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  1. News from Akira Toriyama himself. “Dragon Ball Super†is a complete continuation of the Majin Buu story arc. It’s got a bit of post-battle aftermath, continues with the “Battle of Gods†arc where the God of Destruction Beerus appears and the “Revival of ‘F'†arc where Freeza comes back to life, and then, I’ve written a strange new story where they finally depart from this universe. They’re fighting against their neighbors, Universe 6! They’ll yell at me if I give away too many spoilers, so I’ll keep the rest a secret, but they’re chasing after giant Super Dragon Balls; I think things will unfold in a bright and simple way, that will be really fun and exciting! Since it’s another universe, loads of new characters will turn up. I’ll do my best to draw the tons of character designs necessary, so I’m looking forward to this too. You know, it suddenly occurs to me that somewhere along the line the Dragon Ball anime has become quite a huge story. Since I’m the guy who drew the thing, it’s a bit weird for me to say this, but when I first started out I never dreamed it would have a universe as a setting (laughs). Don’t worry though, it’s still going to be the same sort of easy-to-understand content as always. Please be sure to watch Dragon Ball Super on TV!
  2. "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." His stories are all short stories that take place within the world he created. An ongoing theme in Lovecraft's work is the complete irrelevance of mankind in the face of the cosmic horrors that apparently exist in the universe. His pantheon of gods is normal broken into two groups. The Great Old Ones and The Outer God. The Great Old Ones such as Cthulhu, are ancient powerful deities from space some of which once ruled the Earth and who have since fallen into a deathlike sleep millenia ago. To look app-on them is normally to much for the mind to bare so peoples descriptions of them are often vague. While their forms and powers vary greatly they are normal worshiped by cults both human and none-human. The Outer God are beings of vast and great power. These are the ruling gods of the universe and all that is is subject to their dark uncaring designs. They are multi-dimensional beings that are truly beyond the the humans minds ability to grasp. Their appearance is described as geometric shapes, sphere or bubbling nuclear chaos to human eyes. Only the darkest and most evil of beings knowingly worship them.
  3. My best guess would be that it may be a mental problem rather then a physical one. The psychic assault Alkanphel suffered might not have done any physical damage to him but instead affected his brain in a way that causes his periods of long sleep subconsciously. That would be something much harder to fix. Another possibility is that damage the creators did was so severe that even Cronus's advanced technology simply can't repair it or the creators damaged Alkanphel body in a way that is beyond our current understanding.
  4. Ok people think of all the place you've seen in movies, tv shows, comics, manga and video games. Which one of those places would be your perfect place for a picnic? For me personally it would be Nightmare Hill from Toriko. This place is were the ruler of Area 8 of the Gourmet World, Horse Monarch Heracles lives along other members of the Phantom Beast Heracs species. To give some scale to this is scene The Daruma Horse (the zebra looking one) stands 1000 meters high, is 1300 meters long and weighs in at 40.000.000 tons!
  5. The full english trailer available at IGN! http://uk.ign.com/videos/2015/06/26/dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-official-trailer
  6. Latest trailer http://www.kanzenshuu.com/guides/episode/super/30sec_preview.mp4
  7. Well your best bet would be DBZ Kai. It cuts down the story a lot although you do miss out on some of the better filler.The problem is that a lot of Kais re-drawing isent that good, it sticks out like a saw thumb. Plus this had rather bad censuring for example when goku sacrifices himself to beat Raditz they covered the hole in his chest with a big black smug and called it a burn.
  8. A better look at the new God of Destruction Champa and his Attendant. Well Dragon Ball's original beginning was rather humble too. They only had a pterosaur try to eat Bulma. Z had Goku visiting his friends while Raditz arrived. So having Goku doing farm work while Beerus destroys a planet is by far the most exiting kick-off to a series we've had. Or we could start things off with an awesome fight then introduce a dragon we've never seen before and have it turn Goku into a kid by accident and then........GT!
  9. Thats actually quite hard to pin down. The likes of Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth where as far as I know his own creations while other like Dagon take inspiration from actual deities. This is made even more confusing by the fact that the lovecraft mythos has been added to by some many people (his friends at the time and a lot of other people since). Dagon - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dagon I own a lot of lovecraft related stuff (although I have yet to read it all yet).
