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    Hello and sorry if this reply seems stupid. But I wanted to know if there was a specific site where you uploaded the translated work? I'm also a huge fan of dinosaurs and honestly, I'm shocked at the considerable lack of dinosaurs in fiction as a whole. That's when I searched for older dinosaur anime/manga and stumbled upon this. I tried so hard to find it's translation and failed. Anyways, my searching led me to here where at last it seemed like I had found my nirvana after all. Uhum, sorry for the horrible jokes xD Anyways, I just want to know if you could potentially share the work? I'd love to read this manga, it definitely seems like something I'll enjoy (I hope so at least, dinosaurs are a huge plus for me anyway) I'm sorry if you already shared it here and it escaped my notice. Thanks in advance! By the way, you should check out Fourteen (1990). It's a weird manga that I ended up enjoying way more than I thought I ever will. It's stupid at times, but also insane and in its wild insanity, does it dance oh so wonderfully. The art may not be the best, however. If you check it out, do let me know. EDIT: I thought I should let you know that yes, I'm new and I did make an account to get this specific manga haha xD Interesting site tho, Guyver was amusingly my first anime ever, and while I want to get into the manga, my brother told me it never got finished and is left in hiatus? Anyway, because of that, sadly I never got to reading it.
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    Hi from Italy. In the last book, april 2017 (italian edition by star comics), there is an interview, in the end Takaya promised 2 things, a conclusion for the story and above all he said he was preparing something special for the 30th anniversary. Since then nothing, the darkness. I mailed star comics for information and waiting for an answer.
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    Yes, but not saying a singe thing about why your serialization has abruptly stopped is also very un-Japanese too, so I guess it's just par for the course with this guy. Knowing how the business works, there could be a few reasons why the manga has been AWOL for so long. 1) His editor, or the editor in chief at ACE is not happy with his work, and doesn't deem it good enough to run. 2) The title has been dropped all together. (Not an entirely far-fetched theory. Regardless of whether it's still listed or not, this could very well be the case.) 3) Takaya is in poor health and has been unable to draw. 4) Takaya has had enough, and can't be bothered to continue anymore. Where most established manga creators with a large following have assistants to help draw the manga each week/month, it's possible that he is working alone. That would certainly justify the paltry number of pages each month even when it was being serialized. I recall seeing him placing an add for assistants (which he certainly wouldn't have had trouble finding since there are so many out there looking for work these days) so perhaps he found a few, but even if he did, he's barely done anything. Whatever the reason behind the hiatus, the fact that NOTHING has been said via the appropriate channels by Takaya himself is by far the biggest disappointment. Like many of you, I enjoy reading the Guyver, but it isn't THAT spectaular that its creator can just sit in silence and keep his fans in the dark without some kind of explanation. By mangaka standards here in Japan, he's been most unprofessional regarding the hiatus and the treatment of his fans. Personally, I think the reason might be a combination of 3 and 4.
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    And this is the cover for Vol 2.
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    Scan of Vol 1's Cover.
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    Translastions all done, slight delay due to sickness but is all done...... Got to say even though I'm only half way done ?ive really enjoyed doing this inspite of feeling a bit down for other reasons at the time. I found the stroy to be very intreasting so far and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Also big shout out to Gazham for helping get started on this. Thank You.
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    Sorry for the long silence on this topic. My project went on hold for a few week due to a bout of dipresstion but after a very overdue holiday I'm back on track and the translations for the first book will be finished in 2 to 3 days time. My plan is to then do my manga scans and editing, then once thats done I'll post the chapter summeries here. As a fun bit of trivia updated, the single biggest translastion headache I've had! And it was all due to a rodent! Ok so as you may or may not know, there were mammels during the age of dinosaurs. They were mostly small and lived in the shadows of the saurians but they did exist. Well of these little bastards turns up in the manga. Why is that a problem? Well because the name the original french translator used was jibberish! I'd run across this befor with the name of a prehostoric plant but in that situastion there was little I had to work with and it was so miner that I let it be. Here however this rat is seen and then part of a later coversation so I was obligated to get this right. The name the translator used began with a D, so I typed it in and guess what? Not a single Cretaceous mammals thats name began with D was even close to the spelling used. Then to make it worse, I checked every bit of paleo art for each and not one of them looked like the one used in the manga. And thus began my hunt. Do you know how many Cretaceous mammals there are? 79 with wikipedia entries alone! Then to add to that I had to check theorised diety habits, artists rendering that the original aurther might have used for his version on and also the year they were discovered so that they didn't clash with manga's date of publication. I could have narrowed the searched for just Late Cretaceous mammals but I had no way of knowing how accurate the manga was on this subject so I went through the lot just to be shore I didn't miss anything, although I took each creatures era into account when making my final choice. So I started at A and worked my way down to a likely specimen. Reigitherium was a Late Cretaceous mammal, it was speculated to be an insectivore, the old paleo art had a resmblance to the manga's version and it was discovered in 1990. It may seem like a lot of hard work for so small a thing but if I'm gonna translate this manga, I'm dame well gonna do it properly!
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    I've currently finished my direct translation of the fourth chapter and am going to do the "readable" translation of the chapter tomorrow. While not hard, it is time consuming. Its become a hobby that I do every two nights or so as I have to make room for other stuff. Hell once I'm done there are a few french comics I've become interested in that I plan to work on afterwards. Its very interesting as it brings a whole other level of enjoyment to the story as I have to work to understand it, rather then just pick up an read. On a side note we are at our first dinosaurs now with Maiasaura and Tyrannosaurs Rex. Funnily enough stuff relating to the prehistoric creatures has proven to be my more prominent edits as well as personally annoying lol. Quetzalcoatlus is called a "dinosaur bird" (that got corrected in a heart beat), Maiasaura were called Maiasaurus and the biggest inaccuracy which I cannot alter due to how its used is the idea that coelacanths are though to be fish that bring luck to fishermen when in reality any fishermen worth his salt would not touch them as their meat is horrible and makes you ill. Getting to know the caste is rather odd as many of them are not mentioned by name until several chapters in. For example the Captain Gaia meets in the pro-log chapter is named Fox but you never hear him called that till chapter 3. But really this is all part of whats makes this such an enjoyable experience. Its also made me a big fan of Yukinobu Hoshino's work and I've also bin spending time hunting down his manga. Edit: Talking about it has got me working on it now lol!
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