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  1. Giant Gorg Review Synopsis: In 1990, an island emerged about two thousand kilometers south-east of the country of Samoa. It was named New Austral Island because of its close proximity to Austral Island. However, due to a secret concerning the new landmass, an organization called GAIL covered up its existence. Though absent from the map, it was still very much afloat. As part of the cover-up, Dr. Tagami, a university professor obsessed with the island, was killed.In his will, he instructed his son, Yuu Tagami to meet with his former student, Dr. Wave, in New York. Shortly after he arrives, he, Dr. Wave, Doris (Dr. Wave’s sister), and their dog, Argos, are attacked by GAIL. They escape with the help of Captain, an old friend of Dr. Wave’s who Doris describes as “a bad guy.” With Captain’s help, they make their way to Austral Island, though not without trouble. There Yuu is saved by a seemingly, sentient robot called Gorg that the locals believe is the island’s protector. The story unfolds from there, as the Yuu, Gorg, and friends try to uncover the secrets of New Austral Island while fighting off the forces of GAIL. The best way I can sum up this anime is that its a great adventure story. There is a real sense of travel and exploration that other such series never quite manage to capture. Part of this lies in the fact we follow our heroes all the way from New York city to the island and beyond with no real breaks or cut aways that have them leapfrog to other locations in the blink of an eye. Also the fact that each episodes title screen a map of the island with the heroes location being the main focus. On the technical side of things Gorg was great for its time and is still impressive to this day. The animation is good and the artwork is beautiful, I also cannot remember much, if any, reused animation. The music and sound for this series is also top notch. Character wise, Yuu makes for a very good young protagonist who really dose grow over the course of the series. His fellows however are a mixed bag, Dr. Wave is an interesting character but he's very underused and falls to being the comic relief a lot. Depending on you mind set Doris will ether be ok but bland or painfully annoying because she's very much a normal girl who never really signed up for all this and is with the group because their being chased, and as a result she acts like a young girl would i.e. she's prone to complaining about the situation more often then not. Argos is a Great Dane who is somewhat anthropramophic, mainly in his expressions and more comedic moments, but pretty much acts like a dog would. The Skipper is a very enigmatic character who the group rely on in any combat situations, he's got extensive combat experience that proves invaluable throughout the story. The locals of a near by island join the group on their travels, Aroi and Sarah are children of similur age to Yuu and Doris but come from a completely different lifestyle and Manon while part of the group comes of a bland, normally finding himself driving or fixing the tank or acting alongside the Skipper. The villains are likewise a mixed bag, Rob Balboa and Lady Lynx are very good while many of the secondary villains and goons are more generic for the most part. The titular Gorg is a mecha inspired by the first era of the genre. He's a huge automaton with a mind of his own. While he dose obey Yuu at times , others he will act out on his own with his purpose being revealed later. Gorg also dose not attack unless provoked, such as himself or his companions being attacked, or the island is threatened, such as attacking an excavation machine. Gorg also lacks any kind of weaponry of his own, relying on strength, skill and his environment to get and edge over his advisories. One thing to not about this series is the threat that hangs over our heroes and its more grim moments. While not as bloody as some anime, people get shot and die here, their are no "piolets ejected" shots to show that Gorg didn't just kill someone. There is also a very uncomfortable scene near the end of the series that actually made my mouth drop with shock. On the whole while Giant Gorg is not a perfect anime, its a pretty good one and I highly recommend it. 4/5 Note: Yuu's voice actor is the same as Krillin and Luffy's.
  2. http://www.dbmovie-20th.com/ He's back... again!!!!
