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Page 32

Breakfast was already prepared on the dining table.
[Would you like some red tea]
The Uncle carefully said to Noriko who went to the table.
[You can have whatever you like.  Would you like some toast?]
[Thank you very much. I'm good.  I really don't understand the situation so I'm just a little bit worried.]
Uncle nodded, like wanting to say something, but couldn't say anything for a while.
At last, he slowly opened his mouth.
[...actually, last night when I was alone, I was thinking.  Why won't I let you return as the way you are right now.  However, I can't do so in good conscience.  So I thought that I have to tell you the truth after all]
In an instant, there was a thought that brother was still alive.
However, Uncle's word's did not go that way.
[Tatsuo-kun, he was murdered]
It took some time before understanding what that meant.
However, even knowing this, Noriko still could not believe it.
Uncle started his explanation.
[Him, together with me, are part of a special department in Max Pharmaceutical.  In order to keep the secret safe, even I myself do not know exact location of the company, it was that kind of work.  

Page 33

I don't think I can tell you the details, but using genetic research, it is part of a project team that develops new medicine, which I don't have much idea.]
I finally understand why Brother had such a high salary.
[Tatsuo-kun was a research staff and security personnel.  With that kind of technology, it will put them ahead of the next generation.  Competition between companies has been intense.  The slightest leakage of sample or report will have a fatal result.  Of course, the staff are kept to a bare minimum and the personnel has be trustworthy.  They cannot simply employ security guards from the outside.  -you haven't heard anything about the inside from your brother right?]
[Right, he didn't mentioned anything.]
Uncle nodded deeply.
[In that sense, he was excellent.  But was troublesome to those who steals confidential material.]
[You mean industrial spy?]
[A Criminal organization.  A bunch involved in drugs and guns joined hands with the comglomerate, looking to make a big profit.]
Reality still hasn't sunk in.  But I can't see a reason why they have concocted such a tremendous lie.
At least it made one thing very clear.

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Page 34

Brother is dead, and there was someone who was responsible for it.
[I know that there was no indication or anything, but brother was murdered right?  Could the culprit at least been arrested?]
[Even if we report this to the police, we still have no proof.]
Uncle regretfully said.
[There were no more remains left.  Of course we made our own investigation.  We at least found out the location of the culprit.  But the suspect is a high school student.  He's just an ordinary student living a student life, and it wasn't clear what his relationship with the organization was.  Most likely he himself doesn't know who he was working for.  The opponents are Pros after all, so they won't be caught that easily.]
Noriko listened intently but was full of questions.
[Where is that high school student?]
[It's in this town.]
[If we get proof of the murderer, the police will move in right away right?]
[Most probably.  But there is no way to obtain proof.  There is also no way that we can get the school involved, they would surely just deny it.  If the details can be investigated and an undeniable evidence can be found.... no, I don't think things will go that well.]
[I can go into the school.  I'll follow that student and do the investigation]

Page 35

[You can't-!]
Uncle panicked.
[Noriko, you talk too much.  This case does not concern you.]
[Yes, it does concern me.  It's about my relative]
[That's why I'm telling you that you can't get involved in this.  This is something that the company has to solve by themselves.  They don't need that help of outsiders.]
[Are you saying there is another way?]
[We can't push the organization on it's own actions.  Although it may take some time, I'm sure that the truth shall come out.]
Noriko was not convinced.
Even if what her uncle says was true, it's unknown how many years this will take.  Even if she accuses the organization, there is no way to connect her brothers death.
Even if it ends up in a fight between organizations, the death of an outsider would not even matter.  There is so much that money can cover up.  Even then, nothing can be done.
[Please don't be distraught.]
Noriko looked intently on her uncle's eye.
[Uncle you really do think of us as strangers.  That is why you are asking me to give up.  I don't want to be a nuisance to Uncle.  But no matter how much you look at this, there is no way that I can go back.]

