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  1. If Toho know how to do one thing its giant monster movies!
  2. Sorry humanity I'm stabbing you right in the back on this one. Zoanoid all the way. It may come at the price of my freedom now and then but is a slave who chooses to be one really a slave? Cronos has done some deplorable stuff but then what governing power hasn't, they have also done a lot of good for the common man and some of the zoalords a pretty ok guys. Plus I could not turn down the chance to be a Zoanoid or the possibility of becoming a Hyper Zoanoid. However I respect the choices of my fellow humans if they dont want to change. I pledge myself to the serves of Lord Archanfel and the council.
  3. OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO! That hurts just watching .
  4. Chakravartin The Creator from Asura's Wrath Chakravartin is virtually omnipotent, being the creator of the universe. Through the manipulation of Mantra, Chakravartin is shown to be physically capable of acomplishing virtually any feat imaginable without any sort of effort required. Throughout the various forms he manifests in, Chakravartin is shown to boast exponential levels of strength, skill, durability and endurance, able to easily hold his own against even Destroyer Asura as well as simultaneously dealing critical level damage to the demigod all at once. In addition to his immense physical power as well as his ability to shapeshift into several powerful and even colossal forms. He can fire blasts capable of destroying multiple planets along its path without losing momentum and is able to use planets and stars as projectiles as a show in the fight against Asura. He can create pocket dimensions and manipulate the reality inside them. Even when Asura assumes the form of The Destructor, he still struggles against the Mantra God to maintain an advantage in their fight. In his most powerful form in all aspect he was able to destroy all of Asura's arms in his Destroyer form with a single finger, reducing the demigod to his most basic form.
  5. You can complain all you want that its not free but by paying your are contributing to keeping the series going, so why bitch at all? Would you rather it be free but the manga got canceled again? I can honestly say that even if someone else made the series avaible for free I would still pay through the Advocacy in order to keep Guyver going.
  6. I really dont care that I have to pay for my manga, yes I do read some manga for free but many of the ones I do are old like Devilman and Mazinger Z. These have never seen a english release. Is it wrong for me to wont to read them and the only way I can at the moment is to find free online translations? I do one day intend to try and learn to at least read japans but thats not now. Plus at least I try to make it up somewhere else. For example I may read Mazinger Z for free but I did buy both Mazinkaiser and Mazinkaiser SKL when they had came out on dvd even thought I could have just downloaded them. I have also bought the full 70s anime of Devilman, Mazinger Z and Cutie Honey.
  7. May 9th has always been a special day in the Dragon World, most significantly as the in-universe date in which the world was taken over by the Demon King Piccolo in chapter 153. The date is also an out-of-universe pun on “Gokuâ€, where the date’s numbers, “five†and “nineâ€, can be pronounced as go and kÅ«, respectively. In the past, fans and even official rights-holders have unofficially used the date for their own celebrations. This year, however, the “Japan Anniversary Association†has officially declared May 9th to be “Goku Day†(悟空ã®æ—¥) in Japan. More info here - http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2015/05/09/may-9th-officially-recognized-as-goku-day-in-japan/
  8. On the whole it was a good movie, as Yuki said its a very un-hollywood movie. Deep and thought provoking. It was part of my 2015 Artificial Intelligence Trinity. Ex Machina Chappie Age of Ultron
  9. Thats a shame, but if he feels that his times up then he should stop. Hopeful this means he'll give us one hell of a performance to say good bye. Thank you Mr Jackman you are a wonderful Wolverine.
  10. Ok some footage from Resurrection F
  11. From what little we know so far yes however its still very early.
  12. Sorry but if what the Dad is saying is true then I cant blame him. Its harsh but sometimes harsh lessons are what some people need. Also that is funny .
  13. Ok so with the success of Resurrection F Toei Animation has confirmed that in July this year we will be getting a new Dragon Ball TV Series! The story and characters will be developed by original manga author Akira Toriyama himself. The Story will follow the aftermath of Goku’s fierce battle with Majin Buu, as he attempts to maintain earth’s fragile peace. It is unknown if it if it will tie into Battle of Gods and Resurrection F at this time. For more info - http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2015/04/28/new-dragon-ball-super-tv-series-announced-for-2015/
  14. "See you in hell Guyver!" Is it me or is this something of a Zoanoid catchphrase or battle cry. This line has be yelled in both the OVA's and the Series a few times, when ever I think of zoanoids fighting guyvers that line always pops into my head. Do they yell it because they fully expect to die in the battle? I mean they will but its makes me feel bad for them. They have no choice in fighting the guyver, they must do as a zoalord commands. Poor scrubs .
