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Scarlett Johansson as Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

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On 3/20/2021 at 12:23 AM, Tora Tan said:

That's my point though.. there is nothing about section 9 that says it has to be in Japan? any country can have an anti terrorist specialist organisation.
And the name of the protagonist, could have been changed, but in the case of the movie, they actually had a very good plot reason for her being in another country and having that name.

The movie did take place in Japan. 

However, in the Ghost in the Shell anime series, Motoko didn't have an origin story at all. In the 2017 film that we're talking about, they did acknowledge that Motoko's original body that of a teenage Japanese girl portrayed by Kaori Yamamoto, who had run away from home. Btw if you haven't noticed, they basically made her out to be a 17 year old run away in the film which was total bullsh*t. The film shows that she was then kidnapped with her boyfriend and some other teenagers, they took her brain, wiped her memory, and she woke believing that she was a weapon. BUT, then they turned around and gave her a full prosthetic body of a White/ Caucasian woman in her late 30's. None of which makes any sense at all. Because The Major wasn't so young in the anime.

Motoko Kusanagi is 47 years old. She lost her body in an airline incident when she was barely 7 years old. 


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hmm... well it seems my memory of the movie is not too good!!!

then if it's set in Japan, with Japanese characters, then how do they justify casting a white person... is this the last samurai all over again?

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13 hours ago, Salkafar said:

Isn't it always the way

Here's a clip from that particular episode from the second season. The little girl next to the boy is Motoko. Although it doesn't show what she looked like before she got her prosthetic/ cybernetic body. 


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