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  1. If played right this could bring a lot of possibilities all they have to do is remove the dragon balls out of the equation like they did in the cell saga and make the super dragon balls the new quest to restore balance again, explore new worlds and meet new people and perhaps if they are smart and remember their lore they could bring old characters back (future trunks anybody? time travel laws there are of the multiverse equivalent) and so on. even tho it has a slow pace at the moment I still have faith that they could bring a lot of cool things at the table. Also lets not kid ourselves, there will be a new form after super saiyan blue probably the last where they have completely mastered control of their ki and body (super saiyan white) it is all a matter of when.

  2. At least they are adding more character development to the series, my only gripe is that Goku (which was a negative point for me in battle of gods as well ) seemed out of character when fighting Beerus, too cocky and overconfident which is not something I remember him do, he never overestimated his opponent and even at the start of the series he was preparing to fight stronger opponents. the pace is nothing new, it is traditional Dragon Ball filler, I just hope non-saiyan characters don't get left in the dust and at least get to fight God level opponents on their own, specially Piccolo (my favorite character btw) but it may not get my wish, based on the intro and start of the series i think they will make Goten the focus of sorts like they did Gohan and see him grow up and surpass his father, until they decided that they want to continue milking Goku and give him another power up. lol

  3. sorry for the delay, been rather busy....anyways, here are the new batch of images for Kamen Rider Ghost and this time that sketch was spot on. our hero this time is called Takeru Tenkuuji who wants to be a Ghost Hunter and he is gifted by his deceased grandfather something called the Ghost Icon and then later he is Killed by beings from another world called Ganma who are after the ghost Icon then to protect his friend he uses it and transforms into Kamen Rider Ghost now he must travel the world and collect 15 Ghost icons of "Great Men" within 99 days and be granted a wish. His default form is called the Ore Damashii (Orange) then there is the Yellow Form called the Edison Damashii after Thomas Edison the form specializes in electric long range attacks , then there is the Blue Form called the Newton Damashii where he manipulates Gravity and then there is the Red form called The Musashi Damashii where he dual wields the Gan Gan Saber. so far I like the concept, here is hoping it is good and has a decently told story with interesting villains.







  4. I like it, this movie opens a lot of possibilities and confirmed to me that the time theory in the Terminator series being used is more like the the DBZ universe which is multiple universes and

    saw the T-800 upgrading from a mile away.

    so lets see what happens on the next movie cause the future is really not set. Also as a Doctor who fan I can't help but laugh when I saw the role they give to Matt Smith, considering the premise of the movie. XD

  5. It's that time again and now I bring you info of the successor of drive called Kamen Rider Ghost, dunno much about it at the moment but I bring you an alleged sketch of Ghost, enough to bring discussion so feel free to give your thoughts, I'll bring more info once I'm able.



  6. It's not Gaim, OOO or Faiz but Drive has turned into one of my favorite Rider series in all honesty, I love the rider/detective parallels and the relationship between Shinouske and his team, Chase feels like a showa rider and is badass as a mentor figure, don't have much of an interest in Gou/Mach and most importantly this series has tackled and adapted something that other rider series that I have watched that have not done and that is the responsibility and significance of a rider, also the bond between him and his vehicle, it's only downfall is its villains, they really not that interesting to me, Heart was getting somewhere but he got benched mid season, this series is more about the hero and I'm ok with that, Drive is a very likable Rider and caries the series by himself and his suit designs are 50/50 (love types wild, speed, and the newest one which I will not spoil but dislike Technique and Formula) overall it is a decent series and worth the try despite still not being done yet, here is hoping the next rider series can do something interesting as well.

  7. don't have any of them, got a Wii U tho and love it, great variety of games and the virtual console store keeps getting better each day also the game pad screen is a godsend for my current lifestyle where my family likes to hog the TV screen. XD I also still own my N64 with some games and of course my 3DS.

  8. 8 episodes in and it has been a fun ride so far, too bad they are making a mid season finale and we will have to wait quite a while for more episodes. :( but I'm happy with this series, just they still have cringe inducing puns and the cheese factor can get annoying some times but honestly? the series is shaping up to be just as good as kyoryuger and they are not copy pasting the sentai so it's a plus, so far there is no Chaos counterpart nor Torin So it's got me intrigued on how they are going to differ from Kyoryuger, so far it's got a B rating on my book. 

  9. Bale as best batman? debatable, Best Bruce Wayne on the other hand most definitely, I have not been a fan a of Batman since Dark Knight for some reason the over saturation of the character and the glorification of him just got me tired overall, I missed it when he was not a big Mary Sue and was actually human but that is just me. Bale did a fine Job but I could never get over his Batman voice, never could take him seriously and Dark Knight Rises did not help when they butchered my favorite Batman Villain. As for Ben Affleck, I will reserve my judgment until I see him in action, it all depends on the script, his role as Daredevil hurt cause of the script he was given and did the best he could do with what he had, now even if he nails it in Batman v. Superman it does not guarantee that the movie will be good, from the moment they announced it I have been very worried cause honestly it just feels like they are trying to play catch up with Marvel instead of doing their own thing but who knows? I might be wrong, we will see when the movie releases eventually.

