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  1. Hi lads, My (nick)name is Hera, I'm let say new member, however I'm following this forum since 2009. After recent events I decided to become more active, as I don't want to Guyver community dies out. About myself, hmmmmmmmm. Hard to tell , I was born in Poland and live in Poland in small Northen Western city called Szczecin, I'm 25 years old male. How my adventure with Guyver started? To be honest, Guyver is with me my whole life. When I was 3 (in 1993) I watched Guyver Live Action Movie with my parents and brother. Few years later I watched second movie, which I loved. And when I grow older
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  2. I still have faith we'll see an ending, but what that entails is entirely subjective at this point as Takaya keeps moving the goal posts. Jabir, Krumeggnic and Guyot are arguably the last 3 "Villains" left. The former currently have their hands full with Agito which I don't think will end well for them (Similarly to the Waferdanos/Yentsui battle). It'll then be interesting to see how Guyot fairs without their aid as I don't believe the alliance with Valkyria will last much longer and she may even be the one to finish him off once she gets what she wants. Shin, (likely Barcus) and t
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