  3. Maybe I've been watching the Walking Dead to much... But I've come up with idea and wanted to run it by you guys. Gigantic Necrotic The Undead Giant Height: 272cm Weight 393kg (but can very) Bio: In an alternate timeline Dr. Barcus, in an attempt to rid Cronos of the threat Guyver Gigantic once and for all, unleaded a bio weapon he had created many years ago. A weapon forbidden by Archanfel. Designated Virus - B467J it was a highly lethal but unstable weapon. Archanfel viewed it as to dangerous to use not only because of its lethality but also it’s potential to spread far out of control. However rather than destroying it as ordered, Barcus stored it away. His choice to use it on Guyver I would prove catastrophic. After discovering Sho's location, Cronos operatives infected Sho while still in his human form. Sho activated the Guyver immediately but even its power did little to halt the virus as it ravaged his body. Blinded by pain and desperation Sho activated the Gigantic Armour. The chrysalis enveloped his body but then fell inert. Sho's allies initially tried to contact him but with the Cronos threat at hand Aptom moved them to a safer location. The chrysalis remained inert for several months, in that time Cronos moved to an isolated location in America for study. Agito tried to call the gigantic armour to him but it was all in vain. However on the 27th of November, the chrysalis opened to reveal what would later be designated as Gigantic Necrotic. The Gigantic armour had been able to combat the virus but it had mutated in response. For all the time it lay dormant, Guyver Gigantic had been stuck in a state of biological conflict, as its immune system and the virus battled each other. Eventually and unholy equilibrium was achieved, leaving both Gigantic and the virus much changed. Gigantic had become a twisted, rotting hulk. It's once beige body was now mottled with the colours of decay. Parts of the armour seemed to be rotting, others mutated and yet others were seemingly healing. The area around the mouth was a prime example of its rotting mutation, for the vibration orbs and armour plating were gone. In their place was terrible lipless mouth from which saliva and puss dripped. A crack in the armour ran up the right side of the face, revealing a eye that stared with hunger. Gigantic Necrotic went on a hunger fuelled rampage. It devastated the facility it was held in and attempted to devour any living thing it set eyes on. When it could no longer find food it moved on. The undead giant quickly made its way to the nearest populated area and began its feeding anew. Cronos forces could do little to stop the monster as it wielder the power of the gigantic, now fully unrestrained, and worst it seem to be at least somewhat intelligent. While all its actions were guided by hunger, it was able to apply basic problem solving to situations its raw strength could not overcome alone. It would even use the Gigantic's weapons in retaliation if attacked or to bypass obstacles more quickly. As it rampaged another horrifying factor was discovered. The virus within the Guyver's body was still active. Those injured, recently dead or not wholly consumed would quickly resurrect rise again as undead monstrosities. The effect was universal, both human and zoanoid were vulnerable to the virus, and soon flesh hungry hordes began to appear in large numbers were Necrotic attacked. Worse the virus would over time begin to mutate the host’s body causing them to randomly develop weapons akin to those Guyver upon their body. As the crisis rapidly escalated beyond control, several zoalords took it upon themselves to try and bring down the undead giant. Purgstall, Caerleon and Waferdanos and a battalion of Hyper Zoanoids attempted to ambush Necrotic at it’s next feeding ground. Unfortunately things quickly got out of hand, the hypers proved useless and against the unbridled fury and power of the undead monster Waferdanos and Caerleon were quickly slain. Purgstall’s life was saved by those he’d least expected to, Aptom, Agito and Mizuki. Sho’s allies had a plan of their own, Agito would try to link with Guyver I’s control metal and draw out his contusions and Sho’s love for Mizuki would help him fight what had happened. At first it seemed like they might succeed, for Necrotic stopped in its tracks seeming confused by what was happening. Unfortunately its hunger far outweighed whatever of Sho was left it it’s rotting body and it attacked. Aptom and Purgstall tired to hold it back but were quickly cut down and when Agito tried to protect Mizuki, Necrotic bite his arm. In pain from the bite and the infection Agito dropped the girl, in desperation he cut off his arm to prevent himself being infected. He then tried to save Mizuki however the undead giant’s eye was set on her. It easily outpaced Agito and court her before she hit the ground and when the other Guyver tried to stop what was happening, Necrotic simple created a barrier around itself so it could feed uninterrupted. The last think Mizuki saw and felt were the jaws of the thing that had once been Sho. Several years have passed since then and currently Gigantic Necrotic is still located in the United States, though how long it will remain there is unknown. It has been estimated that at least 60% of the population has fallen victim to either it or the horde that follows in its wake. Collectively undead activity has become increasingly reported in countries across the world and despite Cronos’s best efforts there appears to be little they can do to stop these incursions. Cronos itself has fallen into a civil wars, due to the loss of three zoalords loyal to their cause and Archanfel’s absence, three other zoalords have broken away from the rest and have made Africa their dominion. Zeus’s Thunderbolt is still active but their actions simply exacerbate rather than improve the situation. All of this only further hampers any realistic attempt to stop the true crisis looming on the horizon, the second coming of Gigantic Necrotic. Weapons and Abilities: Head Beam – Still function as normal. High Frequency Blades – Necrotic’s blades regularly display deterioration from it’s constant decaying and regenerating, as a result they can be less structurally durable than those of a normal guyver. The blades can however pass on infection due to internal fluids constantly leaking over them. Gravity Control Spheres – Still functioning at full capacity. Necrotic has full access to its Pressure Cannon, Gravity Barrier, Gravity Punch and Gravity Ram weapon systems. Sonic Buster – Vibration globes have completely degenerated, Sonic Buster rendered permanently off line. Necrotic’s exposed jaws are powerful enough easily bite into even zoalord flesh without difficulty, this is a also its primary means of passing on infection. If a limb is not immediately amputated, one bite is practically fatal. Giga-Smasher – Left side suffered severe damage during battle with zoalords has never regenerated properly, considered permanently offline. Right side suffered moderate damage and subsequent mutation during its regeneration. Organ is severely malformed and unstable, as a result when the practical beam is fired it breaks up into multiple beams firing in different directions. While it lacks the focused power of a fully functional Giga-Smasher, this attack is far harder to predict and dodge. The effect is referred to as the “Giga-Storm”. Also of note, the right side’s recharge time appears to be half that of other gigantics. Jet Boosters – No noticed decrease in functionality however they seem expel evaporated internal fluids while active, potentially resulting in environmental contamination. Heightened Sense – Appear to be functioning as normal. Power Amps – Functioning as normal, however subjects ability to remote control severed limbs is restricted to reflex due to limited intelligence. Power Source – Much speculation has gone into this subject. Under normal circumstances the gigantic armour has a limited charge and will retracted once its power has been used up. It has be theorised its continued functionality is tied to is almost insatiable hunger. It feeds to support its body’s incredibly high metabolic needs.
