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  1. Been away a long time, sad to see that things haven't improved but then thats a risk with long running Manga. If, and lets not lose all hope here, but if Guyver never comes back lets not forget it. It was my first anime, and it's an amazing series even if it remains unfinished. These days I find myself watching one of the series that inspired Guyver, Ultraman as well as all it's sequels and spin-offs. I even see some of the inspirations for Zoanoids. Zx-tole Zetton Even now I think of Guyver even when I haven't watched the series in years.
  2. Looks really good. I would have preferred the title Maximum Carnage but this one is fine. I like that they seem to be keeping Carnage’s connection to blood, in the comic the symbiote bonded to Kasady’s blood through a cut. This made it almost impossible to remove or destroy. I wonder if Carnage will still be Venom’s offspring or something else? I mean is this a natural birth or is Carnage a piece of venom that has become its own entity? Either way Kasady seems to think he and Eddie are like family in a twisted way. That plays into his first appearance also, as Carnage created a twisted family dynamic amoung his followers in Maximum Carnage.
  3. Goodness has it really been over a year since I was on the site. My dose time fly. Anyway to explain my log absence, I just took a break and while I did a lot happened. Case in point I met the love of my life and we are getting married this year. My fossil collection has had a couple of intreasting editions and befor covid I was able to visit china and it's many prehistoric museums. To name a few things.
  4. We don't know much about these anti-aptom cells or the virus the interferes with his regeneration. Based on Aptom's talk dialog he finds it amazing that Zx-tole could have such abilities on top of all the powers he gained. That suggests to me that they are highly advanced feet's of genetic engineering, and there is a limit to how much modification a zoanoid can have befor it will become a lost number or just degenerate from it's biology being overtaxted. Both those modifications are too advanced for normal zoanoids at this time in guyver, and look at it in an rpg way, it takes up the limited ability slots of hyper zoanoids. I'm shore Barcas would have been working on them so he could universally upgrade the zoanoids at some point but such things take time.
  5. "In the year 2030, Tobi City, Chiba Prefecture. Yun Arikawa of the local "multipurpose" Otaki Factory investigates clues in a European-style house, long thought abandoned. Mei Kamino, a graduate student studying fantasy creatures, investigates mysterious signals received from the Kyushino District administration bureau "Misakioku." Two strangers, visiting completely different places as part of completely different investigations, both hear the same song. This song brings the two together, and leads them into a battle beyond imagination which grips the whole world. A mystery left behind by a lone researcher, monsters appearing across the globe, and a world dyed red. Can these two face down the hopeless future (Godzilla) that threatens mankind...?"
  6. I think we as Guyver fan tend to forget that Guyver's high of popularity was a looong time ago. I wasn't even in my teens when the early manga and ovas were doing the rounds. While it did have something of a rival in the 00s it was not the big return to glory many of us hoped. In the west guvyver has sadly long been forgotten by most anime fans, hell I can only count a hand 4 or 5 reviews of the series on youtube off the top of my head that I've ever seen. Even people who specifically review older anime like Bennet the Sage, have never done an actual review. I sadly think that is nothing but an old curiosity for only the most dedicated of older anime fans like ourselves. Once we go, it will be something people only find in old bargain bin shops or by chance online.
  7. The King of Braves GaoGaiGar thanks to Matt's praise for the series. Just finished episode 3 and I'm enjoying it a lot already.
