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  1. If Guyver has taught me anything it's patience, and that it's well worth the wait.
  2. I wonder if Chronos has checked the deepest depth of the oceans. I'm thinking the pressure down there would crush most aquatic based zoanoids. It'd be interesting if a new relic was discovered down there. Then again I suppose they could've used submarines. Hmm...
  3. Welcome to the Advocacy!
  4. So I finally decided to customize a Legacy Morpher, and turn it into a Master Morpher. This is the first I've ever customized anything. What do you guys think? Honestly I'm quite proud of it!
  5. How about Figma releases of Libertus, Bio-Freezer, Aptom OmegaBlast, Guyver/Aptom hybrid, Empowered Zerbebuth, Unus, and either of the Exceeds? I wouldn't mind a new Marmot or Gregole figure.
  6. Gary Dubin who was the voice actor for Guyver II, Zector, and Aptom in the OVA series passed away last year. He died on October 8th, 2016 from bone cancer. I hadn't heard anything about this until just recently. I'm shocked, and deeply saddened by this. May he rest in peace.
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