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What are some of Your Favorite Restaurants?

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This thread is basically only asking what places you like to eat at.

Some of the places that I like to eat are:


Kings Garden ( Chinese Restaurant)

Burger King

Pizza Hut

Taco Bell

El Charro


- End of List


Those are my favorites.

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Hell, I don't have a favorite place to eat really.  If I have money and it's close by, I've probably been there at least once.  The big three places where I live are McDonalds, Wendys, and Burger King.  I also like Pizza Hut and Little Ceasars, and there's this pizza place called Two Cousins who have excellent pizza, though it's a bit pricy, but even then, you can get a 16 inch pizza for only about $12. 


I also like KFC, Golden Corral and Texas Roadhouse, and other buffet-type places, or any place with good chicken or pot roast :)  I've also been talking with a friend recently who lives in Greece and I'm kinda interested in Greek food.  I had something with chicken in it that was pretty good, though I can't remember what it was called.  At least there's 1-2 Greek restaurants in town.

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I like KFC's all you can eat buffet.


Also, I haven't eaten at Golden Corral in ages because my home town does not have one. I'm going to have pay that place a visit.

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