  4. Previous posts do a good job of highlighting specific issues I have but to give an over all description to my feelings on these films... pure disappointment. Star Wars was never a perfect franchise but it was well written (for the most part), interesting and most importantly of all it was fun. While the force awakens did have some of that, I've come to realise that that was only becuase is was a soft reboot of a new hope, acting like mantis mimicking a flower to draw you in befor it strikes. Last Jedi is the point you realised you've been duped and are now getting your face eaten off. It's effectively killed off my intreast in star wars and I didn't boycott Solo, I was just so uninterested I could not be bothered to go see it. I don't care if they want to put a modern feminist element into a film and a female protagonist is as welcome as any other. The problem is that these films were poorly planned, poorly written, poorly directed and poorly managed making them the antithesis of what a star wars film should be even when stood next to even the lowest point proceeding it, Attack of the Clones. So with all that said...
  5. still waiting on my copies of Jeeg and God Mazinger, so in the mean time I've been watching Giant Gorg.
  6. Thats not as simple a feat as it may seem. Agito's target was never the black hole itself but the gravity spheres that were creating the phenomenon. If it were a true black hole, like the Gravity Implosion, the attack would have just been devoured as with Khan's Whale's Pergatoriam. The gigasmasher was simple powerful enough to disrupt the spheres befor it passed beyond the event horizon. It's still an impressive feat. It's also not the only time I've seen someone shoot at a Quasi - Black Hole and beat it.
  7. Some other artwork I've commissioned over the years. Super Naturon Shenron - By The-Devils-Corpse A what if from DB GT, Naturon absorbed SS4 Goku and defeated his fellow dragons. My first ever commission. Saruman of Many Colours - By rhardo Jiren the Grey - By rhardo Tyrant-092: Port Attack - By BacusIllustrations Zoalord Purgstall - By BacusIllustrations Me and my Digimon Partner - By EmeraldSora
  8. I've decided to expand the topic I'll talk about on this blog, it gives me more to talk about and will prevent continued thread posting. Anyway today I'm talking about another subject I enjoy greatly, Super Robots. Specifically a review for a manga I recently read. Salacia - The Silver Mermaid This was something I was thinking of translating myself one day but it turns out someone beat me to it. A 3 chapter manga by Go Nagai, Salacia tells the story of how humanity is forced to live beneath the ocean due to global changes. We are at war with a race of altered humans known as the Dugong Empire, a group of former humans who fused their genetics with that of sea life to be able to survive in the this new world. The Dugong vary in appearance to from sea life with human faces and arms attached to more 50/50 hybrids. Some look cool some don't. Anyways due to the threat they pose humanity has created a super weapon to fight back, the titular Salacia. A Mermaid styled mecha to battle aid in the fight against the Dugong. It is piloted by our two protagonists, Ushio and Marin. One thing to note is that despite it's a appearance Salacia is not a super robot, it looks like one but in reality it has more in common with real robots. It's not powered by any kind of super power source like Photon Energy or Getter Rays, nor dose it possess any super weapons being limited to two cannons on it's shoulder and later a beam weapon from it's forehead. They eventually create several more each with one unique weapon of their own. The ****pits for this mecha are housed in it's chest area, with the breasts being the viewing portals. I become interested this manga many years ago when I saw a few scans of it on a website. Since I've been a fan of Nagai's bots for years I was interested to see what he'd do with this set up and the kind of super mecha he'd come up with. Unfortunately I found this manga to be very disappointing. Salacia being more a real robot then a super one was a little bit of a let down at first but I still think it's a pretty cool mecha. The setting is cool, the artwork and fight scenes are is great and some of the villains look really cool. But thats all this manga has going for it. First of it's far to short, at three chapters long it had very little breathing room to tell a story and it dose not use what little room it has well. To compare, the Steel Jeeg manga is only ten chapters long, but despite being short and simple it's well balanced for what it is. Salacia on the other hand moves at a break neck speed at times giving us no time to get to know any other characters other then the heroes, who are themselves very simple. The two primary antagonists of the story are little more then one note villains, which is very disappointing give how cool Nagai's other Mecha villains are. On the flip side the manga really dose drag it's heels sometimes most of which is tied to it's intruding comedy. Comedy is not a stranger in Nagai's works but the problem is that multiple pages can be given over to it at the worst times, such as when they are trying to launch Salacia to stop a dugong attack and people are being eaten alive. This comedy is also of the adult variety, nothing explicit per say and again this is not uncommon for Nagai's work but due to how it's used and the aforementioned situation going on at the time, it just makes it feel even more time wasting. For example due to the cramped nature of the ****pit, Ushio and Marin end up colliding with each other, with Ushio's head ending up next to Marin's lower body or Marin's cloths being torn off. But there is a much more horrible side to all this as well, something that makes all these scenes of nudity and touching, comedic or otherwise (that crops up at baffling times to) very distasteful and effectively ruined the manga for me. You see our protagonists and the pilots of the other mermaids are 12! It's stated that they picked young candidates due to the limited size of Salacia's ****pit but thats a pretty poor excuse to have underage nudity and borderline porn in your manga. Again it's not the first time Nagai's done this, they guy loves to throw this stuff in just to get a rise out of people (a particular scene from the original Cutie Honey manga jumps to mind) but it happens so often and to the stories own detriment that it stopped being funny or shocking very quickly and just left a bad taste in my mouth. That and also the reveal of the Queen of the Dugong Empire... Octo*****... I wish I was joking. So to sum up, Salacia is a manga that had a interesting premise and ideas but had a lot of poor choices really drag it down and stop it being good. 2/5
