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Guyver Gigantic vs Archanfel


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Unless the programming is similar enough, or the remover might of had a dual use for both ship and Guyver control medals. It's the same technology in the end, just different base organisms. We haven't learned enough about the technologies limits, but it makes sense that they would need a specific device to deactivate a ship or remove a Guyver unit from a host who didn't want it anymore. Certainly better than Chronos's idea of simply blowing them up.  

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just bringing in some factors here...

what would the creators want to happen if one of them was piloting the ship through treacherous space and the remover was used on the pilot.

 Depends, was the pilot the enemy, was the pilot mentally ill. For the same reasons you give someone a weapon or security clearance to sensitive areas. Would you might want to retract those weapons or responsibilities if there was a need for that. What if it's you who's bonded with the unit, but mentally you can't accept there is an organism like it bonding with you, wouldn't you want the option to remove it?

 As for the ships, let's say the ship is damaged beyond repair or about to be taken by the enemy. you'd want to delete all the data on the sip and deactivate it too. The remover seems like the perfect solution. 

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I'm going to say Alky did it on his own since he has barrier abilities that can split or block the megasmasher. He even managed to deflect a 11/2 Megasmasher attack, and then turn it back on his attackers, this without the Remover. The first time he was nearly caught by surprise, the second time he was well prepared to counter. 

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