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I watched it because it was Marvel. There were some funny parts, but I still think that they could have done better. it wasn't as great, and since I didn't expect too much from the movie, I guess it didn't disappoint much. End credits somehow confirmed it that Scott Lang is #teamcap.

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this was a really good origin movie i thought. i was wondering when stan lee was going to appear, laughed so hard.

and 2 post credit scenes, awesome ! i was the only one in the cinema for the second scene, an extra little bonus for me for staying till the end i thought.

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I heard from a friend that the movie was more of a comedy than it was an action film. I'm feeling discouraged. 


Did you like Iron Man 1? Because it is very similar to it in a lot of aspects... Some say maybe slightly too much, but since Iron Man 1 is still one of the best, taking from it isn't so bad.


I'd say that there is actually more action in Ant-Man than Iron Man 1. Definitely more action than Iron Man 3.

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Saw it. Liked it. It's good. Some good payoffs. I was hoping for a Spider-Man teaser, but all we got was a mention...


Stealth badass Luis. Heh.




The villain is a complicated combination of characters.


He's named Darren Cross, but has virtually nothing in common with the comic book version (for one thing, that guy was hot pink and looked like the Hulk) besides being a millionaire industrialist; and also, he had nothing to do with Hank Pym. Instead, he was Scott Lang's first enemy.


The signpost bald head and desire to outclass and surpass Hank Pym is more reminiscent of Elihas Starr, aka 'Egghead', whom I mentioned before. He was Hank Pym's arch enemy for a while, as well as a genius scientist who wanted to steal Pym's inventions.


The Yellowjacket identity is in fact one of Hank Pym's own superheroic identities, specifically when he was suffering from debilitating emotional stress. (Hence the 'I saw too much of myself in you' and the mind-altering aspects of Pym Particle exposure).


Finally, and most fascinatingly, this Yellowjacket is also a version of Ultron! Ultron, in the Marvel cinematic universe, is of course a creation of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner - but in the comics, he was created by Hank Pym, and moreover, always viewed him as the father he needed to exceed, to be superior to. He even looks a little like Ultron, and I don't think that's a coincidence. Hank Pym has gotten shortchanged in the Marvel cinematic universe so far, and that's not really fair - he was the oldest founding Avenger, only two months younger than the Fantastic Four. Transferring Ultron to Tony Stark was logical, but it was a bit like stealing. Transferring some of the Ultron persona to Yellowjacket was a compromise.



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