  9. Hell of a first day on the job.
  10. True. Game wise the game to do the best job of capturing the Lovecraft's universe was Dark Corners of the Earth.
  11. I respect that mans talent and his work on Guyver… But unlike Go Nagai and Yukinobu Hoshino, I don't think I'll be going out of my way collect his works...
  12. I was just wondering about the creator of Guyver other works. While Guyver has been his main on-going project for all these years, I sincerely doubt it's the only thing he's ever worked on.
  13. Ok folks I just got back and here re my thoughts. I'll give a short none spoiler review then a full run down of the film. I wont lie, this will be a some what biased review given my love of all things prehistoric but I'll do my best to keep it fair. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom Story - It's 3 years after the fall of Jurassic World and during that time the dinosaurs have roamed free on the island with the world seemingly content to leave them be. However the islands dormant volcano becomes active, threatening to wipe out the dinosaurs once again. This brings up a lot of debates as to wither the dinosaurs should be allowed to go extinct once again or should they be preserved. In the middle of this controversy Claire and Owen become part of a team, put together by a private benefactor to, to capture and relocate the dinosaurs... but all is not what it seems. I wont spoil any more then that but I will say the later trailers do give quite a bit of the game away so if you avoided them then thats all for the better. Even so there are a few surprises through, a lot of good dinosaur action and some good moments of tensions, humour, emotion and even terror. No real problems with it's passing. It's got some nice twists and while it dose seem to tread over some old ground at times, the film dose it in it's own unique way and the latter parts are more it's own. Character - I found all the characters to be in general to be good to ok. None gives a bad performance but none gives a great one either. The good characters are likeable and the villains are totally detestable. The biggest flaw here I would say is that only one character has any kind of arc and only to characters get any real depth. It's all good but not deep. No Thanos's here. Effects - What can I say everything looks wonderful. I'm not a CGI hater and all the dinosaurs look amazing. While not as used as many would like, there are more practical affects here than JW 1 and they are pretty good themselves. Sets and costumes call look authentic and well made. What else can I say "Film look good". Sound - On the music side we flip flop from great to passible. Some themes really stand out while other just blend in. Nothing bad or abrasive fortunately. All the dinosaurs sound great. Overall - Fallen Kingdom is not a perfect film. Comparisons to the Lost World are not completely unfounded as it's first half dose tread on similur ground and the characters while good, are not deep and static with little change over the course of the film. On the flip side the film is well made, what parts of it that run parallel to the Lost World are unique enough to be enjoyed on their own, nothing here is a direct copy and past job, and while later parts of Fallen Kingdom to pay some homages to early films it's here were the film truly comes into it's own. A pretty good and entertaining film but not one thats overly deep although it dose have it's moments. I loved it. 4/5 Ok Spoiler time: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  14. Will be seeing Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom tomorrow. I'll do my review as soon as I get back.
