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  1. Thats why I got a copy of Barcus. Way way cheaper and looks better. Unless I win the lottery I'm not paying almost $400+.
  2. Yeah I'm watching that. Seller has no real feedback though.
  3. Still keeping an eye out for Volker and the Hybrid resin statues. Maybe one day they'll show up. Usagi Yojimbo is great. Space and money lol.
  4. I did just win an auction for a mini Zxtole figure. Finally completes the set of 3
  5. I have about 10+ comic long boxes full. I have complete series of Amazing, Spectacular, Web of and Ultimate Spiderman. Complete first run of Daredevil and a bunch of others. But nothing as old as Amazing Fanatsy 15. I used to be big into comics and then kinda phased out of it but I pick some stuff up occasionally. Have some marvel figures and oddly enough some KISS( old rock group) action figures and a few statues. But Guyver became my main collecting focus since 2005. I have most all of the Guyver stuff except the statues. Maybe one day for those. I just hope the manga eventually pics back up and at least finishes.
  6. I hear ya. I've also got about 100 Ultraman figures, 15 or so Godzilla and 3 or 4 Gamera. And throw in a few Gundam too. I decided I'm pretty much good with those but might add a Gundam here or there since I like building them. Now I'm just waiting on the 1/6 Guyver action figures to be released. Would love the Prime1 statues but I bit too much $$$ for now plus no place to put them lol.
  7. I could seriously use about 4 or 5 Detolf units. Of course i would have a ton more space if I didn't have all the BFC and BFW still in their boxes and if all the models were not lined up individually in front of their boxes.
  8. There are supposed to be 4 small holes on the back of Aptom 4 that the tendrils stick into. Just a small touch of super glue and your good.
  9. The top of the shoulder canons is 2 parts. There is the part that opens and then there is a ball it attaches to. The ball then sits in the socket allowing you to open and close it.
  10. Okay. Was just wondering. I'm still ever so slowly working on my own custom 1/6 figure when I have time and am in the mood. Plus the fact of just trying to figure out what all I want to do and how to do it. It doesn't help that I'm not even remotely an artist lol.
  11. Whatever happened to that custom Aptom Omega Blast that was being done?
  12. Yeah, I'm watching Buyee but have supposedly heard there are some knockoffs floating around. Of course I use PayPal so I should be protected. Space is a bit of an issue for me as well which is why I ended up not getting the statue. I've also been putting more money into my yard, new fence, Koi fish pond and such. Have house remodel stuff and looking to do as well. So the high $$ for the full statues will have to weight. I'm really waiting on the 1/6 figures to release.
  13. Really would like to get this bust. Maybe one day.
  14. Yeah, I decided 2 Aptom 4's was enough. I have 2 of the Aptom 2's as well since one has gray skin and the other has brown/tan skin.
  15. I was tempted to bid on that Aptom 4 even though i have 2 lol. Figured it was someone on here so I didn't. Glad you got it. Unless I win a lottery I will never pay that much for Barcus and the tank. I'm perfectly happy with my copies that imho look way better than the originals and were so much cheaper.
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