  8. Time and the Rani Plot: The Rani has returned after her last encounter with the Doctor, with yet another malicious scientific scheme. Taking advantage of the post-regenerative trauma the recently regenerated and unstable Doctor is going through, the Rani hopes to achieve control of an approaching asteroid composed entirely of strange matter. Can the Doctor figure out he is being used for the Rani's evil experiment, and what is behind the door the Rani won't allow the Doctor past? Information and Thoughts: To say that the Seventh Doctor's era started with difficulties is like saying the Beetles were a mildly successful band. The show had been going through what was easily it's most tumultuous period over the previous two years, stuck in the middle of a three way battle between a producer who wanted to leave, a disgruntled head script-editor and BBC high up looking to cancel the show. While this didn't effect the 22nd season to badly, personally I think it's pretty great with only one poor story, things all came to a head in the 23erd Season. The BBC executives became actively hostile, messing with the shows budget and run time. The head writer, who had been ill during the production of the season long story arc "Trial of a Time Lord", died leaving the story without a proper conclusion. The script-editor quite and in an act of spite legally forbad the production team from using any ideas from the deceased writers notes on how the story would end. Naturally this all resulted in what is easily the worst season in the classic series entire run and left none truly knowing what the future held. Fans and the general audience also turned against the show at this time, due to the bad stories, complaints of the shows increasing violence during the high of the video nasties scare and the BBC actively working to turn them against Doctor Who. It was in this atmosphere that Seventh Doctor's era came into being, and it didn't get any easier. The producer, who thought he'd finally be leaving, was told at the eleventh hour that he was going to have to stay and that the show would continue but only if Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) was fired. So not only was the show going to now have less episodes and less budget, it now had no script editor and no leading man. By the time that was all rectified they also had only have the normal production time. An up cliff battle if I ever saw one. Prior to starting this dedicated following of the Seventh Doctor's era, I have only ever watched stories from his later season were the character was more developed and the show back on track. I'd never watched any of season 24 till now and the difference from this story from what would come later is almost whiplash inducing. The story is clearly suffering from massive re-edits to compensate for the change in leading man as well as possible other changes enforced by the BBC or fear of being perceived as to violent. This is made worse by the fact that it's not a particularly strong story anyway with parts of the Rani's plan making no logical sense. Production wise its a very mixed bag. Most of the story takes place on location in a quarry or on sets, with said sets looking about average for the show. The enslaved Lakertyrans, who are ment to be reptile humanoids, look passible enough but Rani's henchman, the bat like Tetraps, look positively awful despite having well functioning animatronic heads. Where issues crop up rather noticeably is in the animated/digital affects. The Tetrap's guns fire awful looking sparkles which turn into a net, which appear to be dropped on the actors head, a swarm of killer insects is represented by 3 or 4 green fly blobs on screen and while this is the first time a 3D model of the TARDIS is ever used in the series, it looks severely dated. On the plus side most of the miniatures used for the story look pretty good, save for the Tetraps's Lair. There are also one or two moments of green screen that don't look particularly good ether. Perhaps the worst part of the whole thing is how unceremonious the Sixth Doctor end is. While multiple later works would try to rework events preceding the TARDIS's crash landing to give Sixth a more dignified ending, which we will be touching on after we've gone though all the main episodes, at the time and within the continuity of just the show it really just looks like the Doctor fell and banged his head. It's easily the worst death suffered by any incarnation of the Doctor. This all came about becuase the BBC would not allow Colin Baker to reprise his role for one more full story. He in turn refused to come back for the regeneration, which resulted in Sylvester McCoy having to dawn a wig and have bad CGI affects put over his face. It's pretty hard to judge the Seventh Doctor in this story. Not only becuase this is a regeneration story, in which the character is always more erratic, but also because McCoy had had no time to develop the character. The Rani giving him amnesia and trying to manipulate him only compounds the problem. As a result Seventh in this story comes off as a bumbling professor who constantly gets old saying wrong such as "Absence makes the nose grow longer" and "Time and tide melt the snowman". That said, while he lacks the darker intensity he would later have, characteristic's of the Seventh Doctor personality can be seen here. In particular moments were he broods about not now who he is or talks about sensing evil. He also has noticablie more humility then the Sixth