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What stupid things have you done lately?


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So I decided to make a topic in Tinned Meat, lol. Just share what you've done lately. If you trolled a forum, please share the links so we can all see. If you just want to discuss what you did on your weekend, please be entertaining about it. 


Yuki is probably going to laugh her ass off but oh well. No I'm not gay and yes, I joined as myself using my user name, the same one as here. I joined a woman's forum just for the complete hell of it. I thought it would be fun to see how far I get before they ban my account and IP. I literally joined with the intentions of jerking people around and did so out of boredom. This is the kind of drenn that happens when you're so bored that you have no idea how to spend that time. If TV and the great out doors, writing or jerking off isn't pushing the mark.


Than things like this are creative and funny. 




So, lets discuss what topics I can post there. I did say I joined with the intention of not staying. I also said in my intro that I visit multiple forums. None of which that I hardly stay at. 


I did post a few, but they are waiting moderation. Wondering if they already slapped me on mod queue. Silly sons of bitches. 


Just doing this for the lulz. 

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