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    Hi everyone, its been a while since I posted here on the forum so I figured I'd remedy that and give back to the Guyver fan community by sharing some artwork I've commissioned from some of the best artists on deviantart.com! First up are two images of my female Zoalord OC Priscella Westenra, a British Zoalord who controls Europe in my own personal fanverse lol. She was drawn by the VERY talented Inspector97, do yourself a favor and check out his gallery when ya get the chance. As you can see, her Zoaform comes in two different colors, and while I'm partial to her blue and white version, I'd like to ask you all which version of her Zoalord form do you like best? They're basically identical except for the coloration. Oh, and her zoaform is basically modeled after Purgstall's, only with electrified biowhips for close range combat (the only real flaw in his zoaform's design).
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