Doctor. In spite of all the problems though I think McCoy performance is entertaining enough but it clearly lacks any kind of direction. Honestly if this was my introduction to the Seventh Doctor I'd likely not be as interested in his era. As for his outfit, I've always liked it. Yes the question mark jumper is a bit on the nose but you get used to it very quickly. His companion Mel is a bit of an odd duck. She was introduced during the confusing Trial of a Time Lord story arc were we see her in the Sixth Doctor's future. How she came to travel with him is a total mystery within the series, though again later works have explained their meeting. Mel is ment to a computer expert and something of a fitness freak, though in this story you'd be had pressed to tell. While in the last season she was never written in a way that fully displayed what her character was described as being, here she' relegated to mostly being kidnapped, held hostage or screaming and generally dose little to advance the plot beyond finding the Doctor and getting him to come to his senses. That scene is also one of the better parts of the story as Mel was knocked out when they crashed and had no idea the doctor regenerated. The Rani is sadly a noticable downgrade from her dabut in Mark of the Rani. The Rani is a rogue time lord like the Doctor and the Master, she is a brilliant chemist who suffers from a total lack of empathy. She see's the universe in chemical process and scientific facts, though she dose also possess a desire to rule and was the queen of at least two worlds at some point. She's was created to be something of an oppasite to the theatrical, over the top evil the Master displayed in his overly complicated schemes. But again you'd never have guess tat if this was your introduction to the character. While her end goal is very much in line with the her personality, her plan is full of logical flaws and pointless complications. It's a real shame because Kate O'Mara is fantastic in the role and dose a great job of elevating the material. The rest of the caste do an ok job, their are no real stand outs good or bad. On a side note, while it dose look very dated by todays standards, I've always loved the Seventh Doctor's title sequence. In fact I'll say it's my faviort. I'm not shore if the 3D model of the TARDIS used in the episode was the same as the one used in the title but the title model looks better at least to me. I also want to say that I have a real soft spot for this really old CGI even if I do give it the odd jab now and then. It gives the Seventh Doctor's era a distinct visual look from pretty much every other era of the show. To sum up this is not a very good example of the show or introduction to our new leading man. It's very messy and in much need of some polish but then given what was going on behind the scenes I can't be too hard on it. The is a lot of disagreement over wither Time and the Rani or The Twin Dilemma is the worst story in classic Doctor Who, ad the worst post regeneration story. In my opinion they are equal in different way. I feel that Time and the Rani has the better production values and story, for all it's flaws, but is really let down by not having a clear idea of the Doctor's character. Twin Dilemma a worst story and production but is elevated by Tom Baker's performance. While I can't say If this is the worst of doctor Who, I can only recommend this story on the fact that this is the Seventh Doctor's first appearance and not much else. Final Score: 2/5
  9. Hello everyone, sorry I've not bee around much lately. This is not to do with the lack of Guyver so much as other stuff in my life. I've been planning a trip to China, which I will be going on the 14th, and have been involved in my first proper romance which has sadly recently ended after two short months. With this and work I'm naturally not had much time to be online. However befor I go I plan to start up a little blog on a recent intreast of mine. That is the Seventh Doctor from Doctor Who. I am a long time fan of Doctor Who, sadly I was born on the very year the original series was cancelled, right in the middle of the shows final story. I did not become fully aware or interested until the new series started in 2005. But it was not just the new series I was interested in, not long after it daubed I began hunting down dvds of the original series, the first two being Carnival of Monsters and Ark in Space. I instantly fell in love the older serials. Sadly while I've collected and watched a number of them, money, space and other hobbies prevent me from fully collecting any version of the doctors full era. In the last few years I've been meaning to dedicate my intreast to at least on incarnation of the Doctor and collect all their episodes and stories outside the tv series. Naturally by the title of this thread you can guess which one I've picked but I want to go into my choice in more detail To start with, as a premier for any who read this who may not now much or anything about the series, what is Doctor Who? In very short, Doctor Who chronicled the adventures of an eccentric time-traveling scientist from the remote planet Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. The Doctor, a Time Lord himself, travelled through time and space in his unique craft, the TARDIS, an acronym for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. With an interior larger than its exterior, the TARDIS could take on various shapes to blend into its environment. Although capable of