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Kamen Rider Astro


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This is my adaptation of Kamen Rider Fourze. I couldn't help thinking it up.


Cape Canaveral University is your typical college. Students attend class and spend time with people in their own cliques. These “Clique Barriers” are maintained well until the arrival of Sophomore transfer student Neil Sheppard. He seeks to break down the barriers and become friends with everyone. But when constellation based monsters called Cosmoids show up and begin attacking the campus, Neil, with his childhood friend Victoria Janeway & the smart loner Daniel Aldrin supporting him, and using the special device called the Astro Belt, which was developed using NASA technology, Neil takes it upon himself to befriend people while protecting the University & student body as Kamen Rider Astro!!!!

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This is an adaptation of Fourze. So until they show what other constellations they're using, I'll figure out some original ones. I just came up with names for Monoceros, Pyxis & Draco. Pyxis is named after someone I know who is a real a--hole.

Here's some basic stuff about Astro.

Name: Kamen Rider Astro

Motif: Spacecraft

Real Name: Neil Sheppard

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Italian Descent

Appearance: Neil has tanned skin & short black hair. Usually wears blue jeans, a baseball cap, and various t-shirts with a black shirt over it.

Arsenal: Astro Belt, Astro Switches, Astro Cycle, Rover, Elek Saber, Fire Blaster, Polarity Phone,

Astro Switches: #1-40 (See Below)

Other Forms/Motifs: Elek States/Electricity, Fire States/Fire, Magnet States/Magnet

Finishers: Rider Rocket Drill Kick, Rider Rocket Drill Space Kick, Rider Rocket Drill Mega Space Kick, Rider Electro Slash, Rider Lightning Drill Kick, Rider Pyro Blast, Rider Tri Fire Blast, Rider Polarity Pulse

Bio: Coming Soon

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Been working on real names for the Zodiac Cosmoids. So far, I have Scorpio, Aquarius & Taurus. Still trying to figure out other Cosmoids. Have a good name chosen for Musca. Will update Astro's info later. Meteor stays Meteor. His real name has been thought up. Currently trying to think up names for Tachibana & Chuta's counterparts.

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Been a while since I last looked at this.  Well, I've been trying to work on this series some more.  I got something planned for the hero.  Some Cosmoids have real names now.  Scorpio has the last name of a Spider-Man villain and the first name of an actress who played a scorpion-like character on TV.  Libra is named after two Marvel Comics villains.  Leo has the first name of one of Spider-Man's enemies.  Aquarius is named after two water based villains from both Marvel & DC Comics.  Taurus' real name comes from a Marvel Comics villain and a villain from an Adam Sandler movie.  And Sagittarius' last name comes from a Marvel Comics villain.


Musca's name is composed of the two main character's in both the original & 1980s "The Fly" movies.  Perseus' name comes from a famous painter & a certain character from a book series who is named after the Legendary Hero.  Will reveal more soon.

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