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  1. It only feels like yesterday that it went on hiatus. I guess that's what happens when you give up waiting on something. Time flies. I do hope Takaya picks it back up and finishes what he started. If it stays on hiatus then it was indeed a fun ride.
  2. If you have all of the volumes or the books. Just show a picture of them to Sully. I believe he'll give you access to the files of the English translations here.
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    Well. I've just read that Japan is dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean. I decided I'd just post this here in my Random thread. If anyone's interested. Please comment. I'd love to talk about it. 👍 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/south-korea-and-china-are-unhappy-with-japans-decision-to-release-radioactive-water-from-fukushima-into-the-pacific-ocean/ar-BB1fD56m?li=BBnbfcL
  4. I think the good thing is though that you've gotten this far on your own. There's also Gofund me and they allow a variety of projects. That's the only appropriate one I can think of. I don't know if you've tried there as well. I wonder how much they charge to be commissioned? Can't be cheap though. They'd probably take a big chunk out of your funds to just do the basic amount of work you need done. Yeah, online mode would be interesting for online events and missions. Are you going to give the option to allow players to customize their Guyvers in the game as wel
  5. That's too bad it Takaya didn't go into more detail. I guess whatever he didn't feel like explaining he'd let the fans fill in those gaps or perhaps he wanted it to remain a mystery. As for my own logic. I figured if the unit cloned Sho from his DNA, it would have cut out genetic diseases, disorders, and old scar wounds. But when it did bring him back from that fight with Enzyme, it copied him right down to everything that he was before. You'd figure with a bionoid machine as complex as the Guyver, you'd think it'd improve the host other than just making that person a super humanoid wea
  6. Anyone going to see this when it's released? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurassic_World:_Dominion
  7. That's quite an undertaking. You must not get a whole lot of time to yourself between work and your Guyver project. I see. What kind of support are you lacking? I can't wait to see Aptom and Richard Guyot in action. That'll be very entertaining to see.
  8. Nice!! I enjoyed seeing that. The fighting style is amazing! Oh! will Aptom be in the game as a playable character?
  9. I'm still trying to figure Apollyon out. It seems Apollyon came around right after Guyot's betrayal. Right around the same time Murakami was reborn as a new zoalord. No, I'm not saying they're one and the same person. The reason why I say that Murakami isn't Apollyon is because he was biologically reprogrammed by Archanphel and Apollyon's agenda and actions are different. I honestly think Apollyon was a created by Takaya as a Spanner in the Works trope, a way to reduce the number of villains in the plotline and finish the story and not drag out the manga anymore than it already is. Apollyon i
  10. You've come really far and it's impressive work, G'-illusion Studio. However and this just me personally. It would be cool to see your Guyvers (it doesn't matter which one) slashing through hoards of NPC zoanoids in the streets and taking on a boss NPC like Aptom in his mixed form or a random hyper zoanoid. I know you have that one zoanoid in the above post and that was great and all. But do you have something like that available? Aside from all of that. You're doing a wonderful job and I can't wait to see the final product.
  11. Mr. Dawn


    Well. I haven't really stated much that has gone on with me in the blog at all. It's mostly been mixed on random things that doesn't really or fully pique anyone's interests. So as for me being a person. I went through some changes in life that I didn't expect. So I was married for 11 years and then suddenly separated and got a divorce. My ex wife comes home and asks for a divorce in August of 2019. I don't remember the exact day. I tried fixing the marriage for several months. We lived in the same apartment until October. But she mostly stayed with her sister. I mov
  12. Loki will outsmart the Time Keepers. If Odin couldn't keep him locked up then they likely can't. He's a great escape artist for one. He's also pretty good at finding weakness's in his enemies to take advantage of. That's one of his core strengths. He's smart and he learns quick.
  13. I used to think he was the enemy. Because he made Chronos and had a lot of people processed into zoanoids because that's how the Creators made him. However, he seems to be aware that there's a coup to have him killed by his own zoalords. He made Murakami into a glorified body guard after he died. And in one of the last manga issues. We see Archanfel hanging out with Mizuki and Tetsuru playing video games and chilling in a house on Silha. He also doesn't intervene between the fight with Apollon. So does this mean he's siding with Sho for the time being?
  14. I watched it. It was okay. I felt the last Godzilla film was better because it had more action and was more entertaining. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm all for action though. I love to see tons of action. I felt there was too much dialogue, I felt I just saw the human protagonists of the film chatting it up too much, I didn't care about them, and not enough action throughout the entire movie. Some of the ideas for pitting Kong against Godzilla as natural enemies was pretty clever and creative. The only action you see is in the last 35 minutes of the film itself which was disappointing
  15. I guess that's good news. I've been wanting to see this movie. But what I'm really thinking is that's too bad. People have been waiting forever and I mean as early as December of 2019. That's over a year and 5 months going now. That's almost 2 years we've waited on this damn movie. That's how long they've been advertising this movie and it's silly. With the effects of the pandemic and everything. At this point, and no offense to anyone, I find it irritating that they keep releasing trailers on a movie that's long long over due. I'm hoping they'll release it at the date. But it's gotten to the
  16. I do believe that your doubts are correct. The Creators never called him a god. He came up with that definition on his own and has been loosely referring to himself as a deity. He created religion. Zoanoids built a temple around him and worshipped him on his island while he slept. He called his corporation Chronos. Perhaps this delusion comes from the fact that he was created to be dominant and controlling of the zoanoids. He may once had been very powerful so long ago. However, whatever weapon the creators used on him, before they threw a comet at him and Earth, weakened him greatly and
  17. True that. It has been a fun ride. I really liked the first 2 seasons and then it seems with the 3rd season, all the action slowed down. But like you said, it's stayed true to the manga for the most part. I recently ended up ordering all 3 seasons on Amazon. I have no clue why they cut the 3rd season into 2 parts. I'm hoping when the release the final season, it won't come out in parts.
  18. It looks interesting. I hope there's less dialogue and tons of action scenes in this movie.
  19. What does everyone think of the new MechaGodzilla? It's going to be playing a part in the new movie. I don't know how much involvement it will have. But it seems it's going to be joining in on the fight.
  20. I've wondered about that myself. But my real question is seeing as the OVA was in 89. Was the manga that far into the story about Aptom eating them?
  21. I loved it. I really liked Ben Affleck's Batman and Superman in it. I really hope he comes back and reprises his role for the next film. If there is one. I respectfully disagree. I'd probably like her and the character she portrays better if Warner Bros and herself wasn't using WW as an advocate for gun control/ reform. I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I believe guns save just as many lives as they take.
  22. Here's a clip from that particular episode from the second season. The little girl next to the boy is Motoko. Although it doesn't show what she looked like before she got her prosthetic/ cybernetic body.
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