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Guyver January 2014

Guyver Four

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I don't see Guyot as a coward, or one to take the easy way out. He had a chance to back off when fighting Alky, instead he held his ground.

He's no coward, but he knew he would lose any chance of dominating the world if he gave up that remover. Also there was no guarantee for his safety. He would fight or die. Now, giving up his two supporters, I wouldn't be surprised, but then again, he'd probably just runaway again. 

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I see Guyot as a spiteful person. No idea why i think this. But i believe that if nothing else, Guyot wouldn't turn the others in, just to spite Apollyon. And besides, if the two rogues are still of use to Guyot then he wouldn't turn on then yet. They still supply him with those cool looking zoanoids.

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