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Modern Warp Drive

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I'd like to see more advances in off planet construction and space habitats, etc.

I can't imagine how things would be travelling to other worlds with our current state of the art landing craft and space suits etc.


That's always been something that floats into my mind when NASA talk about space travel. how clunky and fragile our current systems are.

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Agreed but if we could get one off-planet settlement going then I'm sure it would get easier with time.


The biggest issue I foresee is living aboard a spaceship for 2+ years. We'd need a whole new form of ship, nothing like we've built so far to handle an eco-system that wouldn't drive people insane and had space for all of the essentials.


Maybe it's time for some big space-fairing company to start making the Enterprise from Star Trek.

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You guys should check out the Skylon earth to orbit plane the first aircraft than can take off from runaway fly into orbit and then cruise back down again without rockets.

Can't remember the exact figures but I'm sure it cuts the cost of orbital space travel to one tenth it's current price.


It does it by oxygen breathing sabre reaction engines that cool incoming air so it doesn't have to take it's own oxygen for flight.


Been confirmed to work and out around 2020

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