  15. Ok I gave in and watched it. Thats not a new model posing as John, that is John and he's been converted into a techno-organic terminator. Ok so Terminator Models T-1 T-20 T-70 T-400 AKA Clankers T-500 T-600 - The first known infiltrator unit - Latex rubber over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. T-700 T-800 - Living tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. T-900 - Living tissue over a hyperalloy-armored endoskeleton. T-1000 - Pure mimetic polyalloy T-X - The "Anti-Terminator Terminators" - Mimetic polyalloy over a hyperalloy-armored endoskeleton. Rare/Unique Models T-H - Terminator-Human Hybrid TOK715 - Cameron I-950 - Purely organic with cybernetic implants placed in the brain. T-Infinity - Timeline Correction Model - Built with onboard time displacement equipmentand. Unknown Model - Possablely techno-organic. Terminator-Xenomorph Hybrid
  16. Well I just think we're lucky to be getting anything at all, the manga has be canceled before. Hell until the second series came out I thought Guyver was done for good back when I was a kid. That being said I wish he would get motivated and do at least 20 pages a month. But what can we do, if we dont support what little we get we could loose it for good and I for one am sick and tired of series I like being cut before they finish.
  17. It was for the PS2 back in the day and it was based on the anime Xenosaga. Sadly, they were never ported over to PSN for download or to an HD version. But yeah, it was a fun JRPG to play. Still not understanding why they never ported it over as it was popular for its time. Now you never hear about it anymore. Thats a shame, I'll have to look it up.
  18. So thats were they've been hiding, that is an really cool hideout. Hopefully well finally get to see what these to can do soon. I agree with Bellamy though, the chapter is a bit short.
  19. She looks cool and beautiful. Never heard of Xenosaga, any good?
  20. Ok we have definitely never been here before. The next arc of the story has got me interested just by this one panel, is that weird?
  21. This is so cool, thanks Chernaudi.
  22. I'm not a big fan of it ether to be honest, Vegeta pulls it off better. The red hair of SS God suited him better.
  23. I've called myself Adolphus Strigoi, Waferdanos, Lord Frieza and a lot of other stuff. Why?, well because I can never decide what suits me best so I just keep changing. I think i may have solved the problem but you never can tell. I was born with severe dyslexia and dyspraxia which primarily effects my ability to learn (so basicly I have learning disabilities) along with motor coordination difficulties. I also have Asperger syndrome, a form of Autism. However after years of hard work and a ton of support from family and friends I've learned to work round it to the point that I can have a normal life. As a child I loved dinosaurs and that love has never gone away, I have lots of dinosaur themed games, movies (the first movie I ever saw was jurassic park when it was realised) and novels. I also watch any documentary on the subject and I am currently thinking of buying scientific journals to. I'm am a big lover of the Alien and Predator franchises, once again got into them as a kid, i have every movie and almost every comic or novel. I got into anime/manga through Guyver and it like the stuff above has been something I liked since I was little. It also led me to the only other anime/manga I like just as much, Go Nagai's Devilman, thanks to a trailer for its ovas on the first Guyver VHS I ever got (although I didnt get my hands on the Devilman ova's untill a few years ago). Also thanks to another trailer on this same VHS I also had mys first introduction to another series I like called Mermaid Saga created by Rumiko Takahashi. I Got into Dragon Ball Z back when it first started airing on Cartoon Network I've followed it every since. I'm not really a big shonen lover, the only series I truly like are One Piece and Toriko primarily because they give mean the same feeling as DBZ, but with their own flavor. Like lots of different anime, old and new. From Dominion Tank Police, Kill la Kill, Big O, Vampire Hunter D, Those Who Hunt Elves, Sorcerer Hunters, Dragon Half, Cutie Honey, Mazinger Z. I don't think it would surprise anyone that I love the Godzilla and King Kong, I also have a ton of other Kaiju movies. I'm like watching horror movies, especially echo horror movies. My favorites are primate horror movies. Monkey Shines, In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro, Congo or just some old cheese Bigfoot movie. Games are like music to me, I dont have a type per say, its just comes down to "do I find it interesting". Some of my favorite game series are Resident Evil and its sister series Dino Crisis (big shocker I know), Any Alien or Predator games, Metroid, Oddworld, Mortal Kombat, Monster Hunter, most beat em ups and Metal Slug. TV/Movie/Book wise I lean towards sci-fi and fantasy but I'll watch/read anything as long as it interests me. I find most topics interesting and I'm more then happy to talk about anything. Be it complex subjects or simple little chats about nothing. Despite what I've just mentioned I am not an overly nerdy guy, I like playing sport (although I cant stand watching them on tv) and I'm more then happy to meet up with friends at the local pub for a drink. Its just that the stuff mentioned above is what I like. In a way I'm a big contradiction. Sorry of this feels a listy, its just the best way I can tell someone about myself. Sorry if I miss any spelling errors.
  24. Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Movie Preview Trailer
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