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  1. Goodness has it really been over a year since I was on the site. My dose time fly. Anyway to explain my log absence, I just took a break and while I did a lot happened. Case in point I met the love of my life and we are getting married this year. My fossil collection has had a couple of intreasting editions and befor covid I was able to visit china and it's many prehistoric museums. To name a few things.
  2. We don't know much about these anti-aptom cells or the virus the interferes with his regeneration. Based on Aptom's talk dialog he finds it amazing that Zx-tole could have such abilities on top of all the powers he gained. That suggests to me that they are highly advanced feet's of genetic engineering, and there is a limit to how much modification a zoanoid can have befor it will become a lost number or just degenerate from it's biology being overtaxted. Both those modifications are too advanced for normal zoanoids at this time in guyver, and look at it in an rpg way, it takes up the li
  3. "In the year 2030, Tobi City, Chiba Prefecture. Yun Arikawa of the local "multipurpose" Otaki Factory investigates clues in a European-style house, long thought abandoned. Mei Kamino, a graduate student studying fantasy creatures, investigates mysterious signals received from the Kyushino District administration bureau "Misakioku." Two strangers, visiting completely different places as part of completely different investigations, both hear the same song. This song brings the two together, and leads them into a battle beyond imagination which grips the whole world. A mystery left behi
  4. I think we as Guyver fan tend to forget that Guyver's high of popularity was a looong time ago. I wasn't even in my teens when the early manga and ovas were doing the rounds. While it did have something of a rival in the 00s it was not the big return to glory many of us hoped. In the west guvyver has sadly long been forgotten by most anime fans, hell I can only count a hand 4 or 5 reviews of the series on youtube off the top of my head that I've ever seen. Even people who specifically review older anime like Bennet the Sage, have never done an actual review. I sadly think that is nothing
  5. The King of Braves GaoGaiGar thanks to Matt's praise for the series. Just finished episode 3 and I'm enjoying it a lot already.
  6. Time and the Rani Plot: The Rani has returned after her last encounter with the Doctor, with yet another malicious scientific scheme. Taking advantage of the post-regenerative trauma the recently regenerated and unstable Doctor is going through, the Rani hopes to achieve control of an approaching asteroid composed entirely of strange matter. Can the Doctor figure out he is being used for the Rani's evil experiment, and what is behind the door the Rani won't allow the Doctor past? Information and Thoughts: To say that the Seventh Doctor's era started with difficulties is like sa
  7. Hello everyone, sorry I've not bee around much lately. This is not to do with the lack of Guyver so much as other stuff in my life. I've been planning a trip to China, which I will be going on the 14th, and have been involved in my first proper romance which has sadly recently ended after two short months. With this and work I'm naturally not had much time to be online. However befor I go I plan to start up a little blog on a recent intreast of mine. That is the Seventh Doctor from Doctor Who. I am a long time fan of Doctor Who, sadly I was born on the very year the original series was ca
  8. The MRX-009 Psycho Gundam Also just when you think the Titans couldn’t get any scummier, the creation of the Cyber-Newtypes is an all new low. However they make them clearly has a very negative impact on their psyche. And to make matters worse they make them pilots machines that appear to put an even greater strain on them. To quote a certain killer doll “I don't know whether to kill him or take notes.”
  9. Actually to add to this let’s not forget that like the Zoanoids and even most life on Earth, Arch’s connection to the Uranus is something that was manufactured into him. The psychic links and the power to control others in guyver all seems to based around manufactured susceptibility. Arch and the Zoalords cannot control normal humans as far as I’ve seen, and Apton evolved beyond being a zoanoid, he’s now a new creature with his link severed. Even the Guyver likely falls into this category. The guyver is stated to free it’s host from the Uranus’s psychic commands but if the rest of the ser
  10. Got Zeta Gundam yesterday and my goodness dose this show start strong. While the original MSG was really good, Zeta is like the imago to the originals larval state. While I expected the series to be more gray with its sides in the conflict, I was totally taken off guard by the Titans’s brutality and immorality. Them beating up Bright Noa was hard to watch and they seem to only get worse from there.
  11. Got to say the more I hear about G Gundam the more I look forward to it. A series that’s a fusion of Gunam, super robots, Dragon Ball and Street Fighter sounds right up my alley. Even all this talk of lots of fighting sounds good to me as I could watch battles all day. I blame dbz for that, I can watch nothing but fighting for ages. I’ll likely watch G November time, I plant to have watched Char’s Counter Attack and Unicorn by then which should give me some solid grounding in the spirit of gundam.
  12. Thanks for all the hard work and updates Sully.
  13. Looked at the Japanese page again and got a very nice surprise. The Physalis made it into the game and will likely be implemented into our release of the game eventually. This thing is to me, what the Blue Destiny was for Matt. It's nuke bazooka has been altered into a Laser Bazooka for balance reasons, that said the weapon looks like it still packs one hell of a punch.
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