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  1. As far as we know it was destroyed but then we all thought Guyot died that day so it is possible that the remover is still intact and in Guyot's possession. We will just have to wait and see.
  2. Since Valkyria's appearance and him finally having his big showdown with Sho I've been feeling that maybe the dark guyver may actually meet his end soon. I think he will defeat this dark angel although not without some difficulty but after that when he's worn out from the battle tragedy may strike. Maybe Luggnagg will escape and stab him in the back or maybe it will involve Valkyria or Guyot.
  3. Its unlikely that the forms they are taking now where those originally given to them by Barcus. Most likely its tied to fusion ability of the Unus and the research that led to their creation.
  4. Salkafar - "That's kind of tradition in disaster manga, isn't it - damaging the moon?" Yep it is.
  5. I think that against Imakarum and Purgstall it was a combination of Sho's inexperience and the fact that while Gigantic he tends to hold back so as not to cause to much collateral damage (or kill his one time friend). Against Khan he was just holding back. Agito on the other hand goes for the kill right from the start and never stops coming. However when Agito was fighting Waferdanos and Yentsui he suffered more damage then Sho ever has in a fight with a Zoalord, even his fight with Purgstall. He also had his fair share of close calls in that fight and only won due to a combination of skill and luck. Also am I the only one who noticed that the Gigantics have never killed a single enemy with the Giga-Smasher?
  6. Very interesting, I dont expect Agito to have a different coloured armour as he we haven't really seen to much growth from him. At best I think Cannibal's art is likely the most accurate if there is any change. A lighter colour to show that he's gained a little humility and respect for others. Hopeful well get to see more of what Exceed can do since Agito is less likely to hold back in a fight. This alien angel the zoalords have become is very interesting, very strong and it seems to have phasing powers. It doesn't seem like a full fusion though and they both seem to have their individualities intacks. Jabir seems to be the one who has changed most maybe Luggnagg is acting as a power source to to fuel Jabir's new form (although thats pure conjecture at this point). I look forward to seeing what they can do. Who wants to bet Luggnagg's going to jump ship when things start looking bad and leaves Jabir to get annihilated? That being said however I dont think this fight will be an easy win for Agito. While Sho did have the power advantage Khan didn't go down without a fight and unlike him Luggnagg and Jabir aren't insane.
  7. Thank you, the idea was to improve on the guyver to rid it of such flaws, the control metal is the guyver's big weak spot and the first thing I tackled when upgrading the armour. Thats also why I included the Disintegration Burst (working on then name) because it allows the guyver to tackle with enemies like Enzyme series more effectively. I also wanted the armour more self reliant and adaptable. I'm still refining some of my ideas. I have been lucky enough to find someone on Deviant Art to help me out. I'll post the artwork when its done.
  8. Ok this has been a idea thats been knocking around in my head for a long time so I've decided to throw it out there and see what people think. I've held of from doing this for a while because I never liked the idea of "upgrading" the guyver until we see the series finish one way or another because I want to see what its fully capable of before corrupting it with my own ideas. But the I cant hold it back anymore because...well...I would like a guyver that was my own if that makes any sense. instead of seeing myself in someone else's version of the armour I could see myself in my own. Sad I know . As for why slash guyver with the aliens universe well they are my two most beloved franchises and they have so much in common with each other that the fusion just felt right to me. So the base idea is that its a Guyver thats been upgraded with the bio-technology of the Engineers from the Aliens universe. The idea was inspired by the Samus's Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2 which was a fusion of Choso (the one who built her power suit) and Luminoth technology. While I dont have a full picture in my mind of how it would look it would still look like a guyver all be it a noticeably altered one. It would most likely incorporate elements from the Engineers Suits. Ok as for what this hybrid suit can do well first of the power increase of this armour is double that of a standard guyver unit due to greater physiological changes made to the host's body during transformation, this also causes the host's bodily fluids to become highly acidic. The basic abilities and weapons of the armour remain unchanged apart from the aforementioned power increase however there are a number of new additions. The first are a pair of orbs, one in the palm of each hand, that produce a short range burst of energy that liquefies/disintegrates anything it comes into contact with (based on an Engineer weapon seen in the Fire and Stone comic series). Next it has clawed fingertips with hollow canals in them (similar to those found on the Enzyme zoanoids) that are able to extract or inject biological material. This part of the upgrade acts as both a weapon and a scientific tool. In connection with this the armour can carry a payload of virus, venoms, toxins and mutagens however the armour only produces a select few of these naturally. It can also inject the guyvers own acidic fluids into a target body. The armour is also now outfitted with a number of different vision modes. However the biggest changes were made to the Control Metal. Firstly it is now able to regenerate itself if damaged thanks to newly added technorganic cells. Secondly it can know run diagnostic scans on anything the armour absorbs through its claws allowing it rapidly develop immunity to any new harmful biological matter (virus, mutagens, etc) or study a foes genetic coding to find weaknesses in it physiology. The greatest addition however is it ability to access the hive mind of the Xenomorphs. To do this the guyver must first inject a special technorganic virus into the body of a Queen or more preferably a Queen Mother. This virus allows the Control Metal to link with, access and control the Queen's mind and by extension the hive mind. This can also be done with lesser members of the species but it will only work on on an individual level. The process of creating this hybrid is very unstable as their is a high risk of tissue rejection or Control Metal malfunction. Also if no unactivated units where available at the time the procedure can be done on an activated unit but the host will be forced to endure agonising pain. So what do you think? P.S. If anyone here who's an artist or knows someone who is who are willing to draw a this concept for me I would greatly appreciate it and I'm willing to pay for their work. I can draw myself but I haven't done so in a long time and I dont feel like I could bring my concept to life.