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Page 36

[At this rate, with brother dying, everything has become so vague.  I can't stand it any longer.  It's something that I have to do no matter what.]
Even if they say no, I'd be going at it alone.  I will regret this for the rest of my life if I go back like this.
[Siblings.... you have the same temper]
Uncle let out a sigh.
[Darling, why don't you help her a bit.]
Auntie who was silent all this time unobtrusively spoke.
[Noriko and Tatsuo are like our own children, don't we always welcome them.  If we really do think of them as our children,  it is the duty of the parents to help them.]
[No matter what kind of danger, huh?  In the first place, to be able to enter a high school, such method is....]
[I'll transfer to that school.]
[It's not as simple as that.]
Uncle shook his head.
[It's not that fast to transfer school. There are academic exams and document certifications, it'll be a first time if permission is granted.  That school has an entrance exam.  Do you have the confidence to pass?  We also don't know how long you will be staying here.  Who is going to take care of Sister-in-law and Takashi?]

Page 37

Noriko Sobered up.
Certainly there are a lot of obstacles.  In any case, Uncle and Auntie already opened up this much about the mystery.  I definitely can not give up that easily....
Uncle smiled a bit.
[It's alright to be disappointed.  It's just that no matter what you achieve, you have to relent to reality.  In case you were pushed by emotions to move, and it ended in failure, we want you to remember that.  In such a situation, they would be able to capture the culprit.]
[I will cooperate with you.  I also have to take responsibility.  This is the best way forward.  This is for the sake of Tatsuo as well.]
[What will we do about the transfer letter?]
[That's right] Uncle thought, 
[No, I'll do it.  I know a person in the company who know those details, they'll be able to find a good way.  First you have to send a letter to your parents house.?  Is there someone who you can rely on?]
[Yes, I have a feeling about it.]
[It would be better if they don't know much of the details.  You stay here for a while.]

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Page 38

[Until you hear from me, can you write it up for me]
[Would it be alright to stay in the room for now]
[Why don't we go buy things for you]
Auntie looks so happy
[She didn't come here to play you know]
Uncle said.
[Well, having this kind of atmosphere might still be the best]
While muttering she turned to Noriko.
[It may be a little pushy, the opportunity will be gone if the other party realized this.  You cannot simply do this alone.... you have to refrain from acting rashly, and you must absolutely not think of yourself as a sacrifice.  Do you understand.]
Noriko nodded.
[I promise]

And so, she swore to her brother in her heart.
(I will definitely catch the culprit. - and come back together with you)

On the first of May after Golden Week, Noriko transferred to Narusawa High School, and so the second semester has begun.

Page 39


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I'm thinking if I should translate this by page by page, or should I translate the whole chapter before posting.  On one hand, if I post this by page, the time in-between post would be a lot shorter, but it will be a pain to follow the story especially when the good stuff are happening.  On the other hand, if I post this by chapter, the story will be easier to follow but it would take me a long time to finish one whole chapter.  

In any case, I just finished 2 pages and still considering if I should post it now or just finish the whole chapter before I post.  It normally doesn't take me long to translate, but I have priorities that limits my time.  This particular 2 page for example, just took me a few minutes, probably 15 minutes if you include the editing.  But I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to find time to translate again.

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13 hours ago, TricoBren said:

Is the original novel available in Japanese somewhere on these boards? Wouldn't mind reading it on my commutes to work...


It's actually pinned in the main guyver forum.  Though the way it was captured was a bit crude as it was Jess taking a picture of each individual page in jpg format.  So you might need a bit of a work to be able to read it in your commute.  Is this no longer available in the local bookstore?

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22 hours ago, durendal said:

It's actually pinned in the main guyver forum.  Though the way it was captured was a bit crude as it was Jess taking a picture of each individual page in jpg format.  So you might need a bit of a work to be able to read it in your commute.  Is this no longer available in the local bookstore?

No it's long been out of print. No worries, I'll try and find a used copy on amazon marketplace or something. Thanks anyway man!

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Page 40

And then it is a little later after the first day of transfer.  During cleaning duty, the desk have started to close.  Noriko was somewhat overwhelmed.
In Tokyo, or rather in the school where a criminal is present, this is so much like the TV series [High School Rakugaki] or some sorts, with a bunch of guys smoking that you won't think that they are high schoolers -half of myself actually believed it to be like that.
Even then, this is not Tokyo, no matter what kind of place the transfer was made, you would think that this is still the same place.  From the moment she was born, Noriko has never left the place that she was born.
Just based on physical appearance, there are a lot of male classmates of Noriko that looks a lot younger than her.
Although it is not rare to be transferred in your third year, nobody asked for the reason.  In any case, even if it feels cold, you'll get used to it eventually.
It's just, at first, when being greeted in the Principals Office, the Student Council President- Makishima as he was called, he looks mature and probably older by 2 to 3 years, that's what I feel anyway.  I wonder if he is special...