whisking the Doctor and his passengers to any time and any place in the universe, the craft was frequently parked on Earth in the form of a blue police box. Whether in England or in the far reaches of space, the Doctor and his colleagues battled a multitude of evils. An intreasting aspect of the title character is his ability to Regenerate. When a Time Lord dies this process allows them to cheat death a total of 12 times. Each time their body and mind undergo a rearrangement, resulting in a new version of the same person. This idea has allowed the series to keep going long after the original actor who portrayed the Doctor left the series as well as allowing it to likewise adapt and change along with it's new star. Each incarnation of the Doctor has their own style of stories in their respective eras. For example the First Doctor's era the show was very experimental and educational, with some of the stores being pure historical pieces with no alien menaces, while the Third Doctor's was more action/adventure with a touch of James Bond style spy drama mixed in. It is from these incarnation's and era's I wanted to choose and explore to the fullest, but picking was not as easy as it would seem given that there 13 primary incarnations of the character and the series started in 1963. First to be excluded were all the incarnations from the new series, that being the Ninth, Tenth Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors. There are multiple reasons for this, the primary being that as I've gotten older I've simply become less interested the newer era. The Fourth Doctor was the next to be discarded. While the Fourth was the longest on screen presence of any incarnation (7 years) and is one of the most popular, this is exactly why I decided not to go with him. Call me picky if you like but as much as I love the character, his popularity makes him less intreasting to explore for me. Next on the chopping block was the Fifth Doctor. This is for a more complex reason then the last two choices. While acted wonderfully by Peter Davison and considered the most "human" of all the Doctors incarnations, I persoanlly view the Fifth Doctor's era as being the collectively weakest of the original series. For me the stories of this era are mostly ok to serviceable with a few more duds per season compared other classic incantations of the character, there are some truly greats here and there but they are few. Then there is the Fifth Doctor himself, his more human and likable nature make him generally less intreasting then other incarnations with the actor himself never truly being shore of who his Doctor was until his final story. Further more Fifth was also lumbered with some of the least intreasting companions in the history of the show, most notable the much loathed Adric. The Eighth Doctor was overlooked for similur reasons. Despite being the longest ongoing incarnation of the Doctor befor regenerating, 17 years, and being part of a lot of novel and audio adventures, I simply have never found Eighth that intreasting. That and the fact that his primary on screen apperances is in the ill fated Doctor Who movie. The Second Doctor was a prime candidate to be picked. It is in his Era that the series would full crystallised into what it would be for the franchises run, with the Doctor himself fully become the central hero. The Second Doctor is a brilliant incarnation, as seemingly whimsical cosmic tramp who uses his silly behaviour to mask his great, calculating mind. While all future version of the Doctor would possess this characteristic in some form or another, it originated with the Second. There is also the allure of the fact that most of this Doctor's episodes are lost and at this point likely unrecoverable. During the First and Second Doctors Era's the BBC was notorious for purging their archives for several reasons, which resulted in many old classic series being lost forever and Second's era was hit the hardest. What eventually made me decide not to go with this incarnation was that a close friend of mine told me they had begun collecting his stories already. With my first choice being taken up by my friend I began to look through other incantations. The Third Doctor is one of the more unique incarnations, exiled to earth by his fellow Time Lords, this incarnation became the scientific advisor for UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce). The Third Doctor is considered the most technically minded version of the character as well as the one most willing to use physical force to defeat his enemies, thanks to his mastery of venusian aikido. This was also my late uncle's faviort incarnation. While I greatly enjoy stories from this era as well as the more unique character of this incarnation, in the end decided not to go with the Third Doctor as he just didn't feel like "my" Doctor. The First Doctor came in third in my choices. His era is very different from that would come after, as the show was still in it's infancy and very experimental. That said this era has some of the most imaginative stories in all of Doctor Who and Doctor himself is at him most mysterious, with vertually nothing about his pasted ever being revealed. This incarnation is notable for being less generally heroic then his piers, in part due to his morality initially being more grey and his advanced age leading him to rely more on his companions then later Doctors. This incarnation also goes through a lot of character development, changing from a suspicious but intelligent