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  10. I agree with you in all accounts minus the last part, both battle of Gods and Revival of F are officially canon to the Dragon Ball manga serialization as both are written and drawn by toriyama and he himself also stated that they indeed are canon and continue where the buu saga left off and since Battle of gods is canon now there are officially 3 full blooded saiyans alive since they mentioned Vegeta's brother when trying to do the ritual to achive Super Saiyan God in battle of gods, hopefully they will address this plothole soon cause this whole wish should not be possible if Dende's Shenron shares the same time limit to resurrect someone as kami's shenron.

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  11. I'm a bit rusty on my dragon ball knowledge so can anybody tell me how is it possible that shenron can revive Frieza if he died about 14 years ago, is Dende's Shenron so powerful now that he no longer has the revive the dead before a year limit that Kami's Shenron had? I know he can do more than one wish but I don't remember if he did not have the year resurrection limit, if so then that means that vegeta if he wanted could revive the entire saiyan race killed by freiza which could provide a lot of storytelling possibilities aside from the 12 dimensions and Gods that Toriyama is trying to tell.

  12. if you guys are interested in more DBZ before the movie begins then I will suggest you guys read the 3 upcoming prequel chapters before the movie which details on how this event comes to fruition, chapter one has already been translated in your favorite manga site which features frieza's henchmen reviving him and such. can't wait for more of this, will probably hold a marathon of the series starting with the original dragon ball since I have yet to watch it.

  13. well It has been a while since the end of the awesome season Known as Kamen Rider Gaim so what did you guys think of it? did it meet your expectations? did you dislike it? what character did you like the most and the least? favorite rider design? overlord? let me know what you guys think.

  14. I really like everything I've seen of this. it has a really nice vibe to it. I love the girl with pink. I like her style.

    the robot looks cool too, its a mini robot sitting in it like a seat! very cool!

    The music has a great vibe and I feel pretty excited to see this series.

    haven't had good super sentai since gobusters.


    You did not like Kyoryuger? granted it is not as great as Go-busters but it was a fun lighthearted series that had it's serious moments with great character development if you can let go the focus on Daigo (kyoryu red)

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  15. The first episode is already available on nick and boy was a I surprised!! everything from the theme song to the story is comepletly different from the source material, from what I can gather they are not going to use kyoryuger's dance theme which will be shame but honestly? the first episode got me a lot more invested than samurai or the faliure that is mega/ super megaforce, it looks like it is doing it's own thing like mighty morphing did so many years ago.


    To start of the mentor so far is not going to be Torin but a new character called Keeper who is on the run from a bounty hunter called sledge who wants the energems (zyudenchi) with Dogold's counterpart "Fury" as his hechman as well as aigaron's counterpart "wrench" and Candelelia "poisandra" as a love interest. No sign of Chaos so far and the whole episode was made of original footage, no stock footage so far. This forst episode gave me a bid of hope for the series so here is hoping it turns out awesome and perhaps succeeds in surpasing Kyoryuger, here is the opening theme which is already far superior to the last 2 seasons by removing the unnecesary roll call.



  16. I got mine today, can't compare it with the old one since I never had one but the articulation is awesome, great to use for action poses if you draw. accessoriewise I wish they could have squeezed in an extra head like the old one had and perhaps an effects part, the pressure cannon preferably but for the price I guess it is acceptable, hopefully the will release other Guyvers, crossing my fingers for Guyver 3, that would be pretty sweet.

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  17. It has been a while since i have updated any news about sentai or rider so I might as well announce the official reveal of the 39 Super sentai called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, this time they have changed the color ranks of the team having a Male Yellow after 10 years since Magiranger and we now have again a White Female as part of the main team which has not been seen since Gaoranger. Will update the thread with more info as soon as I'm able, in the mean time here is the first image of the team courtesy of Jefusion via Orends Range. Reminds me a lot of Hurricanger, I really dig it.


  18. it's a decent teaser, it does not get me hyped tho, I guess I was expecting more but it is too early to judge, there is one thing that bothers me about the trailer and you can call it a nitpick but the lightsaber design on the mystery sith/dark jedi bothers me, why give it beam guard? it looks so impractical and make the already hard to use lightsaber even harder cause he could accidentally just stab himself with the guard, anyways the new stormtroopers helmets are cool, here it is hoping the movie delivers on entertaining and does not try to hard to beat the previous movie and just do its own thing.


    Here are some pics from the trailer:



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