Page 41 

There was a voice coming out of the female student
[Ah... Yes, uhm....]
Speaking of which, she hasn't introduced herself yet.
[Taga Natsuki.  Nice to meet you.  Anyway, have you decided on which club to join?]
[Are you interested in SF?]
[SF?  I don't know much about that stuff.]
[But you read books right?]
During my self introduction, I did remember mentioning an interest in reading books.  I also said that Noriko also means [nothing special].
I don't need to join any club activity.  I have to strongly refuse- if not for my goal, I don't really care much. While thinking on how to say this....
[We are from the SF club, right now, we don't have enough members.  If it is alright with you, won't you come a take a look?]
With that , Natsuki quickly stood up.
In the end, I wasn't able to come up with a good way to refuse, there's nothing I can do I guess.
(Wouldn't it be better to clearly say it at a time like this)

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Page 42

Those people who come to Tokyo struggle, no matter how much I hear them speak, I have to keep reassembling the words in my head.  With that, with just one gap, you get pushed in to that person's pace.
Although there are those who have an unreserved attitude in my home town...
The SF Club room is located at the end of the school building in a narrow room with a size of 6 mats.
[Chief.  I've brought the transfer student.]
With Natsuki's voice, the big guy in glasses turned around.  He has a physique, more or less, but doesn't seem to be doing any sports.
[He is the club president Segawa Tetsuro.  Then, this is-]
[I'm Fukamachi Shou.  ...ah, I'm not a member though.]
The male student that Tetsuo was talking to lowered his head.  He looks like a second year student.  To say it positively he is cute, but to say it negatively, he looks like an undependable young man.
But Noriko seem to notice something on Tetsuro.
(This person is-)
The name of the "Suspicious Suspect" that uncle was talking about, it was Segawa Tetsuro.
[What's the matter?]
Tetsuro put on a suspicious face. 
[No, it's nothing]

Page 43

[What a dirty room, you're probably surprised right?  Geez, it gets messy no matter what you do.  The theme for this semester is to clean up the club room.]
[Well, if we make a plan carefully-]
Tetsuro is running away
[Shou.  Let me talk to you for a while.]
[Hey!  Stop running away.  And here we have a new person, why don't you explain]
[I'll leave that to you]
[Really!  You're not even doing anything.]
Natsuki, sending the other two out, voices out unsatisfactorily.
[Fukamachi-kun is not a member right.  They seem to get along well.]
[Yup.  They've been an acquaintance for a long time.]
Natsuki gave an meaningful look.
[Do you have an interest in him?]
[Eh?  No it's not that.]
[There's no point hiding it.  When we saw Fukamachi-kun a while ago, didn't he had a spaced out look.  It's a bit cute.]
She was looking at Tetsuro, Noriko wanted to say, but she reconsidered.
It might be better as there might be a misunderstanding.  Also, if you keep touch with people around you, you might hear something.

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Page 44

[But you know Fukamachi-kun already has a girl he likes.  It's the club president's sister, Segawa Mizuki]
[Ah, is that so.]
[By the way, this will be troubling.]
Natsuki whispered to her to keep it a secret.
[Mizuki, you see, she joined Student Council President Makishima-san, and is completely obliviously of it.]
[Makishima you mean, that fine young man?]
[Ah, you've seen him? Yup, that old man.  He has a strong impact doesn't he.  I don't know what's so good about him though.  Anyway, when Mizuki comes, don't go letting that out.  Fukamachi-kun is really weak to pressure, and can't seem to clearly say what he wants. So Noriko might have a chance.]
[Yeah- but that's not it.]
[I know.  But let's cooperate okay.  Although I am Mizuki's friend, it's CASE BY CASE.  I have to say a little, otherwise it won't be interesting.]
She just kept saying what she wants.
However, she seems to have a foothold of things.

[Biological weapons?]
Shou let out a loud voice and I looked around.

