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Dragon Ball OC

The Celestial Toymaker

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Ok so I'm currently trying to tone down Prometheus Guyver. While thats going on here's my DB OC character.

Commission done for me by The-Devils-Corpse.


Adolphus and Cassowary


Alignment: Neutral Evil

Born: AGE 717 (60 years old, Physically 30+)

Race: Earthling

Home: Earth (Universe 6 - Born), Planet Savage (Universe 11 - Home)

Battle Power: ???

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Goals: To hunt worthy prey.



Alignment: Neutral

Born: Age 747 (30 years old)

Race: Yamin

Home: Planet Dark (Universe 7 - Born), Planet Savage (Universe 11 - Home)

Battle Power: ???

Occupation: Hunting Beast.

Goals: To serve her master.


Born on Universe 6's Earth and abducted by aliens at the age of 10, Adolphus lived a life of brutal slavery in a gladiatorial arena until the age of 21 when he was granted his freedom due to being unbeatable. During this time he was forged into a blood thirsty killer. Having no interest in in returning home he took to the life of a bounty hunter, finding the joy of the hunt to be sweeter then his fights in the arena. He would take any job, it didn't matter to him if they were hero, criminal or beast. Unless the bounty orders specifically stated "Wanted Alive" his targets were always brought back dead. Worse something would always be missing, primarily the head or the hide, Adolphus collect trophies as well as payment. When not working he still hunted, primarily Big Game Hunting, though he was often the only one to try and slay beasts with his bare hands. Things changed when he took a job to hunt for a run away scientist named Natu. The alien had discovered a way to allow ships to travel between universe and had gone on the run to keep his work from being stolen! While he had originally planed to doing things as usual, Adolphus realised that with that technology he could expand both his business and his hunting ground. Upon finding Natu, Adolphus offered the alien a chance to work for him, guaranteeing the protection and payment for his services in exchanged for exclusive access to the Dimensions Drive. With no other option Natu agreed.

Since that day Adolphus's bounty hunter business has boomed like no other. With free access to 12 universes Adolphus has had an endless supply of work, profit and most importantly prey. This has made him the envy of many bounty hunters and assassins, even those much stronger then himself.

His has set up permanent residence in Universe 11 on planet Savage, a lush tropical world inhabited by a variety of dangerous species who's natural power levels are on average 40,000. Adolphus likes having them around as they keep out unwanted guests. His home on the planet is a large mansion of alien design which none of the wildlife go near out of fear, they know that is Adolphus's home. His home is primarily filled with the trophies of his hunts but one wing of the building is given over to Natu and his laboratory and another section belongs to his pet. He has been able to stay youthful thanks to to expensive anti-ageing genetic manipulation however this is reaching it's limit and he is exploring other methods of extending his life. He dose not want to life forever though, he just wants his end to be during the hunt, not a sick bed.

As he's gotten older and stronger Adolphus finds his job is becoming to easy and while its still never boring the thrill has lessened somewhat. As a result he's been pushing himself to find and hunt stronger foes when not working and constantly listening for rumours of strong fighters. While in Universe 7 many years ago he had heard stories about the brutal saiyans that lived there and while searching for the resurrected tyrant Frieza, who he was looking to collect a bounty on, he discovered that the saiyans of U7 have survived. Some have become a thing called "Super Saiyan God" and he is no were near strong enough to take on one of them...yet. However there are other saiyans on earth, better super saiyans. Unfortunately two of them a children, not worthy of hunting but the adult son of this Son Goku should prove to be worthy prey.

Adolphus was born with a very rare brain disorder causes him to have great difficulty controlling ki and cannot sense it at all. This means that despite being unnaturally powerful for a human and years of training he can only fly and unleash powerful Kiai blasts. However he has learned to overcome his limitations with hard work, technology and psychic training. By nature Adolphus is not a conventional fighter, he is a hunter by trade and his combat style reflects this. He will spend a long time stalking his target, watching them and learning. He will not attack unless his has a sufficient gauge of his target and the hunting ground. If possible he will set up traps and distraction. He will almost never engage his target in a straight fight from the start unless he has no choice. He will normally attack from a distance and try to wear them down first. Preferable he likes to scare them, make them panic, stop them thinking and prevent them from sensing ki effectively. Once his prey is weakened he will attack them with savage brutality. However he is not the kind to play all his cards at once, he will almost always hold back on using some weapons and abilities to use later in the fight. While he doesn't view weaklings and children as worthy prey, has no problem killing them if they get in his way or use them to gain an edge over his target. A fight with Adolphus is a fight to the death and he will do anything to win.

