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my manga practice.

lost unit

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it is the same image roughly what i done,

split image back into two to Aline the steps and top of the temple.

got another image of the temple top showing the aging brick,and transformed it to fit on top.

redrawn the missing steps and cloned certain bits.

The flooring wad the hardest had to copy and paste several times to fill a page then warp it to give a perspective look,

then a few tweaks and resize back to the original size and there we go.


i thought it was an easy one to start with it only when it comes into textures its gonna be harder.

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excellent stuff Lost Unit !


ive done a little redrawing etc on some manga (and I mean alittle!)  and it can be a hassle to tweak things just right so I get how much you can do to one image- you've done a good job, keep going :) look forward to seeing some in future releases maybe....

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Guest Jupiter

Well, I do like Shizu/Griselda.  I do think that her human form is much prettier, though, and that does say something, since Griselda is an esthetically pleasing Zoaform.

I knew it, I knew Chernaudi would love this. See! Told you! :mrgreen:

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