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The Avengers


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hey bobby, nice to see you :)

yeah that absorbing man was pretty stupid towards the end. like he was made of clouds and all that. it was pretty messed up. that's where the film died for me. any time i watch it now, I switch it off before that part.

durendal, I recall hearing that name before. but it's not the guy i was thinking of thought ^^;

the guy i was thinking of is galactus. but i think i've seen pictures of galactus with that guy.

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And Absorbing Man was an enemy Thor. He debuted in an issue. I got the Marvel Trading Card to prove it.

Thanks, Ryuki.

I just got Thor from my friend Bethany this weekend. It was for the 4th Anniversary of when we first met. She also gave me two Yu-Gi-Oh Monster Cards. I gave her six customized music CDs. Two of them had Super Sentai music.

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