While he makes use of a wide variety of weapons he always carries a stranded set at all times and thanks to the large funds he's amassed he has some of the most advanced weapons in the 12 universes.

The blaster on his right are is cybernetically linked to his arm when attached and draws ki energy directly from his body. As a result the blaster is far more powerful then any conventional one and will adjust is blasts strength in accordance to the power level reading from the scouter he wears. It also has a variety of firing modes. Should the scouter be destroyed the blaster will fire a full power when used. It is also constructed of Katchin, making it vertically unbreakable. The down side to this weapon is that it uses ki which many races can sense or detect however because of its power Adolphus can destroy planets and powerful enemies if the need arises.

The gauntlet on his left arm is a customised version of old Helior tech which Adolphus picked up as payment in an alternate version of U7 during an incident involving the time patrol. This version has been reverse engineered to interoperate micro tech similar to capsule corp's along with its own nano tech. As a result its able to store large numbers of missiles. This tech has also been used on said missiles to increase their speed and destructive power to the point that they can chase and harm powerful ki users. The pouch on his waist has several small cubes that are actually ammo magazines for the gauntlet and each contains different missile types. If the scouter is broken then the missiles will auto-lock on to the first target they locate. It also contains the "God Blade", an extendible, nano tech blade that can slice through a molecule.

The scouter he wears can calculate very high power levels and doesn't explode if a reading is to high. it will simply list it as unreadable. Its reading as mentioned, influence the power of the blasters shots and also acts as a targeter for the missiles fired from the left wrist gauntlet.

The grenades on his belt are Ice Prison Grenades. When used they explode unleashing a jell that covers the target then rapidly freezes. This weapons will immobilise most beings if it covers them completely.

The weapon over his right shoulder is a customised Tuffle beam rifle. Was given to Adolphus by an old Tuffle survivor who told him about saiyans. More powerful then it looks, its primarily a backup weapons or is used against weaker prey to keep things sporting.

The weapon over his left shoulder is a blue Nyoi-bō (Compliant Pole) identical to the red one Goku used as a child. Adolphus has never revealed were he got it.

Adolphus has had psychic training. He primarily uses it to telekinetically manipulate his missiles and blasts as other would their ki. He can also paralyse his target this way however he always saves it as his last trump card. It is possible he has other abilities he keeps hidden.

His pet Cassowary is member of the Yamin from planet Dark and is an albino of her species. Adolphus found her while hunting for the legendary beast Yakon. While he never found the monster he did find a strong mother and her offspring. After slaying the mother in a hunt he went to inspect the young. There had been 5 but young Cassowary had devoured he siblings in the manner of their kind. Upon seeing Adolphus she leapt at him with incredible speed, actually catching him off guard, and slashed him across the face. Rather then angered, Adolphus was impressed by the young Yamin and decided to raise her as a hunting beast. The training was as harsh and brutal as his had been in the arena, some of Cassowary's scars are from that time. But like him, she had grown strong because of it. Now she is a loyal pet who's strength rivals her master's. Most of the time she is used as a flusher or tracker however there are times when she is sent to complete the hunt by herself. On her own she fights in a similar, all be it more primitive, ways as her master. She uses her Light Drinking power to weaker her foes and restore lost energy. She has also developed the ability to mix light energy she has just consumed with he own ki and realise it as a powerful beam attack. The collar on her neck can inject her body with a powerful combat drug that sends her into a berserker rage and boosts her power. This is done by pressing one of the buttons on the collar, the other is to stop it though the effects take time to wear off. The amount of drug the collar has can be seen on the gauge near the buttons

While dangerous alone, together Adolphus and Cassowary lethal. They have lived and hunted together for so long that they can perform complex, synchronised attacks and maneuvers without communicating in any way.

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