "Allow me to show you...My further evolution!"
  8. Ok so in japan their releasing a three part manga that tells the story of movie 15, how closely we wont know until the movie comes out. Here's the synopsis of the Revival of Frieza manga chapter 1 - SPOILER WARNING! http://www.kanzenshuu.com/manga/spin-offs/movie/freeza-01/
  9. He might not have done it by choice. It may have been the first place to pop into his head or maybe it was done by accident. If however Apollon did it intentional its going to be intresting to find out why.
  10. Its amazing what you can find on ebay isent it.
  11. Going by what we know, Guyot has been down graded to the power of a proto-zoalord. While he still will have some of the abilities he had when he was a zoalord they will be noticeably weaker and his stamina will be must lower meaning he can only stay in battle form for a very short period of time. Aptom now has more abilities then most zoalords, while I dont think he's quite on their level yet in terms of raw power he's certanly more powerful then a proto-zoalord plus he dosent have the stamina issue they do. Guyot will really need back up from hes Unus in the fight, from what we've seen he's been letting them do all the fighting every time he's been in battle which would imply he knows his limits and tries to not wast energy if he can help it. Its possible that Guyot could, like Murakami, have a very limited life span and transforming pushes him closer to the end of his life. However if Aptom can absorb the Unus, Guyot wont have a chance.
  12. Alkanphel would still win and while still using Gregole.
  13. Thanks Cannibal While short and has some needless re-caping this chapter caught me completely off guard in a good way . SPOILERS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------! Love the Gregole win pose, this game NEEDS to be made! PLEASE!
  14. Thats what I was thinking, although I think that the reason Sho only remembers everything up to the point of having his control metal ripped out is because the control metal only had his memories recorded up to that point. Spoiler if you haven't read the latest chapter Gigantic Exceed had its hand cut off by Apollon, I hope it dosent become a godzilla sized bio-booster creature!
  15. Thats something we really dont know. Without a control metal to restrain it the booster creature will aggressively try to absorb everything it comes into contact with, its like Aptom but ruled by instinct and is less stable. The host is likely consumed very quickly and their mind along with them, if their consciousness did survive the pain would almost certainly drive them mad. If Sho had lived passed his fight with Enzyme he would more then likely be no different from the poor beast that spawned from his arm, a creature of instinct and fractured memories.
  16. Thats hard to tell, from what we saw of guyver II's death the host is still conscious as the they are being devoured. However the full process was cut short by Sho's mega-smasher so we dont know how long it takes for the hosts conscious to fade away or if it disappears at all. Whats more the bio-booster creature seems to retain at least some of the host's memories as we saw with the one that spawned from Sho's severed arm. Most likely it was a both Sho's desire to protect his friends and the creature's instincts that drove it to keep fighting.
  17. I wasen't trying to make a thing out of it Yuki, I was only going to ask if someone else on the site was doing the translations while you where busy. Sorry if I sounded pushy.
  18. Very interesting chapter, I hope that hand dosen't grow into a godzilla sized booster-creature! I'd like to get translastions for the last 3 chapters any advice?
  19. Today I found out that there are only 5 Northern White Rhinos left in the world, while efferts are being made to save the species none of the proposed methods I have read about (with the exeception of takeing DNA for possible cloneing in the future) will save these beautiful animals from extinction in the near future. I dont blame the poachers how hunt them, many of these people live in very poor countries and are just trying to support their families as anyone would, I do however blame the greedy people who create a market for animal parts. Now dont get me wrong I understand that animals go extinct, its a fact of life. But its a shame that some of these extinctions are happening because one species was so smart yet so stupid. Here are some of the wonderful animals we have helped become extinct. The Western Black Rhinoceros - Declared Extinct in 2011 The Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) - Declared Extinct in 1982 The Quagga - Declared Extinct in 1983 The Bali Tiger - Declared Extinct in 1937 The Barbary Lion - Extinct in the wild since the 1950s The Passenger Pigeon - Declared Extinct in 1914 The Laughing Owl - Declared Extinct in 1914 The Great Auk - Declared Extinct in 1852 The Cape Lion - Declared Extinct in 1858 The Caspian Tiger - Declared Extinct in 2003 The Japanese Sea Lion - Declared Extinct in 1970 Steller's Sea Cow - Declared Extinct in 1768 The Formosan Clouded Leopard - Declared Extinct in 2013 The Baiji - Critically Endangered, Possibly Extinct (Last known livining specimen died in 2002) The Bubal Hartebeest - Declared Extinct in 1925 The Caribbean Monk Seal - Declared Extinct in 1952 The Carolina Parakeet - Declared Extinct in 1918 The Cebu Warty Pig - Extinct in the wild since 2000
  20. I first guyver experience was back in 1994 when my parents got me the third ova for my 5th birthday. To this day I dont know why they got it for me. It was my first anima and I was hooked. Over the next few years I collected all the ovas (and I still have them) as well as the movies but I never found out about the Viz manga untill a about 3 or 4 years ago. I think the reason I liked it so much at the time was because partly because I'd watched and loved the alien movies and also because I was fascinated by how much detale went into the guyers and zoanoids and how they worked. It also helped that the story was good and the characters where very likeable and/or intresting. My love for the series has only grown over the years especially thanks to the 2005 series and finding manga translastions online.
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