  10. Ok here's a rough traslation of the first chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. The Story kicks off about two years after Goku beat Buu. Basically. Goku imagines fighting Freeza/Cell/Boo while farming; Goten's off from school and is helping him out. Satan shows up and offers him money from the world peace prize (kind of sounds like the DB Earth equivalent of the Noble). Goku refuses at first (he wasn't the only one who fought Boo after all, and even Satan did his part), but finally agrees to accept some of the prize when Goten points out that with it, Chi Chi will probably allow him to stop farming and go off and train at Kaio's. Meanwhile, out in space Beerus is having a big meal prepared for him by the inhabitants of some planet scheduled for destruction (the idea apparently being that he'll spare the planet if he likes their food). The aliens poison the meal, but it doesn't work on Beerus. Ultimately Beerus destroys the planet as scheduled, but the name of one of the dishes (the "Soup Yasai Jinkot") rings a bell with him: it reminds him of the "Super Saiyan God" from his prophetic dream. Beerus and Whis decide to head back home, so that Beerus can try and remember better. Meanwhile, the Kaioshins are keeping tabs on Beerus: East Kaioshin notes that a planet has been wiped out, while Elder Kaioshin has an uneasy premonition. So, Goku seems set to head to Kaio's to train, while Beerus only knows of Super Saiyan God from his dream. In other words, all signs point to this being a prequel to (possibly an alternate version of) BoG. A few more details: Goten's off from school (since it's Sunday), and has brought his dad some bento. Goku has Goten drive the tractor while he eats the bento. Once it's finished, he turns into a Super Saiyan, then closes his eyes and imagines fighting Freeza/Cell/Pure Boo. While he does this, Goten drives off a cliff...so Goku saves Goten and the tractor (the tractor he throws back up to the top of the cliff). Goku says he's training in case someone strong like Boo ever turns up, but Chi Chi wants him to work (cue "mom's the real strongest in the universe" joke from Goten). Goten says grandpa Gyuumao is out of money, but Chi Chi thinks Goku ought to be able to get a job that would earn some money, like Mister Satan. Goku says he just likes to train. And who should show up at that moment but Mister Satan himself (speak of the devil)? He wants Goku to have the 100 million zenny peace prize he received for beating Boo, since he doesn't feel he deserves it. Goku has to have it explained to him that 100 million zenny is 100,000 zenny one thousand times over. This freaks Goku out, and he doesn't want such an insane amount of money. Then of course he agrees when Goten points out that with the money, he wouldn't have to work and could just go to Kaio's to train. With the Beerus/Whis stuff...I think I already covered everything. Beerus isn't terribly upset that the aliens try and kill him with poison (he mostly just thinks they're stupid for believing poison would work on him). Yet he still destroys their planet anyway, something he matter-of-factly announces ahead of time after trying their "Soup Yasai Jinkot"(the aliens then try and shoot him, but obviously that doesn't work either) For the Manga pages go here - https://otakukart.com/otakublog/anime/dragon-ball-super-manga-chapter-1-leaked-eng-korean Also we finally know the name of the chubby Beerus-looking guy from the promotional art. his name is Champ, a pun of Champagne.
  11. Ok this is a screen shot taken from the new Dragon Ball super website. From What we can see all the characters are wearing their Battle of Gods outfits. We also have two new characters a guy who looks like an overweight Beerus (possibley a God of Destruction from another universe) and a woman looks very similar to Whis (most likely she is the attendant and teacher of the new god). With just this small amount of information I am guessing the movie takes place after Battle of Gods but before Resurrection F
  12. The problem is that we no nothing about where the series is starting from, my best guess is that it may be taking place between BoG and RoF or possible it may be a serialized version of the story from those movies with new plot lines mixed in. We wont know until tomorrow when the full trailer is released.
  13. I love both the original Japanese and English versions. Even some of the filler is worth watching like Vegeta and Nappa on planet Arlia, some of the stuff that happens to Gohan while he's living on his own, King Vegeta getting killed by Frieza, seeing how Vegeta went super saiyan for the first time and most of the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta is actually filler despite how awesome it is. I even have a soft spot the rubbish stuff like the Garlic Jr. saga. Kai is just a shameless attempt to get more money out of the series. The only good thing to come out of it was the more accurate dialog for the english dub and even thats not enough to make me buy it. I did however by the Kai Frieza saga purley because I wanted to see how good Frieza's new voice actor was.