old man to a wise grandfatherly figure. In his case he simple lost out to my number one choice. The Sixth Doctor came very, very close to being number one as anyone who remembers that I once used his name for myself a while back. An intreasting incarnation who was initially intended to make the character darker and more mysterious again after the very human Fifth Doctor, Sixth suffered from a lot of behind the scenes turmoil. The Sixth Doctor was pompous, arrogant, mercurial and had zero fashion sense. But he was also larger then life and truly cared about people. This Doctor's mental state suffered greatly during his regeneration to the point he almost killed his companion and in later years would struggle much against his darker nature, sometimes very much literally in the case of the Valeyard, a being who is the embodiment of all the Doctor's inner evil. This incarnation is generally and, as far as I'm concerned, wrongly viewed as one of the worst incarnations of the character. This mainly comes from the fact that the BBC were looking to cancel the show and due to their interference the "Trial of a Time Lord" season was a total disaster. However these factors along with darker portrayal and technicolour costume as lead a lot of people retroactively blame the Sixth Doctor for the shows problems and later cancelation when in reality his first stand alone season was generally superior to any of the fifth Doctor's. All these factors are what lead me to take an intreast in this incarnation but he eventually lost out to my number one choice. The Seventh Doctor was the last incarnation of the classic series and the seconds longest running incarnation in terms of years befor he regenerated. Described as both a chess master, time's champion and potentially the darkest incarnation of the character in the franchise's history, this Doctor is the one I find the most intreasting and the one I'll be exploring here. I'll start by watching all his televised stories and then move on his audio dramas, which I will go through in the suspected chronological order. Will the Seventh Doctor prove to be intreasting to examine?
  10. The MRX-009 Psycho Gundam Also just when you think the Titans couldn’t get any scummier, the creation of the Cyber-Newtypes is an all new low. However they make them clearly has a very negative impact on their psyche. And to make matters worse they make them pilots machines that appear to put an even greater strain on them. To quote a certain killer doll “I don't know whether to kill him or take notes.”
  11. Actually to add to this let’s not forget that like the Zoanoids and even most life on Earth, Arch’s connection to the Uranus is something that was manufactured into him. The psychic links and the power to control others in guyver all seems to based around manufactured susceptibility. Arch and the Zoalords cannot control normal humans as far as I’ve seen, and Apton evolved beyond being a zoanoid, he’s now a new creature with his link severed. Even the Guyver likely falls into this category. The guyver is stated to free it’s host from the Uranus’s psychic commands but if the rest of the series is anything to go by, their power to control humans is also designed. Which raises the question of will the guyver be able to protect its host from psychic power that originated from a different universe, ones not bound by its universes laws. By extension Arch’s never had his mind pitted again a being who doesn’t play by the same rules either.
  12. Got Zeta Gundam yesterday and my goodness dose this show start strong. While the original MSG was really good, Zeta is like the imago to the originals larval state. While I expected the series to be more gray with its sides in the conflict, I was totally taken off guard by the Titans’s brutality and immorality. Them beating up Bright Noa was hard to watch and they seem to only get worse from there.
  13. Got to say the more I hear about G Gundam the more I look forward to it. A series that’s a fusion of Gunam, super robots, Dragon Ball and Street Fighter sounds right up my alley. Even all this talk of lots of fighting sounds good to me as I could watch battles all day. I blame dbz for that, I can watch nothing but fighting for ages. I’ll likely watch G November time, I plant to have watched Char’s Counter Attack and Unicorn by then which should give me some solid grounding in the spirit of gundam.
  14. Thanks for all the hard work and updates Sully.
  15. Looked at the Japanese page again and got a very nice surprise. The Physalis made it into the game and will likely be implemented into our release of the game eventually. This thing is to me, what the Blue Destiny was for Matt. It's nuke bazooka has been altered into a Laser Bazooka for balance reasons, that said the weapon looks like it still packs one hell of a punch.
  16. Got some even better news for you. I ran my eyes over the Japanese sites page and it looks like both Blue Destiny II & III are in the game, so they will likely be added to the western version at some point.
  17. Well the votings all completed. All the above mobile suits made it into the game, bar Thunderbolt’s Armour Gundam. Ironic sine the original version stayed in. They also bumped up the number to 10 so the Xamal and the Dwadge made it in. Number was interestingly the Zaku I (GS), that mech and it’s game must be very popular. Good news for Matt, the Blue Destiny effortlessly stayed in at rank 2. Have looked up the ms I can see why you’d want it. It’s pretty awesome.
