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  1. I wish they just kept it limited to the films. The shows are a chore to watch and it's just not fun after going through all of that rubbish with WandaVision based on the first 5 episodes of sitting through it having thought that it would have taken off after the first 2 episodes. Evidently that was not the case.
  2. Hitchens


    Favorite words from my hero, Christopher Hitchens.
  3. The costume looks really derpy.
  4. My sympathies and condolences for your loss.
  5. How about the old Mortal Kombat? 😄
  6. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to defend your own person. People have already made up their mind about you. In their mind and their perspective. You're the bad guy no matter what you say or do. There's nothing you can do to change that. It's called a witch hunt where someone or some people are going to hate on you regardless of how good your argument is. They're not open to seeing things from your point of view.
  7. You ever get the feeling he and his Guyver ghosted everyone without so much as a goodbye handshake?
  8. Nice! They sound amazing. Are they more powerful than Thor and Odin?
  9. I'm excited because it's vampires. I really enjoyed the Underworld franchise and 30 Days of Night. But since those movies, I don't feel like we've gotten anything good where vampires are concerned. There was a tv show on Fox called "The Strain" and I really loved it!
  10. I don't know much about them. The trailer shows them to be like "deities". What is it that they really do and where did they get their immortality and powers?
  11. He does look different. I guess they were aiming for his old look I take it. Question! Was that the Mandarin that we saw in the trailer?
  12. I did find the Abomination to be a pretty interesting. Was he really that bad of a villain? 😕
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