  15. Ok so it's Sho vs 9 cyborgs from the 009 series. For Sho it's him with all his current skills Edit: on second though after seeing the groups upgraded powers again maybe at least gigantic should be allowed. So on to his oppoents. 001 - Ivan Whiskey Ivan's brain gives him several psychic powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and extra-sensory perception. These he can use to great extent, and they are powerful enough to withstand enemy fire and overcome a single foe. However, he sometimes falls asleep indefinitely at inopportune times, because his infant body can barely handle the strain of using his abilities afterward.Ivan's telekinetic powers only work on unconscious beings or inanimate objects, never live ones because possibly the requirement being greater than his usual limits or his dislike of killing. He usually uses telepathy to talk to his teammates because of his young age and, on occasion, read minds.Because of Ivan's brain enhancements, his intelligence surpasses that of an average adult human. His knowledge and awareness allows him to analyze current events and form theories based on the information he has gathered. Due to this, he has proved vital in surveying battle situations and providing information about supernatural happenings such as the mysterious fires shortly after 009 adopted an orphaned dog.In the three-episode OVA "Conclusion Gods War", the version of Ivan seen in that timeline was able to "upgrade" his fellow cyborg teammates and give them additional powers fitting their traditional ones, using his energy to help awaken their full potential. His own abilities were enhanced as well before this, allowing him to create an astral projection of himself which could use his psychic powers at will, while his true body remained sleeping at Dr. Gilmore's place. 002 - Jet Link Jet has high-quality jet boosters installed in his feet, allowing him to reach high altitudes up to 3000 meters. He has an early version of Joe's Accelerator, which allows him to go as fast as Mach 5, albeit temporarily due to technical flaws. He is also strong enough to carry up to three people at a time while airborne. He also has some artistic ability, as seen when he painted the front of their ship, The Dolphin. He is frustrated when Geronimo, Jr. paints over his work.In the OVA "Conclusion: GOD'S WAR", Jet's abilities were upgraded by Ivan to the point where his body became extremely light, resulting in becoming fast enough for his boosters to leave a trail that sets anything caught in it on fire. 003 - Françoise Arnoul Françoise was gifted by Black Ghost with the combined powers of telescopic and x-ray vision, allowing her to visually detect things even from miles away and see through internal structures. Her enhanced hearing also makes her capable of detecting the slightest sounds. This makes her useful as the "enemy radar" of the 00 Cyborgs, intercepting oncoming foes before they have the chance to strike. In addition to her enhanced senses, she also has some experience with electronic engineering, shown most notably when she uses it to hijack a jet plane and disable a bomb carrying a deadly virus in the 2001 anime episode "The Pharaoh's Curse". This is foreshadowed in the episode "Gilmore's Notes", when Dr. Gilmore states that besides studying ballet, she had also been an electronic engineering student (although this reference was removed in the English dub).In the three-part OVA "Conclusion: GOD'S WAR", after having her powers enhanced and modified by Ivan, Francoise's receptive powers were enhanced to the point she can detect things over even farther distances (such as detecting a large island that was well below ground), with the addition of having precognitive abilities. 004 - Albert Heinrich Out of the nine 00 Cyborgs, Albert's body has been modified the most, to the point that it no longer resembles the flesh and blood his body was once made of. Due to the wounds he received from the truck accident, most of his body parts have been replaced with deadly weapons. In the episode "Satan of the Deep Sea", he is not as affected by jellyfish venom and comments that it's due to him not having many organics left. His left hand hides an automatic electromagnetic knife that can cut through any material, while his right hand is converted into a personal machine gun that he can operate at will. When not in use, Albert hides his right hand with a glove made of synthetic skin to avoid identification and curious onlookers, or conceals both hands with gloves. His lower legs have been turned into metallic cylinders that shoot anti-air missiles whenever he bends his knees. Initially causing him great pain when he does so, the technology developed in the present day allowed Albert to operate his missile launchers without physical problems. In the three-part OVA "Conclusion: GOD'S WAR", after his powers were enhanced by Ivan, the Albert of that timeline gains the ability to shoot energy bullets that home in on a chosen target, causing them to explode when hit. 005 - G-Junior G-Junior has enhanced physical strength, estimated by Ivan Whisky to be "as strong as a thousand men". He can be seen lifting battle tanks, huge boulders, and punching through solid stone with his bare hands. G-Junior also has iron skin, which allows him to shrug off most attacks like nothing. This makes him suitable for the front lines as ground infantry, as his cybernetically-enhanced strength and durability covered those other 00 Cyborgs with more specialized powers. G-Junior has empathic powers not included with his cybernetic abilities. His empathy sort of functions like a "sixth sense", sensing changes in nature (and in the episode "Monster Island", sensing nature's condition as well) and possibly other people's thoughts. His instinctive comprehension of nature makes him a superb tracker. In the three-part OVA "Conclusion: GOD'S WAR", G-Junior's enhanced strength was upgraded by Ivan to the point where he can cause massive earthquakes with a single punch. 006 - Chang Changku Chang's abilities enable him to breathe extremely hot torrents of fire that can burn materials up to 3,000 degrees, allowing him to easily burrow holes through the ground and be able to melt solid rock. In the anime adaptation of Conclusion: GOD'S WAR, his abilities were further enhanced by Ivan. He possessed what could best be described as a form of pyrokinesis, creating a construct of a dragon from his fire breath to take down enemies. 