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  1. How do we know his rule will be a peaceful one? It's a fact that Agito is never satisfied and that's he's the biggest schemer I've ever seen in a franchise. A lot of what he does is manipulation, sabotage, murder, and premeditation to further his agendas. I say murder because he tried to kill Sho. He condemned some of his supporters to death when he convinced them to become Libertus. He'll do anything to get what he wants. Most of his moves in the comic and the show were power grabs. He has little regard for others. He'll say and do anything to get what he wants. To me that is a narcissist. Peace just doesn't seem to be a character trait that he has. We're talking about a character that displays narcissism and sociopathy to get what he wants. If he's not betraying someone, he's puppeteering them until he's done with them. He did it to Sho as there's been a few times where he almost got Sho killed when he stripped him of the gigantic in combat. He let Sho temporarily die so he could use him to destroy the Japanese Branch. He just tried to kill Sho in a one on one before the manga went on hiatus. He's currently manipulating Shizu by having had her undergo a process that resulted in a severe irreversible mutation so he can use her to control his Libertus. They don't have a healthy relationship. She's been groomed by her father to be submissive to Agito. He doesn't just want to end Chronos. He wants to assume control. That means create a world government based on a system where he has control. He's already doing that with the Zeus Thunderbolts while Chronos is slowly slipping from his constant attacks against their infrastructure. He's killed more zoalords than Sho, he's killed more zoanoids, before he was a guyver he was sabotaging Chronos. IF he defeats Chronos. He's going to try and find reasons to use the Dark Gigantic. I seriously doubt there would be any peace after he assumes control. But so far he's been the perfect guy for the job in ridding the world of Chronos based on everything he's done.
  2. No. Aptom couldn't kill them. He escaped. The Libertus were designed by Hekering to rip hyper zoanoids apart. Aptom was outnumbered and they would have surely killed him. I have theorized that Agito wanted to have him killed and removed him from the playing field. Aptom is basically Sho's only super power support right now as Agito betrayed him. Most if not all of them died fighting Guyot, Guyver 2F, and the Unus. Guyot wanted to take the Segowas hostage and hold them for a ransom, as I'm sure you can probably guess what for. He's far from invincible. There's been many times he's had to retreat through out the manga and anime series. Neo Zxtole almost killed him. Enzyme 3 almost killed him. Chronos is making stronger zoanoids that are inoculated against Aptom. He can't eat the newer types. Eventually I wouldn't be surprised if Chronos vaccinated all zoanoids for a herd immunity against him. They're trying to phase him out and cut off his food supply. It was never mentioned. But I wouldn't be surprised if Agito had them inoculated against Aptom. We're talking about a guy who betrayed not only Sho but was a Chronos Collaborator through his Uncle. Agito isn't someone to be taken lightly and I don't think he's ignorant and unenlightened enough to have had them created knowing that Aptom could eat his super soldiers and cause him problems. No, Agito is smarter than that. This is a guy who uses lateral thinking and forms of manipulation to get what he wants. He learns as much as he can and then comes up with ways to disarm and aggravate his enemies. Most of his plans are premeditated. The fall of the Japanese Branch was premeditated. He planned on them killing Sho and then used Sho to wreak havok on them while he worked in the shadows. This is also someone that took a lot of time planning Guyot's murder. Agito has proven in the manga as well in the anime that he wants to rule the world in Chronos's place and he'll kill anyone that gets in his way including Sho. He's killed more zoalords than Sho has. He's done the most damage to Chronos. He's done a lot of covert operations against them. He's sabotaged them as much as he could when he was masquerading as a collaborator. He started a revolution. His superiority complex is what allowed him to temporarily commandeer Sho's Gigantic, especially when Sho was in battle. Perfect way to get Sho killed, which also sets the premise for Agito to deflect blame for his death. He's a narcissistic sociopath who uses others to get what he wants and then he kills them after he's done. A lot of what sociopaths do is premeditated and they're very charming and convincing. He fooled Guyot until it got to a point that he was found out. He had been planning on screwing Guyot and Chronos over from the start of the story when he stole a Guyver unit and he did while his Uncle Genzo was director, who he screwed over. That's all he's done from the start is one power grab after the next and throwing people under the bus. If it gets him one step ahead, who cares. When his plans fell apart after his cover was blown when he was scheming against Chronos. He resorted to puppeteering Sho until he was done with him & while doing so he formulated and meditated on different methods to screw them again. He sweet talked his followers, The Zeus Thunderbolt, and his girlfriend, Shizu, into becoming Libtertus after he kidnapped Hekering who was one of Chronos's greatest biologist. He doesn't care about Shizu. Only what she can do for him. With her and his super army he butchered thousands of zoanoids all for a pat on the back from a guy who is just as warped as Chronos is. He's resourceful, he's ambitious, he's cunning, masterful in manipulating others, and he's power hungry. He's extremely intelligent. More so than Sho. We're looking at a guy, a sociopath, whose desire is to get revenge and rule the world as a dictator. A guy who is willing to rule through a stratocracy and that often starts with an army and people giving them power which he has been given. This isn't someone Aptom could win a fight with.
  3. Hitchens


    I love this guy.
  4. I wish they just kept it limited to the films. The shows are a chore to watch and it's just not fun after going through all of that rubbish with WandaVision based on the first 5 episodes of sitting through it having thought that it would have taken off after the first 2 episodes. Evidently that was not the case.
  5. Hitchens


    Favorite words from my hero, Christopher Hitchens.
  6. The costume looks really derpy.
  7. My sympathies and condolences for your loss.
  8. How about the old Mortal Kombat? 😄
  9. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to defend your own person. People have already made up their mind about you. In their mind and their perspective. You're the bad guy no matter what you say or do. There's nothing you can do to change that. It's called a witch hunt where someone or some people are going to hate on you regardless of how good your argument is. They're not open to seeing things from your point of view.
  10. You ever get the feeling he and his Guyver ghosted everyone without so much as a goodbye handshake?
  11. Nice! They sound amazing. Are they more powerful than Thor and Odin?
  12. I'm excited because it's vampires. I really enjoyed the Underworld franchise and 30 Days of Night. But since those movies, I don't feel like we've gotten anything good where vampires are concerned. There was a tv show on Fox called "The Strain" and I really loved it!
  13. I don't know much about them. The trailer shows them to be like "deities". What is it that they really do and where did they get their immortality and powers?
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