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  1. Just got my very first collectable figure, tekkaman evil figma, a very sharp toy but love it anyways, thank you amazon.

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    2. odin


      will do, cool artwork btw, already added you to my watch list.

    3. Shion


      Why thank you. :D I +watched you too, hope too see more Guyver stuff from you. ;)

    4. odin


      Will by uploading more guyver stuff soon, I want to try out my new tablet and Manga studio. thanks for the faves.

  2. dude that is an awesome background you got on your profile, i did not even know you could put backgrounds here, I'm going to have to keep exploring the Control panel options. loving Gobusters btw.

    1. Jess♥


      glad you like it :) I do enjoy space cowboy.

  3. Thank you very much :)

  4. hey man, just wondering if you still play tatsunoko vs capcom, I would like to add you to play online.

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