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Hardcorized by Cannibal (primitive hardcore, gabber, speedcore)


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Yesterday I made a new hardcore/gabber track in FL Studio:



+ 2 old tracks made back in ~2006
Half Life 2 theme 2

Half Life 2 theme 1



That's how far my FL skills go. ...but I love primitive hardcore :music:



The project on other networks:





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I made a new track!


Hardcore Sakura




Inspired by:
1) Sega's Road Rash 3 game and it's Japan level (music for the game was written by Don Veca)
2) "Sakura Sakura" folk song melody
3) Japanese national anthem "Kimigayo" melody
4) One more melody... Can you guess it? I doubt it. I'll write about it later

Download is "on", file format is lossless (FLAC).


Style: Frenchcore


Mirror downloads:

FLAC (36mb): http://noisecore.ru/files/HBC-Hardcore-Sakura-FLAC.zip

MP3 (12mb): http://noisecore.ru/files/HBC-Hardcore-Sakura-MP3.zip



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