007 - Great Britain Great Britain's primary ability enables him to transform into a variety of things, such as inanimate objects, people, and animals. He can perform this technique by pressing his belly button, which contains an installed mechanism that reshapes his cellular structure. This allows him to take on the appearance of anything he desires, and makes him useful in situations where stealth is required or when he wants to get information by his enemies unnoticed. He can even use these shapeshifting abilities to, on occasion, adjust his own body proportions in order to transform into a gigantic version of himself. However, he can still retain injury while still transformed. In "Conclusion: GOD'S WAR", Great Britain's abilities were upgraded to where he turns into an astral spirit whenever his belly button is pressed, allowing him to possess and control another being. 008 - Pyunma Pyunma's body has been fitted a special set of mechanical lungs that allows him to breathe underwater at any depth, as well as endure underwater pressure at deeper ocean levels. As shown in several episodes, Pyunma is an extremely capable fighter while submerged, to the point where he can attack without relying on seacraft. Because of his former life as a soldier, Pyunma is the 00 Cyborg who has actual combat experience. One of the things that come with it is his knowledge in guerilla warfare, which he applies to his fights against Black Ghost. After his near-death experience and being upgraded by Dr. Gilmore, Pyunma's body became extremely streamlined underwater, enhancing his durability and allowing him to swim at higher speeds. This came in handy in a later episode when the 00 Cyborgs were attacked by cybernetic sea creatures. In the three-part OVA "CONCLUSION: GOD'S WAR", Pyunma's powers were given a second upgrade, this time by Ivan Whisky. He is able to mentally control the water pressure around him and even inside his enemies, causing them to explode from the inside out. 009 - Joe Shimamura While the 00 cyborgs are individually powerful and unique, Joe truly shines above the rest. His body was built by combining elements taken from the designs of his predecessors with the newest technology at the time, making him the most powerful out of all his friends and teammates. He has inherited Geronimo, Jr.'s iron skin, which allowed him to survive being shot in the back multiple times by Black Ghost's robots. In "A Phantom Dog", Joe was completely unaffected by Kubikuro's pyrokinetic flames, with not a single burn on his body (although he was wearing civilian clothes at the time, which served as a buffer). Joe also has Pyunma's underwater breathing to some extent, and an upgraded version of Jet Link's acceleration module, referred to as "Acceleration Mode". The Acceleration Mode is Joe's signature ability, and has been used as his primary method of attack. By activating a switch in his back molar, Joe can move at superhuman speed which makes everything around him stop to a stand still or move very slowly. He can run up to speeds of Mach 5, which is just as fast as Jet flying at maximum speeds. However, as episodes "The Escape" and "Frozen Time" have demonstrated, Joe cannot touch people while in Acceleration Mode, since normal people cannot physically endure such fast speeds for very long. Doing so will produce devastating results, bringing severe injury or death to the person being Accelerated. In the anime adaptation of Conclusion: GOD'S WAR, Ivan enhanced his abilities to a higher level, allowing him not only to move faster than light, but accelerate the molecules of objects on contact, causing them to explode. All the cyborgs, apart from 001, each carry a Super Gun. t is a pistol-like blaster equipped with multiple settings for specific tasks such as a stun function and high power energy rays that are able to take out armored vehicles like tanks or gigantic monsters such as Stone Giants. The original manga version had several settings: Gun, Heat Ray, Stun, Poison Gas and Tranquilizer Darts.The 2001 anime version had 5 settings: Beam, Energy Magnum, Freezer, Needle and Knockout Ray. Beam: A laser blast. The weapon's default mode Energy Magnum: Fires charged up blasts of energy that deliver heavier damage capable of penetrating rock and denting solid steel. Used to take out armored targets. Needle: A rapid shot that fires energy construct needles that can pierce objects. Useful for taking out squads quickly or disabling tanks. Knockout Ray: Releases a purple wave of energy that puts enemies to sleep.
  16. Maybe we were never meant to be some ultimate weapon. Maybe we were just a toy to be used in some war game with another alien race or to settle some dispute without them actually having to fight themselves. We are simply meant to be pieces created for a cosmic game and earth is a big biological toy factor.
  17. Ok so today turned into tomorrow but here I am. The Jurassic Games Review: Before I go into this review proper there's a little diatribe I want to get into before hand so you can properly understand my feelings on this film. I've always loved monster, alien and animal attack films of B quality or lower, always, and while I've not watched every single one I've seen enough to get a general feel for this genre and how its changed over the years. For the last ten years or so these types of film have really sunk to an all time low. What I mean is that they have gotten lazy, they have gotten bad and they try to coast on the idea they are so bad they are good. But worst of all they never really try. It's got nothing to do with being cheap, or having the less then stellar actors or the cheap CGI, films had all these problems years before many of us were born, it's simply that none of them want to put real effort in. Say what you will about the SYFY channels original films, which is where a good bulk of this genre was coming from for a while, but despite how low budget, badly acted or poorly written you could tell that people did honestly try. They are a C list films at best but they still gave it their best shot one way or another. Thats not to say there were no "we stopped trying" types out there. I believe that the turning point that landed us in the land of less then mediocre and "we wish we were so bad we we're good" started with a little film called "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" a complete joke of a film that is just plan awful. It's classed as a so bad it's good film but here's the thing, most films that carry that title and do it well are films that never set out to have it. Birdemic is a shining example of that. Those that can pull it off intentionally are few and far between. Films like "MS vs GO" are not so bad their good, they are just plan bad but if your seeing them for the first time they can trick you into thinking otherwise. After this film did well for what it was the ball started rolling down hill. Tons of films coming out every years with bad stories, bad acting, awful effects and worst of all no effort. After the Mega Shark films finally died off (yes there is way more then