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Bio-luminescence in Zoanoids and similar creatures?


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I've gotten an idea for one of my fan fic characters and his battle form. My character Camel is a vampire hybrid that's capable or transforming his body into any battle form that he pleases. But one feature I want him to have is bio-luminescent highlights around his eyes.

My inspiration doesn't come so much from nature, as from a technically inanimate object. Both major generations of the Audi R18 e-tron quattro Le Mans race car has used back lit strips in their headlight bins that are different colors so the teams can identify which of their cars is in pit road at night. I also got influence from how occasionally a Guyver's eye lenses will light up red as a warning when it's user first transforms into his armor or when the armor's in SDM mode.

For how the Audi light deal works/looks, here's a couple of photos:




I wanted to apply this idea to Camel and maybe 1-2 other things in my story, such as maybe Shizu with her modified Zoaform. But what mechanism would be the best to explain it, since Camel can use/manipulate electrical energy and impulses. Shizu in my story can. She's resistant, but she can't use such things like Camel can. However, Lia (Camel's wife) can use electrical energy and impulses, and manipulate electrical and electromagnetic energy and generate such fields.

So what would be the best mechanism to allow for such bio-luminescence?

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