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Some Custom Pic Requests


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I need some artwork done for two sets of stories I'm working on.


The first is a series logo for my Kyoryuger Adaptation called Power Rangers Fossil Surge. I want to put it on the first page of every script-like story. It's gotta look prehistoric and morphenomenal!

The second, and the most important, is a Nightlok I thought up for Samurai. His name is Wrapper and he's based on the Jatai, which are possessed cloths draped from folding screens. See attached photo. I need this one ASAP so I can give it to my friends who are gonna receive a copy of my story this summer. My character describes his appearance as "a Nighlok that looked like he had a foldable screen from Japan embedded in his chest". He uses two cloth-like tentacles shoot out from behind his shoulders that can be used as weapons & to drain life force called the Life Draining Cloth. He's also equipped with a sword. So if someone could please draw it for me, I'd be very grateful. Will even send you a copy of the story.



Hope you guys can help me.


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Hi there :)  Have you thought of asking around on this board for some help?  I know that I'm beyond helping you out myself--not that great a lot of art stuff, though I like drawing and can appreciate such things, not not as good at doing a lot of that stuff as I'd like to be.  But there are some pretty talented artist on this board who could help you.  I'd ask around, because some of these guys are pretty good :)

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I don't really have time for this sort of thing.

Bobby, have you tried learning how to use photoshop and how to do basic art works?
maybe if you can work together with an artist that has more time, it can be beneficial for you both?
I think you could get a more rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with an artist if you approach it that way.

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