one) it was succeeded by other shark films, hyped beasts and the big one Sharknado, a film that from what I understand raised the bar a little only to be dragged back down when sequels were made and again the novelty wore off. Then comes The Jurassic Games, a film thats in the same ball park as the mountain of trash I just mentioned but feels like it's worlds apart. It's nothing super original, it takes ideas from most films of this type you will have seen and mashes them together, Battle Royal, Hunger Games, the Condemned, The Matrix, Gantz and Swordart Online etc but with dinosaurs. The massive difference here is that despite the fact the film knows what it is it still tries. The story is cheesy but is played strait, the acting is not the best you will ever see but at least there's actual acting accruing on screen with none of the caste feeling like 2-D, cartoon character in human form. Action is a mixed bag but there is quite a bit of genuinely intense and well choregraphed stuff here.The CGI for this type of film is some of the best you'll ever see. There is some stuff thats not as impressive, the affect of peoples heads exploding is laughable, dust affects could be better, model integrations with humans is not the best and there is a swarm of trilobites that is easily the worst affect in the film. But for all that you have so much other stuff that's pretty damn good, the dinosaurs easily are the best to come out of the "C grade or lower" market of films in the last 15 years and the way the film put them to use is just amazing at times. Other uses of CGI within the film are also pretty good to such as 3-D maps, screen and walls. Simply put what makes this film good is that it really tried with what it has and succeeds more often than not. It's still a C list movie and it ain't perfect by a country mile but damn if it ain't the best C lister I've seen in far to long. My score: 3/5
  18. Two movie reviews today. First... Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs Plot Summery - The wretched colony world of Actium is crumbling under the ego of its dictator, Grand-Automaton Polpox. Rebel Laffrodites, a religious minority, are being exterminated in a government run campaign and to distract the citizenry Polpox has put on a grand carnival, an Actium Maximus where alien dinosaurs fight to the death in a gigantic Colosseum. Space Hunter Axezun is commissioned to scout the farthest reaches of the galaxy for new combatants. He and his crew find much more than bloodthirsty monsters on their quest however, they also discover a secret which could alter life in the galaxy forever. Review - Oh boy starting below the barrel with this beauty. I ran across this film by accident while hunting for dinosaur related content on IMDB and really could not believe what I was seeing. I was so shocked and intrigued that I stopped the trailer half way and bought then and there. Actium Maximus is easily one of the lowest grade films I have ever watched. The only saving grace of this film is it's premises and world building but little else. The dvd cover description compares it to the Dark Crystal and in the weakest of ways thats true, this films sci fi universe has no ties to any standard sci fi narrative or universe put to film, for the most part, that I can think off. Like the Dark Crystal it has no connection's to earth or humanity (almost) despite some very human characters, another world(s), another time but minus the wonder. Thats about the only interesting thing here, the film is of the quality of a student film and if rumours are to be believed it was never meant to be released but to simple act as a concept pilot for a tv series. The practical effects look like they were made in someone's garage and the digital ones look worse. With easily some of the most terrible green screen I've ever layed eyes on and even poorly done colour editing to try and make some scenes lighting consistent. Speaking of editing, well that sucks too, day and night are interchangeable from shot to shot, one scene will randomly cut to another while others will get long and unnecessary transition sequence. Virtually none of the location shots even remotely match up with style of the practical effects used, you'll get an establishing shot for paper mashie alien city at night that cuts to one of a very contemporary earth building in broad daylight. Speaking of which any indoor location shots are just normal buildings with a load of poorly put together tat to make you "believe" your in an alien zoo or ship. The aliens are mostly just people in different colour cloaks and what ever halloween masks they could find on the day, a few others are just almost immobile puppets dangles in the air or sock puppets, one of the main villains is a guy painted blue (badly), the main evil aliens are just pillars of rock on turnstiles with a few pipes coming out and the main antagonist, the Grand-Automaton Polpox looks like he's made of two made it two heavily decorated cardboard boxes with lots tubes coming out and two massive blue globes for eyes. The human actors are some of the most wooden and inexpressive you will ever see. Dialog is either in monotone or had been so badly altered/synthesized thats it's almost unintelligible to the point that subtitles had to be added for you to understand them, no it's not meant to be an alien language becuase you can just make out that it used to be a normal sentence. Speaking of subtitles, every single bit of text in the film is as cheap and poorly rendered as you can imagine. The titular Alien Dinosaurs are cheap rod and sock puppets which look bad even in their best shots and much like everything else there green screen is awful. It's also painfully clear they only had one of each and just used different colour filters to make it look like their were multiple monsters on screen. Also all fight scenes consist of slow waling animation and flailing sock puppets, with the odd biting of stationery models thrown in, to give them some small credit at least they included some minor blood and gore despite the non-existent budget although that novelty is ruined by these wonky fight scenes lasting 3 minuets plus. All in all, you'd need to be a very special type of person to not be uninterested and bored stupide by this film, in some places its so slow that even the "so bad it's good" vibe looses it's bite, so if the trailer didn't do much for you don't bother and even if it did don't get your hopes up as even I struggled to get real entertainment out of this, and trust me if I'm flagging at times it has to be bad. If you really are interested then watch it for free on YouTube, I only bought it because I'm building a physical copy collection. My Score: 1/5 IMDB: 2.4 I'll be posting the other film review later today.