  14. The first trailer is coming 14 June 2015!
  15. Gold Key Comics was created in 1962 and has spawned a lot of cool super hero titles. While they went defunct in 1984 some of their characters are getting new comics even today thanks to Valiant, Dark Horse and now Dynamite. What makes the world of Gold Key interesting is that all their heroes exist in the same universe but at different times and places, a theme that connects them even now. Turok, Son of Stone, Dinosaur Hunter In its original run Turok was the story of a Turok a native american warrior trapped in Lost Land with along with his brother Andar. To begin with the series had an ongoing story but eventually became a story of the week series. The pair would face off against Dinosaurs (called Honkers because of the noises they make), many different tribes of primitive humans, prehistoric mammals and the odd monster or giant insect with nothing but their wits, knifes and arrows. While often not very scientifically accurate (although they do try) the series is fun for 60's era comic. However series never had a proper conclusion and Turok and Andar never escaped the lost lands . Valiant's Dinosaur Hunter is a squeal to the original although their is a bit of retconing. For example the Lost Land is not an inescapable valley but a place cut of from normal space/time that is connected to different points in past, present and future. Turok and the lost land were introduced in a big cross over where other Valiant heroes where fighting a being called Mothergod who had taken control of the lost land and tricked Turok into serving her. After helping the heroes to defeat Mothergod the lost land was destroyed and Turok was finally free but now stuck in the present day. The majority of the series see's Turok fighting the dinosaurs, primitive humans and the abominations of Mothergod who like himself are appearing across the world. This series was also very good, unlike his predecessor it had an ongoing story and character development for Turok. This series was also a more violent then Son of Stone but unlike other comics at the time it doesn't feel out of place or forced. Turok also got something of a upgrade. Years of fighting int beasts of the lost land has made him much stronger then he was in Son of Stone and he is now armed with his signature Tek-Bow thanks to Mothergod. Acclaim Comics Turok series was more of a re-imagining of the Turok universe. In this series Turok is not the character's name, but rather a title meaning 'Son of Stone'. The Turok must protect the barriers between this dimension and the others—the axis of all worlds being The Lost Lands, a place where creatures from across time and space had been dragged and where "Time has no meaning". Joshua Fireseed, the latest Turok, must travel between alternate universes stopping those who would try to conquer the Lost Lands, and thus all of the Multiverse with it. This series is notable for inspiring the Video Game series of the same name. I'v heard good thing about this series but never read it. I have played all the games which are awesome. Dark Horse took a stab at Turok in 2010 but because of license costs the series was very short lived. While its not perfect it was good start to a series. Currently Dynamite comic has the rights to Turok and their series seems to be doing well. I have yet to read it. Magnus Robot Fighter. Magnus is from the year 4000. At this time humanity has become over dependent on robots to the point were we even let them make important decisions for us because we have become so indulgent. With the threat of rouge robot or evil human domination on the horizon a robot known as 1A (a name which implies that he is the very first robot of his type ever manufactured) who seems to be self-aware and possess emotions, raised and trained Magnus to defend humanity. Magnus, as his title suggests, is powerful enough to engage robots in unarmed combat and was trained in a special style of martial arts geared specifically towards fighting them by taking advantage of their weak points. However he is not invincible so he wears cloths that repel laser and plasma weapons. He also has a special implant in his head that allows him pick up and understand robot communication signals. Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Dr. Raymond Solar is out on a field in Atom Valley when an atomic bomb detonates prematurely. Although his body is converted to pure energy and hurled into space, Solar's consciousness has somehow survived; through sheer will he converts himself back to solid matter and drifts to earth as a misty green liquid. Reforming himself, he discovers that he has no heartbeat but is "a walking atomic power plant," By boosting his energy--eating cobalt pills, drinking down test tubes full of a radioactive isotope or exposing himself to lightning, for example--he turns green and can become a beam of light to enter places unseen, transform himself into electricity, fly through the air at supersonic speed, trace radio waves, fire lightning bolts from his eyes, live underwater by surrounding himself with an electrical field and melt objects with atomic heat. Perhaps his most remarkable ability is being able to stimulate molecules in the air, thus amplifying sounds made years earlier. Although he cannot be harmed by gunfire, drugs or physical assault, Dr. Solar can destroy himself if he ever uses too much energy. Solar must also wear protective goggles even when he is out of costume, lest his lightning vision cause him harm. Unhappily, Solar is so dangerously radioactive that, even wearing his cadmium-lined clothing, he can be in contact with other people for only a few minutes. The rest of the time he lives in an isolation chamber at a lab in Atom Valley. The Valiant version of Solar's