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17th Rider series, Kamen Rider Ghost


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It's that time again and now I bring you info of the successor of drive called Kamen Rider Ghost, dunno much about it at the moment but I bring you an alleged sketch of Ghost, enough to bring discussion so feel free to give your thoughts, I'll bring more info once I'm able.



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Also allegedly, Toei have registered Kamen Rider Oshare, which has something to do with fashion... bear in mind this was written in May



More rumors for the upcoming Kamen Rider series that will replace Kamen Rider Drive this year has surfaced including the title of the series being trademarked. Again, this are rumors and will be taken with a grain of salt. Series title was "said" to be trademarked as "Kamen Rider Oshare (ä»®é¢ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ€ãƒ¼çŽ‹æ´’è½)", oshare meaning fashionable but with the first kanji meaning king instead. So if this is to be true, the translated name will be Masked Rider King Fashion. The main rider will have 4-5 forms and the forms will be called "Lines" as in fashion lines. And again, take all of this with a grain of salt because we will be having confirmations in the following months.



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sorry for the delay, been rather busy....anyways, here are the new batch of images for Kamen Rider Ghost and this time that sketch was spot on. our hero this time is called Takeru Tenkuuji who wants to be a Ghost Hunter and he is gifted by his deceased grandfather something called the Ghost Icon and then later he is Killed by beings from another world called Ganma who are after the ghost Icon then to protect his friend he uses it and transforms into Kamen Rider Ghost now he must travel the world and collect 15 Ghost icons of "Great Men" within 99 days and be granted a wish. His default form is called the Ore Damashii (Orange) then there is the Yellow Form called the Edison Damashii after Thomas Edison the form specializes in electric long range attacks , then there is the Blue Form called the Newton Damashii where he manipulates Gravity and then there is the Red form called The Musashi Damashii where he dual wields the Gan Gan Saber. so far I like the concept, here is hoping it is good and has a decently told story with interesting villains.







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