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  1. Slum King is kind of like the Joker in that he's unbound, there is no line that he wont cross. I dont posting about some of the stuff he dose because its well sick. Go Nagai really out did himself on this one. I agree that the Anti-Monitor is very evil, I suppose you have to deside whats more evil, coldly killing millions just to achive your goal or torturing some one without mercy just for fun.
  2. I've come across many vlians but none have topped this guy. Slum King - In a world where the stong rule he is the strongest. He is the main antagonist of Go Nagai's Violence Jack which also happens to be the darkest manga I've ever read. He rules over the ruins of the Kanto area of japan after it was deveistated by the Kanto Hell Quake, since that event Kanto has become seperated from the mainland and still undergoes minier quakes from time to time making the land very unstayable and was abandoned by the japanese government. It has now become a lawless land ruled by the strongest and worst of mankind. Slum King has forged his empire in this place, his has been able to band many of the loose gangs of thugs in kanto to form his own personal army and gathered enough wealth to bribe politicians on the mainland to inport weapons and goods for his empire. Slum King was born with a uniqu birth distorder that granted him much more muscle mass then that of any normal human child (he ripped his way out of his mothers womb) and no skin. As an adulte he stands over 2 meters tall and his strength as grown with him. However his great strength comes with a price, his muscles are too strong and would crush his own body if they are not constantly used. To counter this he wears a suite of armour made of iron plates over a centimeter thick, the chest plate is twice as heavey as the over pieces of armour, the horns on the helmet are solid and even his facemask is made of thick iron. He wears this armour at all time even when sleeping yet it dosent hinder his movement in the slitest and Slum King can easily move faster then any normal person can see. His weapon of choice is a Horse Slayer style katana thought the handle has been changed for a iron bare because it was to weak. It would also seem that he has psychic powers such as telekenisis and telekinetic blast. Also any sword that touches his armour is destroid (even if it was not swoung with enough force to do so). In Violence Jack every horrible act a human can inflict on another is presented and Slum King is more then happy to inflict all of them on any man, woman or child that crossess him. for example too slaves that tried to runaway from his restaurant in slumtown where hunted down and had their arms amd legs cut of off and their tounges cut out. They then have pathetic posthetics attached to the stumps so they could walk on all fours, Slum King then keeps them as pets who he abuses at his leasier. He will even (if he feels like it) throw them into dog fighting rings to be bitten untill they nearly die. I should point out this is only a drop of blood in the ocean of sins he comites. Spoiler! At the end of the manga it is revealed that he is in fact Demon Lord Zennon! Does anyone know someone worse.
  3. The Fountain, Mermaids Forest and the Phoenix Karma and Space Chapters have all got me thinking deeply on the subject of immortality and the meaning of life. I think I gained a much greater appreciation for life as a whole from watching them as well as a getting a very horrible realisation of just how much of a curse immortality would be.
  4. Honestly while I would love another Guyver movie theres too much in the way. While we all love Guyver it really isent as big as it was, When Guyver was released by Manga Entertainment (in the old days befor pokemon, DBZ and Sailor Moon) it was a big hit for an anime of the time. It was dark, well drawn, had a good story and had good voice acting for an early 90s series, this combined with what we now call the Dark Age of Comics mentality at the time helped push Guyver to a level of notoriety few anime got which lead to it getting its movies. Guyver was the anime to have back then but times change and with the anime boom of the late 90s it was just left behind. The biggest problem I think is that many people pass on Guyver thinking that its like every other super sentai or teen with powers series and the first few episodes of both series dont help because even though they are very well done (better then most series I can think of) people just cant seem to see past the formula and they never get to see what Guyver later becomes. I think we where lucky to get the movies at all and even luckier that Dark Hero is so great but Guyver is not the shining star that it used to be over here and I dont think it ever realy will be again unless somthing happens after the seires end. Im just happy that guyver exists, its what got me into anime in the first plane and even today I still rank it as my 2nd favorite anime/manga of all time.
  5. Didnt think this would be worth my time and it would seem I was right,
  6. A tribute to the Guyver's High Frequency Blades and those like them Guyver 1 Guyver 2 Guyver 3 Guyver 2-F Baoh - Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon Kars - Light Blades Black Getter Shin Getter Robo Getter Robo Ark Red Hood Chipp Zanuff Crocodile Mr. 1 Guyver Gigantic Gigantic Dark
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnKuUOXG_OE
  8. If I was a god I would probably be like this guy.
  9. Nemesis T-Type


    Thats very true Yuki and I very much hope that I'll get to atleast go to the moon one day. Hell I'd be happy just to go into space once. I know you mean about changes, I'm only 24 and the worlds nothing like how it was when I was little.
  10. Nemesis T-Type


    Move to mars? hmmm I'd give it a shot. But knowing my luck it will never happen in my lifetime, shame really
  11. I rarly feel this excited about movies. The last time had been Prometheus (Im a big Alien fan) and for me atleast the movie didnt disapoint. I loved the godzilla movies asmuch as I do the alien movies so I have high expectashions. If I get that strange feeling I got when I watched Prometheus then I'll know the movie has succeded . . . . . at least in my eyes.
  12. Very cool I wonder what enlightening informastion will be revieled dureing this chase
  13. At the risk of sounding stupide the title is The Warriors and its an american movie. What do you mean japanese text?
  14. Looks fun, Drax has changed a lot from when I last saw him in a comic But the I havent seen him in anything out side the Infinity story arcs and didn't Groot use to be a lot.......bigger? And uglyer.
  15. Good god yes I just find myself thinking......END! END! Well it has had some good parts here and there. Oh well atlest Ive got One Piece and Toriko
  16. a little something for Warhammer fans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4tmNhtf8ks
  17. Devilman vs Silene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZU-TXJAJok Mazinkaiser SKL vs Iron Kaiser Shin Getter Robo vs Getter Robo G Guyver vs Guyver Zoanoid Guyver vs Enzyme
  18. The Dark Crystal The Cube The Abominable Snowman by Hammer Ginger Snaps Planet of the Apes Matongo The Ghost and The Darkness
  19. I wonder what this Guyver/Aptom is capable of?
  20. Go Nagai's Devilman is almost like the grandfather of the ultraviolent, teen gets super powers stories Archanfel reminds me Satan at times as they both have that enigmatic, otherworldly quality to them. Also both murakami and zetman resemble devilman at least in part.
  21. That is vey nice indeed, you've really captured that menacing aura of his.
  22. Thats weird but original
  23. I just hope his plan is better then the likes of this But seriously I wonder what he intended to do when he found them. Was he planning on all out war from the start (which lets face it one ship isent realy that big of a threat unless the Ark is as powerfull as an eclipse class star destroyer) or was he planning to meet and try to speak with them first. Or is it possible that he hasen't planned that far ahead yet, when he started was he simpley following the creaters plan for earth and has only resently making detailed plans on how to follow his makers. That was likly his plan from the start but what I'm asking is if he had it all mapped out from the get-go or he had a goal in mind and is slowly building toward it piece by piece. As for what he wants with the guyver its likly he wants it to save himself but also to free himself permanently from the creaters conrtol if he isent already.
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