  9. I liked it if I'm honest. Not perfect but entertaining and fun.
  10. Ok so the title of the next DB Super episode is "How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta's Furious Mutation?". Could Vegeta finally attain Super Saiyan 3 after all these years?!?!
  11. I have not watched it for a long time but I remember it was awesome. I hope it comes back. Fingers crossed this may help get other old shows that were cut before their time back on their feet. Fingers crossed for Gargoyles.
  12. In a way Aptom and the Booster Creature share a lot of similarities. Both absorb and combine with other creatures. The difference is that the Booster Creature creates horrifying amalgamations while Aptom is able to pick and chose elements from the zoanoids he absorbs to create a superior battle form. I think the story plays out better with Aptom in the role since he was already a thinking being with his own personality and background. The Booster Creature had none of this except Sho's memories that it didn't seem to fully understand or comprehend. In the end it would have been developed into a dark reflection or counter part of Sho a role already being filled by the other guyvers. First Guyver II, then Guyver III until their resent battle and now that role will likely fall to Guyver II-F.
  13. OK........I didnt see that coming. I wonder is this their true zoalord forms are did they create this one to counter Gigantic and Exceed?
  14. Sorry but that golden haired stuff is only for fighting mad alien monkey men and their half-human offspring. Flight however isent. Good luck to you by the way.
  15. Out side of the important stuff I would pay someone to translate a lot of manga and anime for me. Hell i might even find a way to get Guyver and Devilman games made.
  16. I know more then my far share about Devilman but I only know of Cyborg 009 by name. Still this looks like its going to be awesome.
  17. Well unlike SS2 and 3 Super Saiyan 4 was a true natural transformation so its not unreasonable to think that if a saiyan had god ki that they could combine it with that form. New god forms are more then likely but who knows after they take on Frieza they are going to a whole new universe, anythings possible. As for the other getting god forms? I have no idea poor Gohan has been on a downward slide since the Buu saga started and it dosent look like its going to let up. Goten and Trunks maybe but then they almost never take anything seriously.
  18. Going by what I know its been stated that Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are the same as ascended and ultra forms (when Vegeta and Trunks bulked up) from the Cell saga. They are forced transformations, not natural ones like the normal super saiyan form. The down side of these forms is that your are literately forcing yourself to get stronger and in the process put more strain on your body. Super Saiyan 3 is the end result of that idea. It drastically increases Goku's power but at the same time requires 100% of his stamina to maintain it. It burns bright but also burns out rapidly. Simply put you can only achieve the form by going to the absolute limit. In the cannon using this form has as always drained Goku so completely that if he used it for to long in is mortal body he could be left powerless or pass out. Something that never happens with any other super saiyan forms. While he might be able to train to the point that he could spend more time in the form he can never master it (or SS2 for that matter) the same way he did with normal super saiyan. Its similer to Might Guy's Eight Gates or even the Kaio-Ken. Going by what Akira Toriyama has said in interviews Goku is never going to use ether SS2 or 3 again after his fight with Beerus. They didnt really help much against Buu and they were useless against the God of Destruction. Akira Toriyama also stated that Goku was going to focus on mastering his normal super saiyan form farther. Which could mean that Goku is learning to access the power of his SS2 and 3 forms without the need to transform into them. With the coming of his new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form we will likely never see the old forms again. Just like Vegeta and Trunks's ascended forms from the Cell saga.
  19. In a way you could consider his human form to be his battle form.
  20. I see. For me the new forms are canon because I love them so much! They are a breath of fresh air! Well they are cannon in general because unlike GT, Super is an actual continuation of the series.
  21. Going by the intro Super Saiyan God will be the same at least.
  22. According to what has been said, a bit of all 3. Aftermath of DBZ, BoG and seems to deal with RoF as well. I hope it doesn't jump around too much. Like maybe after an episode we get a "This is the part where you watch BoG. the next episode will continue afterwards." From what I understand the movies are going to be re-writin into arcs for the anime So we'll have a Battle of Gods Arc, Resurrection F Arc and then we move onto the Universe 6 Arc. Dont worry though the evens from the movies are not going to be cut an past. So will the films remain canon in their own right? At this point we really dont know. But my best guess is that they wont yet will. Think of them like the One Piece movies that have retold story arcs from the anime but in reverse.
  23. According to what has been said, a bit of all 3. Aftermath of DBZ, BoG and seems to deal with RoF as well. I hope it doesn't jump around too much. Like maybe after an episode we get a "This is the part where you watch BoG. the next episode will continue afterwards." From what I understand the movies are going to be re-writin into arcs for the anime So we'll have a Battle of Gods Arc, Resurrection F Arc and then we move onto the Universe 6 Arc. Dont worry though the evens from the movies are not going to be cut an past.
  24. I've seen the episode and its really good. Here' a scene from the episode that shows what happens when Beerus is 50/50 about a planets food.
  25. Pretty much but they've also cut out a lot of the filler a swell. They have also re-drawn some of it to like this. Goku's Kaio-Ken looks awful in Kai
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