powers are over energy as he is a being of pure energy. He can convert himself or other energy to matter and back again. His powers are limited by his mind's ability to think them up. He has split himself into more than one "being" so that he may stay on earth and search the universe at the same time. He can absorb a sun, and even bond with one. He has the ability to travel outside of space-time where reality doesn't exist. He does follow the laws of conservation as he can run low on energy. He recharges best with absorbing radiation forms of energy. The limits of his power was never found as he never was killed. Might Samson In the aftermath of a nuclear war, the world is populated by small tribes of humans as well as mutated plants and animals. Born to the peaceful N'Yark tribe in what was once New York City, young Samson possesses the strength and agility of 10 men. It is no problem for him to lift a car or catch a spear in flight. When his mother is killed by warlike invaders, Samson vows to use his powers to "protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil." Immediately thereafter he fights the most fearsome monster of the future world, the towering liobear. Though he defeats the upright beast, it mauls him, costing him an eye. Found and nursed back to health by a young woman named Sharmaine, Samson takes up with her and her father Mindor, a scientist who re-learns 25th century technology in the laboratory he has set up in an old bank vault. With their help Samson defends N'Yark from ravenous mutants and savage warlords. Doctor Adam Spektor Doctor Adam Spektor is an occult investigator who during his various inquires has found himself facing not only the occasional fake psychic but a number of real occult menaces from vampires (including Dracula), to werewolves, to mummies, swamp beasts, Frankenstein's monster, and other strange creatures. On occasion, he also got to see "how the other half lives," having his soul trapped in the body of a living mummy, having to claw his way out of a premature grave, and drinking the formula of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, temporarily transforming him into the monstrous Mr. Hyde. At one point he was even turned into a werewolf for a few months. Fortunately, however, his expertise in the occult and his supernatural connections were so good that he quickly found a cure. Dr. Spektor’s arduous tasks however have been made more bearable by his succession of beautiful assistants such as his Sioux secretary and lover Lakota Rainflower, his cousin Anne Sara, and his eventual new love interest Lu-Sai.
  16. I wouldn't call them the worst. What they lack in powers they make up for in experience. Both Hawkeye and Widow have just as much if not more combat experience then cap and are more skilled fighters Ironman, Tony's good but he's not a soldier (in the movies anyway). These are people who fight robots, mutants and aliens without super powers or the seemingly limitless resources that Tony, Batman and Green Arrow have. That makes them stand shoulder to shoulder with their team mates in my eyes. Plus because their "normal" they are the people that most villains are going underestimate which gives them a unique advantage.
  17. Im happy about about this. I was worried that those two to would get steam rolled by Exceed or Apollon without getting a chance to show what they could really do. While Agito did do well against Waferdanos and Yentsui, Yentsui was kind of a one trick pony and Waferdanos would have killed or critically injured Agito if he hadn't reverted to his true form at the last second. Now thats not to say that Agito in not a genius in battle but he did get luck as well. I dont think this fight will end the same way as the Arizona battle, ether something will happen to interrupt the conflict or his going to bite of more then he can chew on this one.
  18. I love Archanfel but I would want more power for myself. I would not however try to kill him, I would fight him to prove that I am his equal (or superior).
  19. Zoalord. Why? Because while guyvers have the edge in raw power Zoalords have a much wider range of abilities, many of which the guyver has no access to (yest). These abilities are also a real threat to even the more powerful Gigantic and Exceed. Plus your immortal and can control zoanoids. Another appealing aspect is that no two zoalord battle forms look alike, each are cool and unique. Guyvers on the other hand all look the same but with cosmetic differences. Another plus is that zoalords dont need to transform to fight weaker foes.
  20. I personal will just grab a DB movie, kick back and enjoy the show.
  21. Going by the art work the hell he's going to is likely based on Dante's Inferno He will likely face the demons of hell, old foes looking for pay back, the souls of all the people he's killed and even Satan himself. But Hell is not just a place that tortures your body but also your mind and soul. This will be one of the hardest fights Godzilla's ever had.
  22. Ok Godzilla has done a lot of things over the years. He's been a hero, a villain and an environmentalist. He's traveled all over the earth and has even been to outer space. Hes fought with giant insects, dinosaurs, mutations, moth gods, robots, cyborgs, aliens, horrors spawned from his own cells and even a being created by the imagination of a child. He's even defied the laws of physics on more then one occasion. But this July the King of the Monsters is going on a dark and twisted journey unlike anything he has ever faced before. With no warning and no sign of salvation, Godzilla is plummeted to the deepest, darkest bowels of the infernal kingdom. This Year Godzilla Goes to Hell! "Abandon all hope ye who enter here!"
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