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New Chapter status?

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Game of Thrones fandom:  Man, we have to wait SO LONG between seasons! Guyver fandom: Hold my beer.

I know I am in the minority, but I just want the manga finished. To hell with the current live action movies and merchandise. To hell with new figures and statues of the anime/manga. To

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Does anyone know where to I can read chapters 31 and 32? (the material beyond 189)


I was a huge man of the anime as a kid ( I know kinda violent and dark for a kid but I loved it)

Many years later I read the manga, but then at one point new chapters stopped coming out at 189

I've checked on the series and apparently new material has been released, but I can't find the translations. Any help would be much appreciated. 


(edit: Nevermind my question, I found the info I was looking for)

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This is the monthly ritual now isn't it? Haha!

All we can do is laugh. No amount of bellyaching is gonna get this serialized any sooner. He's lost interest and is finding it hard to motivate himself to carry it on I reckon. I'd just forget it about if I were you. (Completely contradictory of course since I keep checking back here every month myself.)



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49 minutes ago, Tora Tan said:

via twitter :


"We're in the midst of planning to resume,  actual time-scale is undecided."

Was this tweet recent? I've not checked twitter in ages...

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2017/11/28 19:29







From Google Translate:


2017/11/28 19: 29 About the long holidays I got an inquiry to KADOKAWA about the continuation of Guyber's holiday status for more than a year and a half and got an answer. I also posted it on Twitter, "It is being adjusted for the series and the timing of restart is undecided." It is unknown why the holidays have continued so far and what is being adjusted, but we only hope for good news.

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I can't believe we are approaching a 2 year hiatus now. That really is too long.

We better get a chapter by April.

Crazy thing is I can't imagine i'll ever stop checking for it. Unless its ever officially cancelled i'll be checking for decades to come if needs be!

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2 hours ago, Salkafar said:

I reckon if it came back at this point, it would be all over the cover.

I was thinking the same, next month is again through some female character on the preview cover.

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19 hours ago, jerrygoodman said:

I have this urge to shout "dammit" repeatedly right now...


At this point, I can't help but feel that we have now created a religion where on a monthly basis we reconvene with hope and faith to see if our savior has returned, only to be disappointed and wonder if we're not praying hard enough?

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