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Guyver: Out of Control Artbook

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Anybody remember that Guyver Out of Control Artbook I got off of Ebay?


This one?




I finally got fed up with not being able to find a decent sized scanner, and used my digital camera to at last share the thing. Eventually I'll probably just run it to a copy shop and have them scan it properly.


You will note some issues because of the flash, and the fact I don't want to flatten the book down too much. As well, you will also notice the blue pattern of my quilt around a lot of the pages. It was easiest to take the pictures with me standing over my bed.


I put it in a .zip file for ease of collecting. Hopefully everyone will be able to access it.



Guyver OOC.zip

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hey Matt nice pics, i know i have been hassling you for a while know to get the pictures up. There is another copy on ebay this week and was debating to get it or not. I thought that there would be more pages for the money they wanted.But the quality of the images are really nice.

Thanks Matt.

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Thanks for upload Matt!

Eventually I'll probably just run it to a copy shop and have them scan it properly.

That would be great. Edited by Cannibal
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Had a look through and this stuff is awesome!

It really makes it clear why all the OOC characters look so distinct compared to the other adaptations - all the characters' proportions are different. I could never really pinpoint why they looked so different before. On the first page of Guyver I's designs, there seems to be a front and profile sketch from Takaya, but in the next page there are sketchs from the OOC artist that make him look totally different.

Of course some characters simply have slight changes to their designs, such as Gregole and his feet.

Also interesting how they were gonna use a slight variation of the original Guyver II design.

Anyway, thanks again for this Matt, it's great!

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Wow, these are great, Matt!  I don't know about most of the others, but I kinda always liked OOC as it kinda did it's own thing and could have taken the Guyver-verse in a completely different direction from how it was going.  And it's nice to see how they had planned to do some things that never made it into the final cut.  All-in-all, a great addition to any collection of a Guyver collector.  Thanks for sharing these!

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Ohh, thanks for posting this up. This is a rare treat! I have to point out, there is far more detail in the OVA than at first glance, it's the action sequences that suffer quality degrade in the latter half. 

Also, the background designs are fantastic! 

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4 minutes ago, Matt Bellamy said:

I am guessing it is likely due to this being a 7 year old post and the forum did some archiving or something.

I have re-uploaded it anyway. Should be good to download now.

It is! Thank you very much, Matt! Thank you for sharing this piece of your collection with us. You're awesome!

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