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The Good and Bad in getting rid of Star Wars expanded

V Guyver

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It's Schrodingers cat. It can be really good, or awfully bad. We just won't know until the big reveal, or reveals, depending on how they decided to release the info.

I like the idea that they will pick and choose which cannon to go by, (Chewie's alive!!) I'm mainly concerned on which canon they decide to use. Some eu arcs need to be buried. Crystal star? Dark saber? It didn't do a lot of good, and some novels simply went there own way, completely ignoring previous novels.

So yeah, i like that the new eu will be policed and checked. I'm just worried about what will be determined as the nee canon.

After all, it all boils down to personal preference, no two are the same. The stories that they decide are creditable and wonderful, i just may despise... Just got to wait and see.

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