  18. Here’s one I was wondering about. King Ghidorah (Anime) “There is a far greater destructive power lurking somewhere in space. Compared to that, Godzilla would not even be worth the fear. ...Ghidorah” An energy being that takes the form of a golden three-headed dragon and inhabits the void between dimensions, Ghidorah has used super gravity to consume countless worlds throughout the millennia. 100,000 years ago, Ghidorah destroyed the planet Exifcalus, while the surviving members of the native Exif race took to the stars to find new worlds and appease their God. With each new world the Exif found and converted to their faith, Ghidorah was fed a new planet. Ghidorah’s main power is Super Gravity which it uses in multiple ways. The most basic is by encircling at its target with its neck and increasing the gravity in the area until it’s destroyed. This power also seems to play a part in how the creature travels between dimensions as it’s heads always manifest through singularities it creates. While not shown, this power is stated to be able destroy planets. It’s other prominent power is space time distortion, likely related to it’s gravity powers. This manifests in a number of ways. Firstly while Ghidorah can be seen with the naked eye, the monster is invisible to technology aside from it’s gravitational anomalies. It’s also intangible to physical contact but can make contact with objects in our reality. When Godzilla Earth attacked the super monster, his beams curved or were reflected away from Ghidorah. Interestingly according the energy read outs the attack’s passed through Ghidorah. Ghidorah also uses this power when feeding as it was able to drain the energy and heat from Godzilla Earth’s body as fast as he could generate it. Ghidorah also has some electrical properties as it’s body generated blots of energy powerful enough to damage a spaceship and when it manifested on earth there was increased electrical activity in the atmosphere. However while practically unstoppable, the God of the Void is not without a weakness. Ghidorah cannot manifest into our reality without something to anchor him. In this case an Exif Bead and a person filled with great hate. If the bead/or the host is destroyed, Ghidorah becomes subject to our reality’s laws. In this state the monsters manifestation is very fragile and easy to destroy, which will force it back into the void. That said it may be possible for Ghidorah to manifest without the bead for as the Exif say... ”As long as you have hate in your heart... Ghidorah will be watching you.”
  19. I’m not familiar with MK’s comic book law but going by all the games, Raiden has no power feats that I’m aware that would put him on Arch’s level. The most he’s done physically is smash though bridges and buildings while his most powerful lightening ability was a suicide attack that obliterated the Dragon King’s temple. I dare say he’d be hard pressed to beat any of the regular Zoalords, let alone Arch.
  20. So I felt like doing a list of my faviort Mobile Suits from the series I've watched so far. 10 - The RX-77-2 Guncannon 9 - The MSM-04 Acguy 8 - The YMS-16M Xamel 7 - The YMS-15 Gyan 6 - The EMS-10 Zudah 5 - The MA-08 Big Zam 4 - The RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type 3 - The RX-78-2 Gundam 2 - The MS-09B Dom and it's Successors 1 - The RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis"
  21. Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, co-directors of the 2016 smash hit “Shin Godzilla,” are teaming up again to make the film “Shin Ultraman.” https://cosmicbook.news/shin-ultraman-godzilla-evangelion We don't have any info on if this will be tied to Shin Godzilla or not at this time, but Toho his helping to develop the film.
  22. While waiting for my next round of Gundam series I decided to break out one of Tomino’s older works. Zambot 3. The basic plot is that a group of kids are piloting a giant mech left for them by there alien ancestors to fight of the evil gaizok and their “mega-boosters”. What makes Zambot 3 stand out from the crowed is that it’s o e of the first deconstruct of the genre. It shows why it not a good idea to let a bratty pre-teen pilot a giant robot plus all of the conflict has consequences. Cities are destroyed, people are killed and all of it sticks. Nothing gets magically fixed by the next episode. As a result the protagonists become persecuted and blamed for what’s going on. There’s even a pretty dark part we’re the gaizok start turning people into remote control bombs. Needless s to say this show was way ahead of its time.
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