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Hello everyone

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Hi lads,

My (nick)name is Hera, I'm let say new member, however I'm following this forum since 2009. After recent events I decided to become more active, as I don't want to Guyver community dies out. About myself, hmmmmmmmm. Hard to tell :-D, I was born in Poland and live in Poland in small Northen Western city called Szczecin, I'm 25 years old male. How my adventure with Guyver started? To be honest, Guyver is with me my whole life. When I was 3 (in 1993) I watched Guyver Live Action Movie with my parents and brother. Few years later I watched second movie, which I loved. And when I grow older I learned that movie were based on Manga called Bio-booster Armour Guyver. Previously mentioned movie were one of these movies that inspired me training martial arts/combat sports. So I'm training almost 10 Muay Thai, over 3 years Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, I guess I may call myself Martial Artist. I'm finishing my Master's degree in English philology, my goal is to become sworn translator. About my hobbies, besides martial arts are movies, few mangas, games, music and ect. I hope I will find myself in this forum.


P.S: I'm self titled No.1 Polish Guyver Fan :-D

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