Page 45

<image of Natsuki introducing Noriko to Tetsuro and Shou>

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Page 46

In this room you can hear the members of the theater club practicing their vocalization, which these two paid no attention to.
[Don't worry]
Tetsuro smiled.
[Even if they heard it, nobody would think that it was a reality.  Though it would be different if they had spies.]
[No.   It's just that it's embarrassing.]
[I mean it's too far removed from reality.]
Though it did not came out of his voice, Shou was saying [you're reading too much into SF]
[In the first place, even if it was a living weapon, what is possible right now are biological virus.  Do you think they are able to make monsters like that?]
[Do you think it's impossible?]
Tetsurou thought.
[But there is no other explanation.  Those guys and that creature called Gregole, they are most likely from the military who joined some sort of organization.  Things about training and battle members, of even things like combat use Biotechnology, it's most likely a large organization.]
They way Tetsuro speaks is like he is really serious.
[Why would an organization like that appear here?]

Page 47

[Having those kind of equipment, they might be able to find us.]
-At that day, Shou and Tetsurou took a shortcut through the lake to go home.  In those mountains, they thought they heard a big explosion, but is was something that descended.
It was around 30 centimeters.  After the dust settled, there was a round shaped object with 3 triangle.   Shou who picked it up thought at first that it's something that looks like a part of a rotary engine, the metal part is only the outer casing, and it is clearly protecting something inside.
There was a protrusion on the center of the opposite side.  It was a half round big metal orb, sitting in a round pedestal.  The shell is not separate, but directly connected to the inside.  In order to get a better look at the object he took a little peek inside.  You could see an enamel line covering a coil, and it looks like some sort of living object.  Like some sort of dark grayish muscle, getting a clearer look there are horizontal ring segments.
But there doesn't seem to be any signs of life.
And then time seemed like it sopped for an instant.
What is this, at that thought Shou touched the metal orb with his hands.
There was a clicking sound, and the object started making a noise.  There are steam like particles coming out of the object.
In the next instant, the organism came alive.  From the calm state is was in before , now it's suddenly full of life and started to crawl. 
The casing suddenly split open, and the thing turned into an amoeba like organism, reaching out to Shou violently.

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Page 48

[It not only enveloped the body, but engulfed everything.  It gradually enters the mouth to the nose, and most probably through the pores...  Even inside the head, like pushing through the back of the skull.  Although it doesn't hurt, it just feels disgusting. It feels like all my insides are being distorted.]
[It's like changing from a larvae into a butterfly.  The body being broken down and melted, and then taking on a new form.]
[Please stop.  I'm not a worm you know.]
Shou frowned.
[Oh, sorry.  It's just that no matter how you look at the outside, there are just no traces of what happened.]
Tetsuro thought looking at the change in Shou.
The brown colored object that thrust into Shou widened as it melted, overturning all of his body.  On the forehead is where the half round metal orb stuck.
At first it looked like a mud man, but when the orb on the forehead stood out, the figure began to form into something more distinct.  The proliferating cells seems to be hardening.
The extra swelled area that dripped immediately disolves in the air and disappears.
Immediately after, a strange humanoid figure stood there.
The whole body is covered with something like a white shell, which gray tissue is being removed.

Page 49

The shoulders, elbows and knees seems to have a thick armor.
What was disntinguished from the face was that there is an antenna extending from the forehead.  From below there a red light was released, as the brightness increases, it slowly turns into white.
On both sides of the head where the ears was, the area where the mouth used to be, as well as the center of the belly, there was a shining metal orb similar to that on the forehead.
It looks something like an enhancement suit, but having closer resemblance to a living thing.
Is Shou still inside of this?  or could it be....
While at a loss, Tetsuro thought, "it" is moving.
The halo on the forehead came alive.  A strong light was leaking from the space in between the metal orb and it's base.
At the same time the orb started to emit a high oscillating sound.  Immediately nothing can be heard and there remained a sense of discomfort in the tympanic membrane.  The frequency may have risen to ultrasound.
As if the sound injured [it], it slipped from the shore and fell to the swamp.
[It was immediately after that those guys appeared.] 
Heavy footsteps from the woods can be heard-
Heading towards Tetsuro who was looking at the swamp, a man with their face hidden with goggles and helmet appeared.
And also a monster.

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Ok, I'm bored and I was thinking of continuing to translate this.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to backup the pages to my NAS so I currently have no access to the novel.  I'll have to check if the files are still in my old PC.  But just in case I don't, would anyone be a dear and point me to the right direction?

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looking through the topic shows a load of broken photobucket links.

I know I don't have any digital copy of this book. I have a physical copy, but photographing or scanning that in is a large job and I'm not sure I have the mental fortitude to do that.

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