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  1. I just hope his plan is better then the likes of this But seriously I wonder what he intended to do when he found them. Was he planning on all out war from the start (which lets face it one ship isent realy that big of a threat unless the Ark is as powerfull as an eclipse class star destroyer) or was he planning to meet and try to speak with them first. Or is it possible that he hasen't planned that far ahead yet, when he started was he simpley following the creaters plan for earth and has only resently making detailed plans on how to follow his makers. That was likly his plan from the start but what I'm asking is if he had it all mapped out from the get-go or he had a goal in mind and is slowly building toward it piece by piece. As for what he wants with the guyver its likly he wants it to save himself but also to free himself permanently from the creaters conrtol if he isent already.
  2. I've played a game that weren't in english befor. It was called Dinosaur Hunting, but I had found videos online that told me what the menu options where and the games dialog was in english.
  3. I haven't really watched many live action shows, I have the first season of Ultraman and Ultraman Max but thats pritty much it. I haven't seen or read anything to do with Kamen Rider out side of the Masked Rider tv series. I've been meaning to but cant find the time
  4. Sorry I didn't know youd discussed Baoh already I'll have to look up that topic some time. Intrestingly Baoh has resurfaced recently as a dlc character in the fighting game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle I dont know why he has to keep say baoh all the time I preferd his roar from the ova.
  5. This is a fun little manga and ove I came across that reminds me a little of Guyver. Its basic plot is about a teenager Ikuro Hashizawa who is kidnapped and turned into a Baoh, a bioweapon with super human strength and other abilities such as firing a corrosive substance, by the Doress Laboratory. He escapes with the help of Sumire, a 10-year-old psychic girl. Professor Kasuminome, head scientist at Doress, sends various assassins and monsters to try and kill Ikuro, in means of stopping the Baoh virus from spreading and infecting the world. It was writen and drawn by written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki the creater of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Here's a little taste of Boah for those intrested (beware excessive gore ahead) Befor anyone says this is a Guyver rip-off I'd like to point out that Baoh came out a year befor Guyver.
  6. I dont play skyrim but this mod tempts me
  7. Thank you, Enzyme 1 did take me a while, the part I found hardest was getting the upper lip and the area around the eyes to look right.
  8. II love this show so much I watched Day of the Doctor at the cinema and it was more then worth it.
  9. This is some art I did back when I could myself Tyrantking169. I havent done any art in while but I may pick it up again. I've also done fan bios to go with my art which you can read here http://tyrantking169.deviantart.com/gallery/ or I can post them if any one wants.
  10. "You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility" "You admire it" "I admire its purity. A survivor ... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality"
  11. So this is basically power rangers with trains. I know super sentai can be a little "out there" (thats why I'll have a soft spot for power rangers) but power rangers turbo was a better idea then this. This is kind of like the opposite to the MMPR fan film, that was too series while this looks to be too silly. If I watched it I'd spend the whole time expecting Thomas the tank engine to turn up. The only thing that could make this good would be a villian on par with Lord Z
  12. The theory of ancient aliens has been around for a long time and its been a part of science fiction for just as long, just look up H.P.Lovecraft's short story At the Mountains of Madness written in 1936 it popularized the idea of ancient astronauts in the first place. The back story of Guyver as well as Ridley Scott's Prometheus and quite a few other science fiction stories where inspired by this same concept and they all share similarites because of it. In Warhammer 40k for example their was an ancient race called the Old Ones created many of the races in that universe (Eldar, Orks etc) as part of their intergalactic war so its not that unique an idea. But Guyver does do a good job of putting a fresh spine on the idea and the story built around it is a very good one.
  13. After I posted last I got a little power rangers nostalgic so I started looking up stuff and then I found a video that reminded me that theirs only one way to make your monster grow!
  14. It looks intresting but back when I still watch the show I loved how over the top it was and how strange and silly the monsters where and I cant help but feel it looses somthing then you try and make it more serious. I think its because of that show that I like Go Nagai's Giant Robots and The Big O Heres the original megazord transformastion, I still get a kick out of this scene even after all these years. " "
  15. @Larz Zahn As far as I can tell its a standerd model. There no info I can find saying its a hyper zoanoid
  16. Awakened Garō

    I, Zoanoid

    Lets say you lived in the guyver universe, x-day has com and gone, lifes back to normal and your just watching tv. As your watching you see an advirt promoting Zoanoid optimization and it catchs your intrest. You do your research and decide that this optimization stuff if for you. You make your way to the nearest zoanoid optimization center where you handed a catalogue of all the zoanoid types avalable. Which would you pick? Please note I do mean zoanoids, not hyper zoanoids, not zoalords and not lost numbers just common, all garden zoanoids. Why, because its more realistic (or about as realistic as this can get anyway) and the results should be more intresting. We'll also suspending the "guys only" rule to zoanoids for the sake of equality. Since I started the topic its only fair I chip in. I had a hard time picking, I was tempted by big power typse like Bonga and Golvarun but in the end I decided on Gobilva. I like the way it look and that fact that its stronger then a Ramotith but still well balanced appeals to me and if I can choose the colour I'd have mine white as a little node to the Enzyme series.
  17. They also have gravity organs in their arms and legs which can increases their stricking power ten fold. I wonder do you think Guyot and Imakarum have these organs aswell?
  18. <p>Very Intresting theories I must say. Thinking about what you've all told me, could it be that that when a guyver powers up the pressure canon it open a worn hole to the boost dimenstion and uses it simulates a black hole which draws in and pressurises air. Then a sphere shaped barrier (similer to the one that protects the guyver during transformastion) is then created in the guyvers hand to contain the pressurised air just befor the attack is fired. The attack is fire by the shockwave created by the sudden shutting of the worn hole. When the pressure canon hit a target the combinastion of its velocity and the barriers energy allow it to penetrate into the targets body where apone the barrier breaks down and the pressure is realised creating an explosion.</p>
  19. Well you've given me a quite a bit to think about, thank you
  20. @Larz Zahn Thats what I always thought myself, but every time I look up the pressure cannon its described as a shockwave created by the rapid closeing of a small black hole so I was wondering how that was supposed to work. If their just spheres of compressed gravity then they should crush everthing they touch and there shouldn't be many matirals on earth they can't punch threw, I wonder how Zx-tole can take a hit from a pressure cannon and been fine. I know his exoskeleton can become pliant to absorb inpacts that could damage it but the pressure cannon should crushing and borrow through his armour not put a dent on it.
  21. Gravity Halo was the name of the attack Murakami used to slice an Enzyme II to pieces
  22. I been following Guyver for a long time and I understand how almost all the powers of the zoanoids, zoalords and guyvers work but theirs one power I can't fully rap my mind around, gravity control attacks. I don't mean attcks like Guyot's Gravity Crusher or Black Hole' those I can easily understand. I'm talking more about attacks like the Pressure Cannon, Gravity Bullets and Gravity Halo. I have a rough idea how some of these power work but I was hoping someone would be able to give me a better understanding of them. P.S. I have read the data files but I find them rather vague on these types of powers.
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