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Guyver fanfic in progress

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After this chapter, I'll start editing and posting the story in the Fan Creations section.

Chapter 11

Sin Amniculus walked in on a moment between Rhiannon and Purgstall.

It was almost odd to see the two so close to each other; Rhia usually kept her distance with people in general except Alkanphel.

“Excuse me,” he said and they both looked at him. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything, but Dr. Barcas has requested to see us both, Purgstall.”

“Very well,” Purgstall gave Rhia a friendly smile and said, “Do try and stay optimistic today.”

“I will,” she promised and he left with his friend to meet with the elder Zoalord.

Looking for a quiet place where she would be undisturbed by anyone, Rhia kept track of Amniculus, Purgstall, and Barcas. She had settled herself in a stairwell by the time they had begun their conversation.

“You have settled…” Dr. Barcas said; Rhia sensed some sort of dread in the elder’s mind.

“Doctor Barcas, what is the matter?” Purgstall asked.

“I never meant to talk to anyone about this…but under the circumstances, I feel I have no other choice.”


Sin remained silent; Rhia could sense his concern along with Purgstall’s.

“Sin…Purgstall… Before I tell you this, you must swear to me that when the time comes, you will stand to defend our lord, Alkanphel, no matter what…”

“But why ask us this?” Sin finally spoke. “He knows our loyalty is unshakeable. And that is absolute, I swear it…no matter what happens, my allegiance to Alkanphel will never waver!”

“And neither will mine, and that is a fact!” Purgstall swore.

And with that, the elder began his tale.

Centuries ago, he had been an average human reaching the end of his life. He was aboard a merchant vessel sailing to the New World that was Brazil, and on that journey did fate call upon the old man. The ship had been devoured by a vortex and all hands were lost except him. He awoke on an island and immediately encountered strange creatures of monstrous sizes and creatures of mythology. He ran and ran until he stumbled upon a paved road. He began to follow it, as though a voice were telling him to do so. It lead him up a mountain where he saw that indeed he was on an island, and it was surrounded by vortexes. He continued to follow the road until he found a massive temple. None of the inhabitants came close to the ancient structure, but that did not stop the old man from entering it. Pictures of the creatures decorated the walls within the temple, then the old man came across a picture of a powerful being. He would not know who it was until he came to the room where the voice was calling him to. Inside the room was a pod, and in that pod was Alkanphel.

He really is old, Rhia thought. He is the first Zoalord, created by the Advents themselves!

Barcas continued with his tale, telling Sin and Purgstall how the eleven Zoacrystals that would be used to create the rest of the Zoalords were made and that he was given the task to find those Zoalords worthy to receive that power. Then, one year there was a change in Alkanphel’s metabolism, and his appearances became less frequent until he disappeared for an entire year. Barcas went to Silha, Alkanphel’s home, to find Alkanphel on the floor of the temple in a near death state. Nothing would wake him from the coma, and to this day their lord suffers from these hibernations and they have been increasing in length over time.

I have to wonder if the Advents have something to do with this illness he suffers, she wondered when Barcas was done and the meeting between the three had ended.

Barcas soon left, leaving the two loyal Zoalords to ponder what he had told them. Sin decided to stay in Japan to help Purgstall if the Gigantic appeared again. Rhia paid little attention to those two; she was paying more attention to Barcas, whom was searching for her.

You know you can just call me and I’ll come, she told him through their mental link as Zoalords.

I know, and I know that you were eavesdropping on the meeting, he said annoyed. Your telepathy may be a gift, but there are times I wished you didn’t have it.

You and me both, she said. It is a gift in a way; it helps rat out traitors like the Zoalord that has taken an interest in the Guyver.

Eh? Who is it?

Kurumegnic, the sexist bastard.

Has he insulted you again?

Yes, the ball-less git has insulted me again. If he does become a traitor, oh I would gladly tear out his Zoacrystal after I toss him around like a rag doll.

Barcas shivered in surprise at the malice in her voice. Do you hate him that much?


Barcas sighed. This was also something he hated about Rhia that he often pointed out: she was predictable and unpredictable. Predictable because she was a adolescent and would naturally hate sexists like Kurumegnic. Unpredictable because she kept her thoughts to herself and no one could tell what she was thinking or planning most of the time; her behavior didn’t fall into a pattern like most teens in this era. Then again, she wasn’t born entirely human and possibly had to remain unpredictable in order to survive. All the same: it was a dangerous combination for she could ‘throw’ a person off about her personality and behavior at a moments notice.

Do I have to return to Arizona with you? she asked, changing the subject.

No, he said without hesitation. You’re almost done with your training; it would be pointless to keep you there when you are needed in your home land.

Very well then, she cut off their mental link and left the stairwell.

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