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    I use it occasionally, because, believe it or not, there are still people in the world who do not know the term "Anime". I know, blasphemy, right?
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    omg, this looks frickin awesome!!!
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    I'm not gonna write the spoilers right here. because you might have clicked by accident. I watched it on 17th december, opening day!!! I was determined not to get spoilers because this is important to me. These past few months I've been slowly evolving into a star wars junkie. This film does not disappoint me. I want to say I really like the episodes 1 2 and 3. I also enjoy episodes 4 5 and 6 but not as much. this doesn't mean this new film was more like eps 1 2 and 3, but I think it just has something for everyone. I thought there was a great potential for this film to be a let-down (especially after jj abrans star trek) but I have now decided to forgive abrams and now I will consider him my pal. was totally crying at a few points in this, mostly from exhilaration, also some pretty breath taking stuff for me personally. so easy for there to be lots of clichés in the film but I think they were effectively avoided. I can't say this is my favourite because i've only just seen it. but I plan to watch it again in january ( meerkat movies!! XD )
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    I'd imagine it'd take several weeks to process a standard level Zoanoid. A Hyper Zoanoid could probably take months as they're more sophisticated and advanced (Neo-Zx-Tole being an example; Dr. Barcas had only a few weeks to work with him and he was deteriorating rapidly according to Purgstall).
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    Well it is and it isent. It start out like 80s action movies, the soldiers make big talk about wiping out bugs but the Xenos prove to be a far more intelligent, resourceful, unstoppable and deadly foes then they bargained for. They are easily force out of the hive by the Xenos and are constantly being out smarted and outmaneuvered at every turn. It still has action element but at its core its horror. That's actually something very few writers have ever gotten right in books or comics. They tend to treat the aliens like bugs or at best like the raptors from jurassic park but I don't think that dose them justice. I've always felt that the Xenomorphs level of intelligence is impossible for us to understand because its well alien. They are in a sense like insects in terms of savagery but they sometimes display incredible intelligence beyond that of JP raptors or intelligent mammals. As I've often described it, its a whole other kind of intellect, one we will likely never full understand. Another aspect to them that is downplayed in other media is their power. They can easily over power humans and sometimes predators with pure strength alone. The worst offence in this area was in my most hated alien book Cauldron where a Xenos are somehow taken down by common earth animals like a bear or a cloned smilodon. Don't get me wrong Xenos fighting animals is a nice change of pace but I find it hard to believe that they would go down that easily. Compare that to one of my favorite books Music of the Spears where the worst a Xeno gets is a minor wound from a charging Bull but then rips its head of with a little help from its tail and a few minor, superficial scratches and bites from a panther, Also somehow in Cauldron said bear and and sabertooth seem hardly put out when they get splashed with acid! You know the stuff we've seen eat through metal in second! An a side note more alien types Gorilla Alien! Shark Alien! Ox Alien! T. Rex Alien! Na'vi Alien! Engineer/Jockey Alien
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    Aliens was too good to ignore. And again, that theme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-jGrL7U09Y
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    At first they were going to follow the storyline of the original AVP comic but it got scrapped for budgetary reasons I think. Shame because that would have been cool to. I never liked that Pred-Queen hybrid idea, it had already been done in AVP Extinction as the Final boss of the Predator Campaign. Plus that queens backstory was that she was a bio-weapon created by a mad scientist along with the yellow K-Series Aliens. I'm also not a fan of that Predalien design, personally I prefer something like this. Pred-Queen Boss K-Series Aliens Bonus Berserker Alien - Super Predator Host
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    I can respect your view but at the same time I have to keep in mind where they were going with the extra movies. those alien vs predator movies were absolutely awful. Even if I didn't like the idea of making an origin story, truth is it was ridley scott the original creator of the franchise and prometheus was actually a decent movie. if we are going to get more movies in this franchise, I am so glad they won't be continuations of AvP.
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    Salkafar --- One more: 1) 2)
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