  19. Currently working my way through Cross Ange. A pretty good series actually even if it goes a bit overboard on the nudity and fan service. After that I’m finally getting to watch Steel Jeeg and God Mazinger. There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned 70s super robot show.
  20. My story is pretty mundane. I had gone though a few years without giving guyver much thought until I dug up my old VHS tapes and started watching it again. I did this in part to get back into Guyver but also to try and hunt down other older anime from there advertisements. That was how I got into the works of Go Nagai, a trailer for Devilman was actually on the first one I owned, OVA 3, along with another series I would become interested in Mermaid Saga. This revitalised intreast is what lead my to start buying the manga of Guyver from amazon and ebay. Naturally I eventually his the road block that all wester guyver fans come to, the manga was cancelled. Thus I started searching online which lead me to not only guyver but other manga I had desperately wanted to read. I would not make my way to the site proper until the JL staff realised someone was leaking the manga to streaming sites, a fact I had been totally ignorant of. I made my way here and the rest is history. And thats also when my inability to stick with a name also began. I've recently read the manga so I'm not likely to go thought it again for a while, I've got to catch up on a few others like Mazinger Zero and Demon Lord Dante while working on my own manga project. Thats really cool, I've gone though a similar situation when I wanted to read the Blue Hole manga I'm currentlt translating.
  21. So City on the Edge of Battle came out today. No reviews or spoilers as of yet however we did get a poster for the third and final film of this animated series Godzilla: Planet Eater "Bow down and worship the golden demise"
  22. Been a while to get here but here's the overview of Blue Hole's Prologue. The prologue opens by discussing the Blue Hole caves off the Bahamas and about monsters that are rumoured to lurk within it's depths. It talks about the Bermuda Triangle and other locations across the world known as "cursed seas" were strange occurrences are documented to happen. It then moves on to the discovery of the Coelacanth in 1938 and one of the cursed seas of the coast of Africa, near the islands of the Comoros. It is here were our story begins proper. Gaia (the women appearing on the cover of the manga) is a Comoros native and a fisherwomen. She, her Grandfather and her deck hand Diego our out night fishing for a very valuable catch, Coelacanths. The fish a worth a lot of money and could not only help her pay of the rent on her boat but make her entire village wealthy. However her Grandfather wish's to leave the area, a spot were many of the prehistoric fish are known to gather, for other monsters have been known to swim in these waters and this is also the place were Gaia's father met his end years earlier. "They do no belong in this world" he says "They come from another world and have gotten lost here". It is then the boat is attacked by a large sea creature, a mosasaur. Diego is thrown overboard and as the ship sinks Gaia's Grandfather slips from her grasp into the jaws of the ancient beast. The next day, Gaia is picked up by a research vessel from the UK under the command of Captain Fox. He and Prof. Wizard interrogate Gaia who is still in shock. Poaching Coelacanths is a very serious crime and they are also interested in the state of her boat, as the damage on it appears to have been caused by an unknown creature. They also show her a severed arm which has a bite mark that dose not match any shark. While she cannot explain exactly what happened, with the threat of being arrested hanging over her Gaia cuts a deal. If she shows them the hiding place of the Coelacanths she can go free. Gaia, Wizard and the Captain head down to the ocean floor in the ships submersible and soon find their goal. The Blue Hole is a massive cavern like structure 100 meters below the surface. From the hole pours an ominous blue light. At the Blue Hole the water's temperature and salt content changes, ultrasound is reflected from it and magnetic readings are abnormal. Soon shoals of Coelacanth begin swimming out of the Blue Hole as the group look on in awe, with Gaia pointing out that there many fish here yet she's criticised for taking a few. Unfortunately the shoal also attracts the attention of the Mosasaur Gaia had encountered the night befor. As the Captain is about to leave the area, Gaia grabs the controls and attempt to ram the sea reptile but this only results in it turning it's jaws on the sub. Things look grim but befor the Mosasaur can do to much damage a Plesiosaur rises out of the Blue Hole and snatch's the other animal in it's jaws befor diving once more. As it passes through the Blue Hole, we get a glimpse of an ancient sea. The group are able to return to the surfs without incident but are clearly shaken by the experience. Through there collective mussing they come to the conclusion that the Blue Hole is gateway through time. In the closing panel of the chapter we are told that Gaia left her native land and Prof. Wizard returned to UK, specifically the University of London. The world continued to turn as if nothing happened for the next six months... and thats the Prologue. Translating this chapter was one most rewarding experiences I've ever had. It took months to get all the martials I needed, the original manga, its 1996 French translation and then actually sitting down for days on end using google translate and common sense translate the first volume. This was a totally new experience for me as I do not speak any other language other then English, my sever dyslexia insuring I had no time to devote to learning even French at school, nor had I ever attempted manga translation. Fortunately I do have a supportive family member who did read the language to a degree, so I had someone to turn to if I was unsure of a sentence, and provided me with equipment needed cut the manga pages so they could be scanned. To be able to site back and read it in full is a true joy as is sharing these over-views with you.
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