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    One thing why I liked this series better than Overlord is that the Light Novel is finished (I think). While Overlord, we're still stuck on volume 13 waiting for the next volume to come out. I've started binge watching the anime and saw that they cut out a lot of stuff. Not critical stuff, but just some stuff giving more details to specific events. So far I'm up to episode 14 and it's still interesting despite having read beyond the story arc already. While there are subtle similarities between Overlord and Shield Hero, one that distinguishes them from each other is that Momoga has dumb luck on his side, while Naofumi has the will and right sense in making decisions. I just hope that this doesn't turn out to be a harem.
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    Hi everyone so today I got some good/bad news. Illuminati Manga, Happyscans! and Hokuto no Gun have all teamed up to start translating Blue Hole. Needless to say they are doing a dame better job then I ever could and they are putting it up for everyone to read. With this little revelation there's little point in me translating the series anymore myself. I've gone to the trouble of trying to contact Illuminati Manga to see if they plan on translating Blue World in the future also, since that would make any attempts to translate that series redundant also. Here's a ling to the current two chapters they have done, enjoy all. https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-200021622/chapter/mrs-chapter-200021629 But don't let you think that just because of this I'm throwing in the towel on my translating gig. It's a fun little hobby that given me something to do and I'm gonna keep it up... but not so much with manga. Since I've been translating from French, turns out there's a number of French comics I really want to read that were never translated to English. To top it off they all can be bought on kindle the whole process is going to be 100x easier. Though I will keep the Dinosapian series in mind also. Here's a few of the things I've got my eye on.
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    I think this speaks for itself...
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    Pretty well, I've been to a couple of beaches around England that and collected a few pieces. I also hunt for more exotic stuff in shops and the webs. If your interested I've posted pictures of them on my blog on this site. Which reminds me I have to post about a few new pieces I've got.
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